Friday Favorites–Relaxin and Eatin

Happy Friday!

I’m pretty excited about the weekend because I have no plans except relaxin and eating.

im relaxin and eating thumb Friday Favorites–Relaxin and Eatin

Yes. I watched the new Honey Booboo episode. I like them. Part of it is that I have idealized small town living and I wish I could just pack it up and live somewhere like that (again, I know I’ve idealized it but still). And I feel like they’re self-accepting, which I appreciate. <- This is all super random, right?

Anyway… on to my

Friday Favorites!

Here are the things I’m loving this week…

1. Pistachios! I am obsessed.

pistachios 800x450 thumb Friday Favorites–Relaxin and Eatin

2. Grape Tomatoes from my lil non-gmo organic glitter smug patio garden.

non gmo tomatoes 450x800 thumb Friday Favorites–Relaxin and Eatin

3. Drowning everything in Sriracha. This still hasn’t changed.

sriracha on everything 800x450 thumb Friday Favorites–Relaxin and Eatin

4. Carrot cake fro-yo. I heard a rumor that some Ylands offer carrot shreds as a topping. Um, I’ll probably pass on that.

yogurtland carrot cake flavor 450x800 thumb1 Friday Favorites–Relaxin and Eatinyogurtland in garden grove 450x800 thumb1 Friday Favorites–Relaxin and Eatin

5. Cherry Lime Nuun. I’m all out!!! This is a tragedy and must be fixed at once. (You can buy Nuun online or at your local running store. I don’t think I have time to order it so I’ll probably hit up Road Runner Sports, only problem is it’s hard to find the Cola flavor in stores.)

 cherry lime nuun 450x800 thumb Friday Favorites–Relaxin and Eatin

6. This watermelon eating puppy.

7. Subtle eye shadow over the whole lid. I’m normally a crease color girl, but I’m digging this summer look.

eyeshadow in biscotti 800x450 thumb Friday Favorites–Relaxin and Eatin

8. Luis from Million Dollar Listing. Yes. Please. I love how he claps his hands and gets so excited when he’s happy, I feel like I’m over animated in person so I can dig it. luis ortiz 577x385 thumb Friday Favorites–Relaxin and Eatin

9. Reader Katie sent me Calming Manatee yesterday and I think it changed my life. <- Click that link if you need a manatee to calm ya down today.

youre my favorite thumb Friday Favorites–Relaxin and Eatin

Question: What are you favorites this week?

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by the relaxin and eatin alliance. All opinions were forced upon me by cute puppies and manatees.


  1. theresa says

    i have to agree with you on luis…..yes please. love his energy, but more importantly – holy YUM. he’s gorgeous!

  2. says

    Totally loved my treadmill speed work. I hate treadmills, but I work early mornings and by the time I get off work it has been mid 90s and way too hot to run outside. The best part about the treadmill is that I can punch in the exact speed that I want. Loved it.

  3. Megan W. says

    I love MDLNY!! my favorite is fredrick!!!!!! his facial expressions and the way he talks cracks me up! I also love Honey booboo and think Momma June is a really good mom and wants the best for her kids.

  4. says

    I tried a small thing of Nuun today and loved it! It is light and really helps to keep my workouts going!

    My favorites this week are definitely frozen yogurt and sports drinks. They have kept my runs going!

  5. says

    Every time I finish the last tab of Nuun, it’s like a little part of me dies. I just did that with Cherry Limeade, followed 2 weeks later with a tube of Cucumber Mint, and just started on a tube of Lemonade, so I’m dreading the day I hit that plastic bottom. *commence mini funeral*

  6. says

    My favourites lately…I made the Ghirardelli brownies from the mix. It’s from Costco, and it’s worth trying! I’m bringing them to a bbq tonight! Another new fave of mine is Summersbee’s Cider. Its refreshing!

  7. Sarah G. says

    Calming manatee! Love it!!

    My Friday favorites are: I’m rockin’ a new hairstyle for the first time in like forever today, I get out of work at 2pm (which is precisely 36 minutes from now… not that I’m counting), and I have a 13-mile run tomorrow at my favorite spot and then I’m running the Electric Run 5K with friends at night! Can’t wait!!

  8. says

    Suits is back on TV!! I fricken love that show. Every one is so suave. I quite lurve Million Dollar Listing but it makes me really angry that Bravo / Comcast / other not so legal ways to watch episodes are COMPLETELY MIA. I never remember to DVR.

  9. Amanda says

    Hilarious disclaimer! I need to try different flavors of nuun.. I have only tried the lemon lime and the berry so far! I like to drink nuun out of a wine glass after my run because it makes me feel super classy haha

  10. says

    Hmm… my favorites this week have been sweet potato wedges + kale salads at home; purple nails (Using My Maiden Name by Essie); grilled peaches for dessert, self-help in all forms (therapy + Abraham Hicks audios on YouTube + reading The Happiness Project); kohlrabi salads (a new discovery!) Gabby Bernstein on Instagram. Oh, and air conditioning. Yep, that has by far been my favorite.

  11. Shannon says

    Oh man, I LOVE MLNY (and all Bravo shows…..) It is amazing. Things I am loving this week include (1) my Nalgene because it is 100 degrees and I cannot get enough water, (2) treat receipts at Starbucks because it fuels my caffeine addiction and (3) having a light work week after a hectic several months. Wish we had Yogurtland in the Midwest!

  12. fingerlickinnutrition says

    Diggin’ all of those gourmet fruity freeze pops. That’s my after dinner snack attack!

  13. Dominique says

    I live in Cincinnati and there is a froyo place here called Orange Leaf. They recently served the Carrot Cake flavor, which I topped with Oreos and devoured. This post now makes me want to immediately run out and re-create it :)

  14. says

    Have you watched Duck Dynasty?? I was recently introduced to it and it is HILARIOUS!!! If you like Honey Boo Boo I believe you will enjoy the ducks! Trust me on this one :)

  15. says

    We eat pistachios all day long at work :P No telling how many servings that is but it keeps college students alive so it works :)

    I liked the manatee who was going to put the kettle on best :) That’s my frame of mind tonight.

    My favorites from this week were finally finding not only a Yoga class in our little rural neck of the woods but a STUDIO! and a kickboxing class at another studio. My two older daughters are complete opposites on what they like to do…Now I can take a calming yoga class with my oldest and a no holds barred, kick ass, get out of my way class with my middle daughter!! :)

  16. Annabel says


    Your 7 minute workout has made it into the Times newspaper in London. Also, hello from London, I love your blog!

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