Eating and Museum-ing in Orange County

Last week I was invited to have dinner at Pinot Provence in Costa Mesa. It’s an awarding winning French restaurant near South Coast Plaza owned by the Patina Group.

pinot province in costa mesa (450x800)

I was super excited about this because there are not a lot of French restaurants near me so I never eat French food (besides French fries). And it was nice to get dressed up for dinner! I felt all fancy-like.

getting out for dinner (800x800)

And this wasn’t just any French meal – the chef put together a tasting menu in honor of the 100th Tour de France! tour de france tasting menu in orange county (450x800)

First course was Tomato Gazpacho, Dungeness Crab Beignet, Heirloom Tomato, Basil Pistou ~ Chateau de St. Martin Rose 2012

I loved this rose – very light and perfect for summer.  first course (800x800)

I went on a Wednesday night so it was pretty quite. pinot provence (800x450)

The second course was my favorite non-dessert course – scallops! I also loved the plate and presentation of this one.

Seared Scallops, Parsley Gremolata, Basil Scented Jus ~ Domain Cherrier et Fils Sancerre 2011

second course scallops tour de france menu (800x450)

Third course – I’m not a big red wine girl, but this was delicious. I think this means I’m buying the wrong reds.

Roasted Duck Breast, Celery Root Purée, Summer Squash, Duck Liver Jus ~Tablas Creek Vineyard Patelin de Tablas 2011

third course lamb tour de france menu (800x450)

The grand finale is always the best, right? I had never had a Sauternes before and really enjoyed it. I love Port with some dark chocolate for dessert and this was smooth and just as sweet (without being cloyingly so).

Summer Peach Tartin, Brown Butter Crumble, Lavender Chantilly, Tonka Bean Gelato ~ Chateau Grand-Jurga Sauternes 2007

dessert tour de france tasting menu (800x450)

There was even live music…playing the piano all fancy like (800x450)

Okay, maybe not. Maybe by the end of the night I was a little loosened up and just having fun Winking smile

how i stay balanced when life is crazy (800x800)

The tasting menu was just for 2 days and is over now. But, that menu is reflective if their entire summer offerings so many of the dishes are available. The chef updates the menu seasonally and it should hold until about September. You can check out the current dinner menu here.

the westin south coast plaza (450x800)

But before you hit up dinner you can work up an appetite at a new exhibit in Buena Park. image

Bodies the Exhibition and Titanic the experience are both opening on August 1st in Buena Park (near Knott’s Berry Farm). I saw the Bodies exhibit a while back in LA and it is AMAZING and super interesting. bodes and titanic exhibit

As a runner and trainer I am curious about the body, but don’t get the opportunity to see what’s going on under our skin (guess I shoulda went to medschool instead of getting a state school degree in Blogology). I think anyone with a body should check out Bodies and learn something.

bodies exhibit

I’m also kinda obsessed with the Titanic so I’ll be checking that out too.

titanic museum

Opening day is August 1st and ticket pricing is below:


Check out the Premier Exhibitions website for more information.

Ticket Giveaway: Premier Exhibitions is giving one RER reader FOUR tickets to the the exhibit!

To Enter: Leave a comment on this post saying which exhibit you’d be more excited to see!

Closes July 31st 8am PST. Open to all, but please only enter if you are able to get to Buena Park. I’ll announce the winner July 31st by noon. Winner can choose the date they want to attend.


  1. says

    Wow all of those dishes look amazing but they were each so small, were you full when you left? I’m all about good food but as a runner I often apprecate quantity almost as much as quality!

  2. Stefanie says

    I’d LOVE to see the Bodies exhibit. I missed it last time it was in San Diego and heard it was neat! :(

  3. Crystal says

    I’d love to take my bestie to the Titanic exhibit! I live in San Diego and she lives in West Hollywood, so it would be a great reason to come up and take her!

