Skinny Pop Is Not So Skinny

Hello! How’s your day going?

First, let me say “Thanks?!” for all the stories in kind on my last post. Is it weird that it made me feel better that so many of you have had ‘problems’ on the run?

I had limited access to email in China so I would just use it to upload a post or update Instagram.  I didn’t look at email at all so there is a HUGE pile of that waiting for me. But, before I could work on that I had to get groceries (I was down to condiments) and check out Sears for a new washing machine.

update my website

I did a big grocery haul from Costco to stock up on essentials.

My list:

  • Eggs
  • Egg whites
  • Sabra hummus
  • bread
  • yogurt
  • chicken
  • salad veggies
  • broccoli & green beans
  • fruit
  • coconut water

costco grocery haul (800x600)costco grocery healthy must haves (800x600)

costco grocvery healthy must haves 2 (800x600)

I also spotted the Skinny Pop on sale. Then, I saw the Boom Chicka Pop was on sale too. They were fairly similar in price so I compared nutrition information.

boom chick pop vs skinny pop (600x800)

Boom Chicka Pop:

boom pop nutrition stats (600x800)

Skinny Pop:

skinny pop nutrition stats (600x800)

Lunch was my first real salad in forever! (I was advised not to eat raw veggies/fruits that are grown in the ground while in China. The books actually say ‘no raw veggies’ but there was an gastro-doctor on our tour and he said just avoid the ground stuff. I had a little bit of lettuce from a salad at the airport though.)

finally a salad (800x600)

GOTR Volunteer Running Coaches Needed

Girls on the Run of Los Angeles is in need of volunteer running coaches. It’s an amazing program that teaches running and self esteem lessons to young girls. If you are interested please check out GOTR coaches for more information.


  1. says

    I miss GotR so much!! I was a coach my senior year in college. It was so challenging but such a GREAT experience. If only I didn’t have a pesky 9-who knows when but after GotR is over lol.

  2. Patty says

    Hey Monica,
    I don’t mean to be nosey or anything but
    Where is skinny runner? Did I miss an announcement
    That she was ending her blog?
    I know you are good friends with her.
    Just hoping everything is OK.

  3. says

    Loved seeing and reading about all you did in China! Would love to hear your thoughts on a groupon vacation…it’s tempting, but scares us a bit to not be in control of our vacation/wonder what the quality would be.

  4. says

    No raw veggies?? Eesh…that’s rough for salad peeps (like me)

    K, your picture is going to make me fess up.
    I bought sriracha for home finally. Haven’t had it on anything other than pho and Vietnamese foods before, but all your pictures and references to it prompted me to pick it up. It may help force eggs down my throat! And I love me some heat, so seeing it as a dressing? Yes!

  5. says

    I was actually considering volunteering with GOTR near me in Ohio- I think its time to get serious about it. Maybe ill add that to my 2014 must-do list!

    Now I feel inspired to go make my healthy grocery list -thx! :-)

  6. Shannon in Tustin says

    Skinny pop ain’t so….I just bought that BIG bag that was on sale! How does the other one taste? I haven’t opened it and am NOT above returning it for the other!

    Thank Monica. Welcome home and thanks for sharing your China adventure with us. :)

  7. Anne Starr says

    Boom Chick A Pop used to be good. They have recently changed something in their recipe that make the popcorn dry and tasteless….plus it’s tuff! Several of my friends have also noticed the change, and we’ve all switched to Skinny Pop which is delicious! We’ll take the extra calories…it’s worth it!

  8. MKW says

    Be careful with “Skinny Pop”… it claims to be many good things on the package, but the reality is they refuse to disclose hidden ingredients in their products.

    It’s marketed on the package as natural and healthy, free from this and that. Sounds too good to be true, and unfortunately it probably is.

    I’m allergic/intolerant to so many things it sucks, so I absolutely have to know what I’m eating, every ingredient. I was super excited to find Skinny Pop, as there’s so little I can eat when it comes to packaged snacks. At first it appeared to be free from virtually everything bad.

    But when I contacted Skinny Pop to find out the actual ingredients in their “White Cheddar Flavor” they refused to disclose this information, saying it’s “botanical” and a “trade secret”. We traded several emails, and I politely explained my health situation, but they absolutely wouldn’t budge.

    Any food manufacturer that refuses to disclose any ingredients is hiding something. And food labeling laws in the USA unfortunately permit this, which most consumers don’t realize.

    Don’t believe what you read on packages folks, it’s all talk. If you care about what you’re eating… stay away from this stuff… you don’t know what’s in it.

    • Mary Houston says

      Hi MKW, I am having the same experience with Skinny Pop. My 10 yr old son has many allergies and food intolerances, and I noticed that the white cheddar flavor lists “non-dairy cheddar flavor” as an ingredient, but won’t be more specific. My son is allergic to peas and I have a sneaking suspicion there may be pea protein in that flavoring, because anytime I’ve tried to find a non-dairy cheese it is always made with peas! They don’t seem interested in helping me out at all. We are in Ontario, I thought they had to disclose all ingredients by law….

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