Confession Thursday–I Don’t Like Presents but I like Christmas

Confession Thursday. Because it’s almost Christmas and I want to get on Santa’s nice list. (Not really, see below.)

confession thursday

dear santa

1. I follow an inappropriate amount of male body builders on Instagram. (Also, I’ve been caught looking at them repeatedly like a perv.)

2. I ate 2 donuts at 4am on our way back from Vegas. They were warm and amazing and I don’t regret it at all. But, I am sad that I can’t stop thinking about how delicious fresh donuts are.

3. I have a girl crush on Sarah from Sarah Fit. This is creepy because we’re actually friends in real life.

She just came out with a book “Get Skinny Again” and I am reading it now. Tons of great pictures of the exercises and recipes make it easy to follow. A few people had hesitations about the title with the word “Skinny” in it, but the book has legit helpful and realistic exercise plans and calorie suggestions.

get skinny again book

4. I am standing here freezing, but still drinking iced coffee as opposed to hot coffee because I love it.

5. I spent way too much money on raspberries yesterday, but it was the only thing that sounded good. And I was sick.

6. I don’t like presents.

cheer up its christmas

Yes, my heart is two sizes too small and I don’t like presents, but I’m not the Grinch – promise. I like Christmas!

Recently my friend Katie lent me the book “The 5 Love Languages” because I don’t let her hug me.

The 5 Love Languages are:

  • Words of Affirmation
  • Quality Time
  • Receiving Gifts
  • Acts of Service
  • Physical Touch

I took the quiz and scored a 0 for gifts.

My score:

  • Words of Affirmation – 9
  • Quality Time  – 3
  • Receiving Gifts – 0
  • Acts of Service – 9
  • Physical Touch – 9

Ha! I is a three way tie for Words, Service and Touch! So I’m either really easy to love or really hard, I can’t decide neither can Ben.

The moral of the story is… I just want to hang out and eat tamales on Christmas, but I don’t need presents. (Unless you wrap a tamale for me?)

You can check out your Love Language here. (I think you have to put in your email though.)

Since we’re on the subject, I have to share… my brother and I always reference this part of The Grinch movie:

am i just eating because im bored 2[3]

Question: What are your love languages?


  1. Rob Runs says

    No surprise that Acts of Service tops my list, I’m all about “dude, please just do stuff without me asking.” Words of Affirmation are great but he’s so good with that that I certainly don’t nee any more.

    3 Words of Affirmation
    5 Quality Time
    7 Receiving Gifts
    9 Acts of Service
    6 Physical Touch

  2. says

    I think I only scored so low on Acts of Service because my husband is an absolute PRO in this area – I’m pretty sure it’s his Language of Love. Seriously, I never have to ask him to do anything around the house because it’s usually done before I even realize it needs to be done!

    I’m a little surprised that I scored so high on Physical Touch, but that could be because the quiz kept asking me about gifts, which I’m not a big fan of. I’m all about the Quality Time :-)

    8 Words of Affirmation
    8 Quality Time
    3 Receiving Gifts
    2 Acts of Service
    9 Physical Touch

  3. says

    OMG – fresh donuts are pretty much the best things ever made. In college I lived near a Krispy Creme factory, so dangerous!

    And my love languages are all fairly even (besides the gifts) – just means my husband has to do everything, haha! 😉

    8 – Words of Affirmation
    5 – Quality Time
    3 – Receiving Gifts
    8 – Acts of Service
    6 – Physical Touch

  4. says

    Damn, apprently I need gifts and don’t touch me 😉

    3 Words of Affirmation
    11 Quality Time
    8 Receiving Gifts
    5 Acts of Service
    3 Physical Touch

    That was fun, thanks for sharing!

  5. says

    10-Acts of Service
    9-Quality Time
    6-Words of Affirmation
    3-Receiving Gifts
    2-Physical Touch

    WHOA….If I EVER meet you in person….I will not hug you for sure because obviously I DO NOT like physical touch…you on the other hand just may?? A 9?!

    No surprise…I scored highest on Acts Of Service…I am always saying to my hubby….don’t buy me any thing just take out the garbage or pick up your stuff. ha!