  4. lexi says

    The body exhibit would be super duper interesting! I can def relate with you in the fact of being a runner & so therefore being curious about your body! Also, we just moved to SoCal so this would be awesome!

  5. says

    Ahhh, I want to go! I missed the Bodies exhibit when it came to Seattle. I’ll be in Santa Barbara when it opens, so I really hope I win!

  6. Hayley Hansen says

    Definitely Titanic….I’m not sure I could handle “Bodies” just yet. I’m more of a Jack Rose than an “I’m going to throw up!”

  7. says

    I once worked at a French restaurant that cuisine is wonderful. Looks like you had some wonderful selections. It is nice to get dressed up and have dinner served to you now and again.

    I wanted to see the bodies exhibit when it was here in the C-bus but never made time to, now I’m sad that I missed it.

  8. says

    Firstly, way to go on sneaking in a nerb in the title. Who doesn’t enjoy a good noun/verb combo for funzies.
    Secondly, I live no where near California but hope that this exhibit might make an appearance in Dallas or Fort Worth. It looks pretty wicked!

  9. says

    I’d love to see the Bodies exhibit. I saw it a few years ago and thought it was fascinating.

    I tried that dress on at Target this morning (only $12 on clearance!!) but it was too short for work. Oh well!

  10. Katie says

    When I first saw the exhibits, I thought it was one exhibit of bodies from the Titanic. Seemed a bit morbid, but after reading further, I get it!

  11. Bethany Henderson says

    I would love to see the bodies exhibit… We just moved to SoCal and are excited about all the awesome museums here!

  12. Holly S says

    I would love to see Bodies! My husband and a couple of friends are out in LA for work for the next 5 weeks. I will be flying in one weekend in August (TBD) to hang out, and it would be awesome to go see the exhibit.

  13. Amanda says

    I’d be interested in seeing bodies- looks really interesting. I’ve seen Titanic but that was maybe 8 years ago so that would be great to see as well!

  14. Brittany says

    My aunt designed that restaurant. Isn’t it beautiful?

    I saw the Bodies exhibit 6 or 7 years ago in Amsterdam. Amazing.

  15. Stephanie says

    I would looooove to see the Titanic exhibit! Nerdy fact- My fiance is from Newfoundland- the Titanic sunk of the coast of NL!

  16. says

    Titanic and I must be the only person who didn’t and hasn’t watched the movie. No kidding! Not that I didn’t want to but the showing times (came out when I was in university) didn’t fit my schedule and by the time it did, it stopped showing at the cinemas. I’ve read about it countless times though.

  17. KeeLee says

    I would love to see the Bodies Exhibit. I remember when in was in SD as well at the mall in LaJolla. I didn’t get a chance to see it. I just have to check it out this time in Buena Park. Would make a great date/family night!

  18. says

    Saw the body exhibit 2 months ago in Vienna (Austria) and I was fascinated! A totally “must see” to learn more about our bodies!
    Everyone should go there, some would totaly change their “thinking” about how to treat there bodies!

  19. Joyce says

    I have been longing to see the Bodies Exhibit!!!!!

    I am currently unemployed and do not have the financial means to purchase tickets.

    Thank you for the chance & opportunity!! : )

  20. Nicole says

    I’d like to see the “Bodies” exhibit….I took an anatomy class in college and got to study using cadavers. While I LOVED the class, I didn’t do well on the tests. I would love to learn more of what the body does.

  21. says

    I’d want to see the Bodies Exhibit. I’ve wanted to see it since it was out at the California Science Center a few miles from my house….but I’d totally drive to Buena Park to see it! Everyone I know that has seen it said it was amazing.

    I am obsessed with the Titanic too. But I think I’d be more excited for Bodies!

  22. adria biasi says

    I am in physical therapy school so the body fascinates me… i have been to bodys once and titanic twice. i love the history of titanic…. i cant really say what one i like better… but i went to bodies before i started grad school… so now that im half way done i want to go back because i will appreciate more this time

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