Friday Fun with Carrots N’ Cake


Hello! How was your lil day? Mine was great because Tina a la Carrots N Cake came all the way from Boston to visit me in SoCal! What a doll! Tina’s actually in town for some kind of game contest, Cross-Fight something or other, I’m not sure. The point is we don’t like to go more than 30 days without hanging out and time was getting close so we made it happen. Next time … [Read more...]

Friday Favorites and Running for Something Better


Happy Friday! First I have to give a BIG Happy Birthday hug to Chandra!!! She’s my favorite. I met Chandizz thanks to blogging over three years ago and she’s one of my best friends today! We met for the first time at the Healthy Living Summit and were the only ones ‘pre-gaming’ in the room. It was a match made in Heaven… Back to your regularly scheduled … [Read more...]