  6. Jessica says

    I’m sure the book is full of good stuff, but yeah, the title is very cringe worthy in my opinion. To be honest though, for the most part it will sell more copies with a title like that. Whether that’s good or bad its the truth. ‘Skinny’ is still more attention catching than “healthy”. More “glamorous” and somehow out of reach. And for many women its unfortunately what they want whether its healthy or not. But if it has healthy information on the inside I guess that’s good that it will sell. :)

    • says

      Yeah, I think it was a marketing thing because the book really is realistic and ‘normal’ in terms of healthy living ideas. Just like that book “Skinny Bitch” or Skinny Girl Margaritas… it’s a key word.

  7. says

    I really don’t like the title of Sarah’s book at all, especially because I see her as someone with a beautiful body that is actually attainable without being obsessive with food/exercise. When I hear skinny I honestly tend to think of “unhappy” or “unattainable” and I don’t think that’s what she is trying to preach! I am sure her book has some great tips but wish she’d chosen a different title.
    Oh my gosh, warm fresh donuts. I haven’t had one in so long and almost don’t want to because I think I’d be hooked if I reminded myself of how good they are.

    • Sarah says

      Why is skinny a bad word? I’m completely healthy and yes skinny just as I have brown hair – big deal. People make it a bad word because they’re jealous they’re not. It’s just an adjective. It only has negative connotation if you give it that.

      • Jessica says

        “People make it a bad word because they’re jealous they’re not.”

        I don’t think that’s true. There are many reasons the word ‘skinny’ is a bad word to a lot of people. I do agree with your last sentence, but there are many reasons the word has negative connotations, not just jealousy. I think also, especially when its a book about health and fitness, having the title basically say ‘here is how to get skinny’ is uncomfortable because you can certainly be healthy and very fit and not necessarily be skinny.

  8. says

    Fresh warm donuts are amazing and a wonderful gift.

    The older I get the more work giving gifts seems to mean and require and no one really likes anything because no one really wants anything and then it’s the whole “I just gave you $50 and you just gave me $50 so this is basically a zero sum game…” I do love lights and tinsel, though.

  9. says

    It’s so funny because the last few days I have been thinking this: I love Christmas, baking, good food, spending time with family, etc. but i HATE Christmas shopping and presents, I just think it’s pointless. Like I am pretty sure my future sister-in-law doesn’t really want that bath set I got her, but guess what, we all have to exchange gifts, right? I’d rather say “let’s all have a second celebration the day after Christmas with more food and family time, and we won’t buy present. K?” but it makes me feel like a total grinch.

    • says

      I completely agree!! I feel like its wasteful and not thoughtful a lot of the time because we’re just buying something to get the person a gift. Rarely is there something that I REALLY want to give someone for Christmas. I am perfect with low-key quality family time. I guess that goes with my love languages! I also feel like a Grinch.

  10. says

    I was going to say words of affirmation and quality time, but I decided to take the quiz and let it speak for me. My initial thoughts were right!

    11Words of Affirmation
    10Quality Time
    6Receiving Gifts
    1Acts of Service
    2Physical Touch

  11. says

    I also got 0 on the gift giving. I got a 10 on physical touch, 9 on words of affirmation, 8 on quality time and a 3 on acts of service. This is interesting.

  12. Alissa M. says

    Definitely Quality time, followed by Words of Affirmation…the question where it asks, “do you wish your husband would put his phone down when you are trying to talk to him about something?” um YES :)

    Not big on the gifts, either.

  13. says

    10 Words of Affirmation
    7 Quality Time
    2 Receiving Gifts
    4 Acts of Service
    7 Physical Touch

    So, I like my husband to talk to me, while touching me when we’re spending “quality time” together. Apparently I’m a porn movie. 😉 Kidding! But gifts definitely rank low on my priorities.

  14. says

    I’ve taken this before…it’s been a few years…so I wasn’t completely surprised, but some things had changed;

    10 – Receiving Gifts (*note; my husband scored ZERO here)
    7 – Acts of Service
    6 – Words of Affirmation
    5 – Quality Time
    2 – Physical Touch (this used to be higher on my list??)

    Also good to note that my husband score equally in all other categories…opposites attract?

  15. Regan says

    My husband and I read this book before we were married as part of our “pre-marital counseling”. I looked back at my scores from 2005 and while the numbers are different, the ranking is still the same. I’m a Quality Time kinda girl.

    Quality Time (10)
    Acts of Service (9)
    Words of Affirmation (5)
    Physical Touch (5)
    Receiving Gifts (1)

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