Friday Favorites–Quest Bar Addiction

Happy Friday!

Last night I had some Thai food action and it was the best! I used to go for Thai once a week and that’s been slacking lately. My taste buds are not happy about that so I made up for it with a delicious dinner with Ben. It’s been too long since we’ve done a date night so I was pretty excited.

thai tea time

It was great!

thai food chicken (725x544)

But, this morning I was taking a bite of the leftovers before my run and I think the chicken looked pink!? So I called 911 (read: freaked out/googled it) to see if I was going to die.

My peep Katie (who thinks I need more hugs, self-help books and happens to be an NP) said I’ll probably just get a stomachache.

stop being so dramatic

25 Days of Fitness Challenge

Day 6 – Spend 15 minutes stretching today (preferably after a workout when your body is warm).

I REALLY need this one! I did a few shake out miles this morning and spent some quality time with my quads. It was nice.

Do it. You won’t regret it Smile

Friday Favorite – these are my favorite things this week:

1. Walking Fast. Apparently brisk walkers live longer than slowbies. Since I consider all my running just ‘race walking training’ I’m going to live till I’m 112. Which is unfortunate because I thought I was going to die at 40 by a shark attack. Seriously.

2. Cereal. I wasn’t buying cereal for a while because I eat it too fast. Well, I missed it and made up for it this week.

3. Heidi Klum for New Balance Moto Pullover. This is what I was wearing for the latest Ask a Monican. I am obsessed. It’s so comfy and looks like nice workout gear so I can wear it for a walk and then run errands without looking like a complete mess.

stop taking pictures in the car like a weirdo (376x501) (376x501)

4. Fitbit Flex. Working on a project that wasn’t supposed to be on RER but I am using it everyday and will post a review for you step/activity counters out there.

5. Quest bars. I eat one everyday. They are expensive. But that’s why I have to schill bad jokes on the internet – Quest bars. There are worse problems to have.

6. This.

seems impossible


Question: What is your favorite thing this week?


  1. Maria says

    It’s dumb but my cats are extra cuddly on account of the frigid weather (at the time I type this, almost 2PM, it’s 19°F, feels like 9°F), so earlier my eldest, Sammy, curled up on my lap. The following exchange ensued:

    Me: “You comfortable?”

    So that’s my favorite thing this week.

  2. says

    my favorite thing this week is that my boss came back to work Monday after having heart surgery before Thanksgiving. I was worried sick about him and so grateful he’s back. He’s the best boss ever!

    Excited to go stretch tonight. (and then I’ll do the plank i’m fessing up to skipping out on from day 1 =)

  3. says

    My favorite this week is CHRISTMAS LIGHTS! Our town had their tree lighting ceremony last night and the city is doing theirs tomorrow. So much holiday cheer… love it!

  4. says

    There is a quest bar that tastes like an almond joy that is great. I couldn’t finish the other flavors I tried in a single sitting. What are your fave flavors?

    My favorite thing this week is my birthday sleepover tomorrow.

  5. Tara says

    I am loving Pickybars. Bye bye Lara bars! And I am loving them after I do my workouts at lunch. Its feels soo good to be back to lifting weights!

  6. Marlene says

    I <3 Quest Bars! I had to get their Cyber Monday deal of buy more than 2 boxes and get 25% off your order. I bought 4 boxes. I am obsessed with them!

    My favorite thing this week has been signing up for another race with some friends (ugly sweater run)! Fun times!

  7. Ashley says

    My favorite thing this week was putting up our Christmas tree with my kiddos. It’s so fun to see everything through their eyes again!!

    I second the thing about the cereal. I’m glad to know I’m not the only one that can make up for lost time with that crunchy goodness haha! And quest bars are to die for…I ordered some from Quest and GNC for their cyber Monday deals. I’m going to have to hide them to keep from eating all 4 boxes in one day…

  8. Eugenia Byrne says

    My favorite thing about this week is THAI FOOD FRIDAY. My fiance (who’s name happens to be Ben) and I have Thai food every Friday. It is my absolute favorite food and there is nothing I look forward to more than eating it on Friday!

  9. says

    My favorite thing this week was when Bart Yasso, yes, THE Bart Yasso responded to one of my tweets. I didn’t respond because my kid said that would be creepy but I retweeted and posted about it on every social media account I have. hehe

  10. says

    Can’t wait to hear about the fitbit. I’ve been thinking about getting one. I feel like fast walking can sometimes be more challenging than easy running. Especially when on an incline!

  11. says

    I’m thinking about getting my mom a Fitbit for Christmas, I’m glad to hear you like it!

    I am loving my new Nike running tights, I wore them today for my run and thought I hated wearing anything but shorts to run, but was pleasantly surprised and I think I look really cool in them.

    Did you end up getting a stomach ache? I am ultra paranoid about that kind of stuff.

  12. says

    Best thing this week….making, baking, and frosting sugar cookies with the family last night while drinking vodka, bailey, egg nog combination!!!

    All free calories b/c the night was priceless…right?! 😉

  13. Natalie says

    I love Quest bars….I have one just about every day. I also am pretty obsessed about sunflower seed butter…yum!!
    I did do my stretching and my butt is very happy about it. :-)

  14. says

    my favorite thing is that my 6 yr old rocked a 5k this morning in 9 degree weather, coming in 17th in his division, only 10 and 9 yr olds beat him. The only one under 8 who ran.

  15. Becky says

    Love my fitbit flex. I have asked for the force for Christmas. I hear you on the quest bars. Bought 4 boxes on their Cyber Monday sale. Word to the wise…only eat 1 per day. Just sayin’

  16. says

    Hahahaha…can I say I was traumatised looking at people walking on the treadmill in the gym this morning? No. Kidding. This after doing Saturday’s 8pm to Sunday 8am Putrajaya 12Hour Walk.

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