National Ice Cream Day and Sunday Set Up

Happy National Ice Cream Day!!!

national ice cream day

I celebrated hard with a throw back – went to Thrifty’s Rite Aide for a double scoop cone. That is mocha almond fudge and mint n chip.

I am a super nerd and when I was there it took all my effort not to announce to the other customers, “Today is National Ice Cream Day!!! Did you know?! Is that why you’re here too?!”

national ice cream day at rite ade (450x800)

Sunday Set Up

It’s been too long since I’ve done a proper Sunday Set Up to get myself ready for a healthy week! This morning I peeked around the fridge to see what I could make for dinner this week. Then, I made a meal plan figured out what I was making for dinner Mon-Fri.

menu plan for sunday set up

Grocery shopping is fun, putting the stuff away, not-so-much.

groceries on the floor sunday set up

SCORE of America – there was one random box of Quest bars on the clearance rack. Hello. This is amazing.

quest bars on sale

someone on the internet is wrong

Search me Sunday

Here are the searches that led unsuspecting visitors to RER this week and my responses to help ‘em out…

1. “swedish fish for running” Fish are for swimming or eating, not running.

2. “huge knots in bum from running” Oh no! Becareful where you’re telling people about your ‘knot in the butt’ – it can make for some interesting conversation.

3. “how much does hungry runner girl make for her blog” One million, give or take and then she spends it all on swedish fish. Ah ha! Now I know who was searching for #1!

4. “do you have to wash your hair daily for you not to lose hair” If this is true I’d be bald.

Also: “dirty oily hair girls” – This makes me feel good, like I’m fulfilling a need on the internet.

5. “is popcorn filling all carbs” What are you eating with popcorn filling? A cake? A hot pocket? Can I get one??

6. “starting a new life” Good for you! I don’t think RER can help ya, but good for you none-the-less.

7. “diets similar to jenny craig” I don’t think the Run Eat Repeat Diet is similar to JC, but I’ll sell you $200 worth of frozen food if you want.

8. “addicted to ginger chews” Listen if you need me to drive you to rehab, I’ll do it. But, can I have the ones you’re not gonna eat?

9. “would an energy drink help me run a mile in 8 minutes” Only if the bathroom was a mile away and you could only hold it for 8 minutes…

Question: What was the BEST thing you ate this weekend?

Mint n’ chip for me.


  1. says

    From my Saturday falling off the wagon, the very best thing I ate was the chocolate chip cookie sandwich with while frosting in the middle and chocolate frosting on top. I licked my fingers when I was done too!!

    • s. says

      oh man, that sounds really good! too bad i don’t live near a ghirardelli’s, i need to remember to go there when i’m in san diego this fall :)

      i had cherry biscotti banana soft serve yesterday though (i guess i can say it was for for nat’l ice cream day, but i didn’t know that was a thing, haha)

  2. says

    I too had mint choc chip ice cream today to celebrate … I had to refrain from announcing it was national ice cream day to those people walking right past the ice cream freezer at the store without so much as a glance… ice cream just happens to be my favorite food group 😉

  3. says

    My apartment building had an ice cream social to mark this very important holiday, otherwise I would have been all over Thrifty Ice Cream. Chocolate Malted Krunch for me please.

  4. Denise says

    I can’t say I loved anything I ate this weekend. BUT, I did dream that I was eating a half gallon of ice cream out of the carton and sitting in front of a fire station watching people bike by.

    Not sure what that was about but I’m sure it was delicious.

  5. says

    Sam’s Club cake…..aka the thickest most delicious and unhealthy frosting. So obviously I took two of the corner pieces because they had the most frosting. I wish I’d had ice cream today though! That mocha almond fudge is calling my name.

  6. says

    Hah I love seeing what people search for that leads them to my blog. My personal favorite is “fat girl boob sweat.” I mean, I have definitely mentioned boob sweat before, but I don’t think I did so while describing myself as “fat.” I also can’t shake the thought that it was some weird fetishist looking for that…

  7. says

    Oh, my goodness! Those are some crazy search terms- I always wonder what in earth goes through people’s heads when they think those up- probably best not to know 😉
    Best food of the weekend were my quark pancakes from they were amazing! No ice cream though :(

  8. says

    The best thing I had to eat was a “Big Momma Sandwich”. Chicken breast, bacon, bbq sauce, onion, provolone cheese, cole slaw on a bun. OK not healthy at all, but I ate half for one meal and the other half for another meal.

  9. says

    I use the same meal planner and I absolutely LOVE it. It makes grocery shopping so much easier, my days go by so much less hectic, and I hardly ever end up wasting food because I make sure to eat everything in a timely matter.

  10. Kelsey Yoki says

    Best eat this weekend would have to be homemade banana bread – warmed up with a little bit of butter and cinnamon!

  11. says

    So I have to tell you that I posted a link to my blog on a facebook group I am in and the review picture (for some reason) was of the lady licking the ice cream from YOUR blog. I couldn’t figure out where it got the picture from until I came here to read your newest post. It was even funnier that my blog title that was next to the picture was, “My Hubby Has a Problem.” Thanks for providing the humor today and always!

  12. Jenn says

    Wow you obv don’t care about future employers w your pics. Also how many out takes did u take to let that Ice cream melt like that .

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