Running in Las Vegas Tips

Well. I’ve been fighting off getting sick since last week when I got to Orlando. I felt it as soon as we landed and tried in vain to drink 6 Emergen-Cs in hopes it would cancel out the germs. I never got full-on benched sick, but I have the most disgusting cough that’s just barely going away.

i told you i was sick

So this week’s runs have been crappy as a result. I should have followed the “If it’s in your chest, you must rest” rule but I felt fine – I just sounded like a wounded sea lion. That’s all.

im sick

Anyway. My run is done. And I’m glad.

11 mile run

In other news… I drank champagne sparkling wine last night for no reason at all. That’s weird.

celebrate nothing

And I am starting to carb-load for Sunday. Carb early, carb often. That’s my motto.

 cereal carb loading

I have a few admin things to do and then I am getting ready to head to Las Vegas for the RnR Las Vegas half marathon. las vegas marathon at night

I’ve run this race a few times now so here are some tips on a great race…

running las vegas half marathon

Rock n Roll Las Vegas Half / Marathon Tips

1. Try to rest the day of the race. This is challenging since Las Vegas strip is very walk-able and fun. Plus the race doesn’t start until 4:30pm so you have all day to play. Do your best not to exhaust yourself before the gun goes off.

2. Hydrate! If you are living it up in Vegas with alcohol make sure to rehydrate before the race.

3. Fuel smart. There are a lot of amazing restaurants and buffets in Vegas. But, race day is probably not the time to try something completely new (you don’t want to regret it mid-race!). Plan to indulge Friday or after the race. Eat foods you know your body likes, things you are used to eating.

4. It’s a BIG race! This is one of the bigger races I’ve run so the expo and corrals are super crowded! Be prepared and plan accordingly to get to the events on time. Also make a plan to meet up with friends and family post-race since it’s crazy there too!

5. Have fun! It’s Las Vegas hello. Normally the LV strip is packed and crazy. This is your one chance to run right down it with all the flashing lights! Enjoy it. Look at all the runners dressed as Elvis. Tell the couples getting married “Congrats!”

running in las vegas

Question: What are you doing this weekend?


  1. Anastasia says

    I am pacing my husband in his first half marathon tomorrow! But because it’s Utah in November, it’s supposed to snow. I am excited for him and dreading running all in the same breath. Have fun in Las Vegas! I have several friends running the RnR.

  2. says

    I have a local 5k race tomorrow, and my girls are both running in the 1-mile fun run. <—This makes it extra exciting. I love that my girls love running :)

    Good luck in Vegas!

  3. says

    Just have a few shots of Tequila and Dayquil- you’ll be totally good to go.

    My weekend? Happy hour, taking dog for shots, yoga, lunch with friends, dinner with friends, paper grading, house cleaning- typical adult bs.

    Good luck!!!

  4. says

    Shoot on the cough….my son has that same cough and has had it for a couple of days….I win the bad mom award b/c he asked to stay home and I sent him to school with a pocket full of cough drops. (I am sure the teacher will thank me too…)

    But, when he comes home he is always happy, wants to play with friends, and coughs. 😉 I feel a sore throat coming on??? What goes around comes around ~ I may need a sick day ~ hahaha!

  5. Jessica J. says

    I’m running 11 miles and Sunday and hope it isn’t too windy and rainy (I’m too scare to check the actual forecast). T-minus 2 weeks (from Sunday) until my 2nd Half Marathon!

  6. says

    yuck! It sounds like I’ve got the same thing you had!! Is it possible to spread germs via blogging?? If so, I blame you! 😉
    I hope you feel better soon!!
    Great job getting in your run! I think I may just take it easy today and do a little yoga instead of my usual full-on Friday workout…
    Happy Friday!!

  7. says

    That looks like a super fun run!! I signed up for the Dallas Rock and Roll at the beginning of this year but wasn’t able to do it :( but I think Vegas would be WWAAAAYYY better

  8. says

    When you said you drank champagne for no reason last night, I remembered that movie Failure to Launch where Zoey Deschanel used to have champagne Thursdays…my roommates and I tried tried to make that happen but it surprisingly never caught on

  9. says

    Have fun and good luck in Vegas!

    A few ladies from my running group left this morning for Vegas and I’m super bummed I made the decision earlier this year not to join in on the fun. Lesson learned. I’m not turning down any more trips!!

    I have a 5k tomorrow morning, so I’ll put on my music and *pretend* I’m in Vegas…

  10. Andrea says

    I’m running Las Vegas too! I’m running with Team Challenge. It’s my first time, so the tips are much appreciated. Good luck and have fun!

  11. says

    I just got into Las Vegas this evening. Will run the full marathon. Actually recovering from a head cold combined with an ear infection. Did not run since 10 days ago, but ran 2 miles near the hotel this evening. One more short run tomorrow morning, then Expo to pick up my race stuff and then continuing to carbo load and to rest until Sunday afternoon.

  12. says

    It was the Penang Bridge Marathon this past weekend and it was fun tracking friends running the event. And it’s also in the dead of the night…or morning. FM started at 2am and the HM at 3am. Talk about fighting zzz monsters and running at the same time!

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