Fitness Magazine LA Meet and Tweet

I went to Santa Monica for the Fitness Magazine LA Meet and Tweet event today.

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Fun facts: I went to the Fitblog NYC meet & tweet for five minutes (before I had to catch a flight).

And I visited the Annenberg Beach House in April when I met Venus Williams at the Jamba Juice event.

santa monica beach out w runeatrepeat (600x800)

But this time I wasn’t just attending – I was on the panel “My Blog is My Business” with SkinnyRunner, Blogilates and EcoVeganGal

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I was the designated driver this round so SR bought me a cup o’coffee. I brought my own stevia so I wouldn’t end up like Lydia. (Breaking Bad reference anyone.)

stevia not poisoned (287x510)

Santa Monica is about 60 miles north of us, but we didn’t hit much traffic and got there with plenty of time to explore. California, I love you.

with skinny runner at the beach (800x450)

I saw Bobbi as soon as we got there! I also met SkinnyChickBlog who drove down from north-ish CA.

bobbi in her shoes RER and skinnyrunner (287x510)

Fitness Magazine organized this event for bloggers with awesome info sessions and vendors.

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Part of the fun was walking around the pool and visiting each of the sponsors for a sticker. Well, when you got a sticker you also got some cool swag – shoes, sun glasses and more! Trick-or-treat to me!

new saucony shoes (800x450)

I was the DD so SR got Crystal Light wasted.

skinny runner is getting crystal light wasted (800x450)

God Bless CA (800x450)

We had a lot of fun!

fit blog meet and tweet

I was about to dive into the pool, but we had to head inside for the afternoon sessions…

annenburg beach house pool (600x800)

This session is  “The New Way to Lose Weight” with Harley Pasternak.

weight loss panel at fitness magazine tweet up in la (800x450)

Then, it was time for “My Blog is My Business”!

fitness magazine tweet up los angeles (800x800)


(image source)

During the session we discussed…

things we have learned along the way to blogging as a business = Be professional. Know your worth.

pet peeves of blogging = Work/life balance is a challenge for all of us!

where monetization of blogging is going = We think newsletters, video, more social media platforms.

We also got the question, “How much do I charge?”

Best question ever! Unfortunately, I knew there was an algorithm for it but I didn’t actually know it so I couldn’t help. #Fail

But, I promised to link to the answer so here it is… (Via Babble)

# of page views + # of twitter followers ÷ page rank # x $ .01 ÷ 2 = your approximate sponsored post rate.

And to cap it off we had a little reminder – Let all flowers bloom. There is not a limited amount of success available out there – we can all reach our goals! Believe in yourself. Help the people around you. Set your own goals and go for it.

pass on the positive

(A little Operation Beautiful flashback)

Thank you to Christine and Fitness Magazine for the opportunity!

fitness magazine blogilates rer and skinnyrunner

Question: Are you passing out good karma this week?


  1. says

    That looks like so much fun and you are always sharing such awesome information, thank you. Glad you brought your own Stevia, just in case Skinny Runner went all ‘Walt’ on ya. #BestShowEver!

  2. says

    You were a wonderful panel and thank you so much for sharing your tips, tricks, advice, and “secrets”. I hope there is another event sometime soon that will allow me to meet and chat with you and Skinny Runner. Any chance you two are going to the LA Women’s Expo this Saturday?

  3. says

    I was all sorts of cray cray last week (thankfully Zach was traveling most of the week, but he got the brunt of it when he returned) so this week I have REALLY focused on changing my perspective to just BEING happy. It’s all about the small things. One little thing I’ve done: when my clients ask me “how are you” at work, instead of saying “I’m doing ok” or “hanging in there” like normal, I’ve been saying “I’m doing well!” or “I’m great, thank you!” It’s small, but it’s helped!

  4. says

    Thanks for the formula! I feel like I have been getting a bunch of opportunities for reviewing products and just assumed the free swag was “payment”.

  5. says

    Oh how I wish I could have heard your speech. All I want is to be able to make my blog successful and to make $$. I have no idea how to make it better or how to grow my blog. You are one lucky gal:) love the blog!

  6. says

    Hey Monica! I really enjoyed hearing you talk yesterday. I loved the entire event yesterday, but I wish that you ladies had a little more time to share your stories. Very inspiring!

  7. Amee says

    Call me Nosey Nellie, but I’ve always been curious, when you fly for blogging business and it’s sponsored by a company, do they pay the air fare for you?

    • says

      When it’s a sponsored trip the company pays for travel 98% of the time. Sometimes I get invited to events, but they aren’t covering travel so I don’t go because that’s a lot of money for something I’d be promoting for them (I’d rather save my money for non-working events with my family ya know.)

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