Silent Saturday–A Watermelon and a cat

watermelon and a cat (800x800)

avocado chocolate mousse or mouse (450x800)

empty nuun (450x800)

running path in orange county (800x450)

13 mile run (800x800)

watching honey boo boo (450x800)

watermelon for days (800x800)


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    Great pics! Love the cat! So impressed with your back to back 13 mile runs! How do your knees do it? I’m training for my first marathon right now, I’ve done 2 half’s, but my knees are too sore to get more than 2 long runs in a week :( right now I’m doing one long and 2 short. And LOTS of Tiger Balm!

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    Nice running, love the the post, just images. Really smart. The cat looks like it is very unimpressed pulling its sleeve up. :-P. The watermelon is making me hungry. yum.

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    I’ll third the question about kitty’s leg. Did (s)he get a shot?
    I’m excited to come across this blog–I’m taking a similar healthy eating/running approach to lose ~15 pounds I’ve gained since I started working–I plan on running a marathon in October, though I’ve left training until the last minute!

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