Friday Favorites and Running for Something Better

Happy Friday!

First I have to give a BIG Happy Birthday hug to Chandra!!! She’s my favorite.

chandra and me in new orleans with the dirty banana

I met Chandizz thanks to blogging over three years ago and she’s one of my best friends today! We met for the first time at the Healthy Living Summit and were the only ones ‘pre-gaming’ in the room. It was a match made in Heaven…

monica and chandra

Back to your regularly scheduled programming:

Yesterday I made it to yoga and felt so so good after! Every time I walk out of yoga I think, “I need to do that more! I’m going twice a week every week until the end of the year!!!”

I need to remember that because I have A LOT of races coming up and I’m way too tight. I NEED it, it’s not just a luxury with my training schedule.


My favorite thing this Friday is that I can get French tips again! Runner’s feet FTW.

french is back runners feet (450x800)

Run for Something Better!

The Las Vegas Half or Full Marathon is 16 weeks away (Nov 17). Sign ups to join my Orange Laces team are still open so stop making excuses and sign up. The program aims to fight childhood obesity and create running programs for kids.

I had a few questions so here is more info:

Yes, you can walk/run the half.

It’s fine if this is your first race.

You will have a training program.

I will be available via email or phone for any questions or support you may need.

Sign up for RnR Las Vegas here.

orange laces run for something better

Also – the Run for Something Better NYCM team has a few openings left! If you’d like to run the full in NYC on Nov 3 you can get in through this way (it’s sold out). The fundraising requirement is $2,500 for NYCM (plus race entry). You can sign up for the Orange Laces team for ING New York City Marathon here. Mention “RunEatRepeat” in the referral section so they know I sent ya.

Okay, I am off to hang out with another one of my favorite people!

See you later!

Question: What are you doing this weekend?


  1. says

    Going to Newport and exploring New England a bit this weekend. I’d love to do a RnR race at some point, but they all seem to be rather far from me. If you ever have a team for a virtual race, count me in!

  2. says

    love the recipe pics on the sidebar of your site!
    •This weekend running related: a 9 miler neighborhood long run with some new music on the ipod saturday. Sunday will either an easy 3 miler or maybe cross training at the gym.

    •This weekend non-running related: I’m going to frame some photos that i’ve been meaning to do for months and spend some quality time with the pooch at the dog park.

  3. says

    That’s great that the run is going to help start kids running/fitness programs! So neat!
    P.S. I love yoga also! It not only makes my muscles feel long and loose but also makes me feel like a sudo hippie, which is fun.

  4. says

    I absolutely love yoga. I don’t know why it’s so hard to add into the schedule, too! We are having a couple over for dinner tonight. I’m very excited because I have no friends and I’m hoping to convince this girl that she wants to be my friend.

  5. says

    Seriously, how do your feet look so normal and non-runner like with the amount of miles you do?! You must teach me your secret!!!

  6. says

    Wish I had a half I am training for! This weekend I’m doing a long run with my cousin through the mountains on a trail into Santa Cruz. Should be pretty fun! And hopefully another run on Sunday along with some time to build up my tan…since working in the woods has made me pale again!

  7. Kelsey Yoki says

    Its “lets clean up the apartment” weekend here…which is actually exciting since it has been on the back burner for months! Being productive is my favorite!

  8. Angie says

    Yay for yoga, I am going to my first yoga class tonight 😀 they offer it at the fitness center out here (im deployed to the sandbox). I am excited and nervous.. but thanks to your blog and Fitnessista i have been dying to go. 😀

  9. Shannon says

    So…did the toe nails fall off, or the bruised part grow out? I’m waiting to see what happens with mine but its almost the entire nail…

  10. Frank Holland says

    Hi. You did great young lady. I am an old 51 years and cant get under 4 hours. I just cant do it yet but i wont give up. I ran five marathons this year so far and I am going to do Sacramento in December for six this year. Keep on runin. Great job!!!

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