Santa To The Sea Half Marathon

Bright Dark and early this morning I peeled on my ProCompression holiday socks and headed to Oxnard for the Santa to the Sea Half Marathon!

procompression holiday socks (600x800)

santa to the sea half marathon finish line (371x495)

Oxnard is north of LA and about 100 miles from south OC so it was a drive, but totally worth it. It’s a fun race, well organized and ends at the beautiful Channel Islands Harbor.


I got there with plenty of time to spare and got straight on a shuttle bus to the start no problem.

santa to the sea start line (800x600)

First stop – the BIG Santa Clause (you can see him off the 101 freeway year round) to drop off a toy for a tot.

santa to the sea half marathon toy drop big santa clause (800x600)

toy drop at santa to the sea (600x800)

santa to the sea toy drive (600x800)

Then, it was almost time to line up. I met reader Willie at the start line – he ran it last year too!

santa to sea half marathon race 1 (600x800)

It’s a fairly small race (by SoCal standards) so I found the fabulous duo SkinnyRunner and Reese no problem. We planned our race goals = Don’t Freeze. It was COLD!!

 SR and I stayed together because she is sick and her death-bed race pace is my PR pace give or take.


(SR on Insta)

Actually, since I ran 13 yesterday I was NOT feeling full of spunk at all. So, we chatted the whole time and it went by super fast! We had a really great race catching up on life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness (aka donuts).

rer and skinnyrunner half marathon oxnard (600x800)

This race is awesome because so many people dress up or at least wear festive colors! There was a full on gingerbread – run run as fast as you can, can’t catch me I’m the gingerbread man!

santa to the sea half marathon finish gingerbread (800x600)

Done in 1:52:04

half marathon time (600x800)runeatrepeat finish half marathon (600x800)

The finish line festival is pretty sweet because it is GORGEOUS and they give out the most delicious (and I’m assuming local?) strawberries and cookies.

channel islands harbor half marathon finish (800x600)

It’s so pretty it makes me want to run some more!!! And/or do my obligatory running pose.

running pose like a weirdo (600x800)

I also ran into Melissa from Trying to Heal at the Finish! It’s been too long Meliss!

rer and trying to heal half marathon finish (600x800)

But, I wanted to jam outta there fast since it was freezing. So, we didn’t stay too long after the race since I needed to get to my car and WHOLE FOODS.

Who ever decided to make the race parking at The Collection was genius. After the race I changed and hit up the WF hot food bar for sustenance.

the collection shopping center (800x600)

whole foods after the race (800x600)

Now I am hanging out at my mom’s since it’s on the way home and she’s my mom so I’m supposed to visit because she birthed me. And I have a really big head.

25 Days of Fitness Challenge

Day 8 – Hold a plank for 10 seconds longer than you held it last week.

I did a quick Instagram video of my efforts until the dog tried to come make out with me.

Question: Did you do your plank?

Disclosure: I was provided with a bib to this race but was not required to do xyz for it i.e. review/actual funny jokes/sit on Santa’s lap (not that I’m opposed to that).


  1. says

    Love, love, love those festive socks! Looks like this race was a ton of fun! I am jealous! It is gonna be a while before I am ready to race! Congratulations! :)

  2. says

    Sounds like a great race. But I’ll take your idea of “cold” any time. I just spent an hour sliding around on ice. Lovely.

    I like those socks. I hadn’t seen those on the site so now I’m going to have to look.

  3. says

    You guys are lucky that your “cold” day would probably be our MN “warm” day in December. So wishing I lived there and not here right now! ;-( Even after giving into many more sugar cookies than one person EVER should eat….I don’t feel any better about living in this state!

    UGH…let the cold complaining begin!

  4. says

    I did a plank yesterday in fact! I did not originally plan to partake but it just kinda fit with my workout :) I know I’m quite the rebel. JK!

    Great job on the race!! It looks like such a fun holiday race!

  5. says

    Great job on the race! You girls rock! So fast, I would freeze up and run at a 12 min mile. :) You are especially awesome because you ran 13 miles yesterday! Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend

  6. Angelica says

    How’d you like the Mizunos? Have you done any posts on your foot type and favorite shoes? I’m narrow-footed, high-arched, but I think with a wide toe box. No running stores nearby for guidance. :-(

  7. says

    Now that I’m back in So Cal, I want to come do this one! So many great reviews of it – and who can beat finishing on the beach (basically)?!

  8. says

    My friend did this race too! She ran barefooted (is this term correct?) and came in 1:50 – she said she couldn’t feel her feet after the race. From being too cold. But she had a great time all round.

  9. says

    I cannot imagine running a half in a full on Gingerbread costume. That’s pretty hardcore in my book :) I have didn’t do my plank. I need to catch up pronto.

  10. says

    Plank = done.

    I was supposed to (virtually) run the Honolulu Marathon yesterday, and my body was having none of it. I managed 10 miles on the treadmill (well, 3 TMs to break it up because I was fighting myself so hard), with 2 I-think-I’m-going-to-die bathroom breaks (I didn’t die, and I got back on the TM). If I had to get off a third time that would be it, hence ending at 10 miles. 10 hard-fought miles.

    The nice thing about a virtual race is I can try again next weekend.

    PS What is cold for that area? My Girls on the Run 5k on Saturday was in 25 degrees. There were no shorts around. I can’t imagine “cold” and still being able to wear shorts :-)

  11. says

    You look awesome with those crazy socks. Don’t say it was freezing while we were suffering in single digit temperatures (it was 3 degrees at my half marathon on Saturday) 😉 – Gotta move to Cali for warmer weather I guess. Looks like a great race you had. Congrats!

  12. Nat says

    I also ran this race and it was very super special to me….this was my 10year old daughter’s 1st half marathon!!! It was a perfect one for her, not to big and just right. She got 1st place in her age division and won a free jacket. Memorable, I say yes!

  13. Nicole says

    Your running pose is great! You should do a collage of all your pics with a running pose and give it to your Mom for Christmas. :)

  14. Zoe G says

    I just want to say that I LOVE your blog and I’m so glad that I stumbled upon it earlier this year :) You are hilarious! “…I’m supposed to visit because she birthed me. And i have a really big head.” Congrats on your half!

  15. Rachel Costello says

    Hey, It was great to meat you at the race. I am Rachel from mile…I think it was about 7.
    I think I was about 5 minutes behind you at the end. I generally do about a 1:50 too but, It took me until about mile 4 or 5 for my feet and my lungs to defrost and for me to be able to feel them again!! :)

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