The BEST GROUPON of my Life – Group Trip to China Hotel Info and Questions


I bought a Groupon for my trip to China months and months ago. It’s somewhere I’ve wanted to go since I was a kid (I think I was inspired by some Sesame Street Big Bird in China movie). Anyway. When the Groupon email popped up for the deal I jumped on it because it covered flight from LAX, hotels, several meals and a tour guide to take us to the highlights. I am NOT a fan of … [Read more...]

Quick Tip Tuesday : Sweaty Seat Saver


Hola! How’s it going? I randomly enjoyed some port last night as dessert. This is from TJ’s and goes amazing with a piece of dark chocolate. It might be too sweet for some peeps, but this right up my alley and reminds me of my fave port from Paso Robles. Love. This morning I ran 10 miles. Because Ten Mile Tuesday sounds fun. I might make it a thing in my world. Quick … [Read more...]