Quick Tip Tuesday : Sweaty Seat Saver

Hola! How’s it going?

I randomly enjoyed some port last night as dessert. This is from TJ’s and goes amazing with a piece of dark chocolate. It might be too sweet for some peeps, but this right up my alley and reminds me of my fave port from Paso Robles. Love.

port wine (328x438)

This morning I ran 10 miles. Because Ten Mile Tuesday sounds fun. I might make it a thing in my world.

10 mile run (669x502)mizuno running shoes lightweight (669x502)view from my run in orange county (727x545)

Quick Tip Tuesday

How to Save Your Seats from Getting SWEATY after a Run

quick tip tuesday for runners

I am a very sweaty bear. Like, I sweat a lalala lot. This isn’t a problem because only God can judge me now and I don’t think that plays a part in getting into Heaven.

sweating like a pig

But, when I drive to a run location I don’t want to get back in my car and wet my seats with sweat. Gross.

hot ass mess

I usually have a towel in my car at all times. (Living 10 miles from the ocean you never know when you want to take a dip!) But I took everything out of my car before my China trip and forgot until I came back to my car after my 16 miler this weekend (in 72 degree weather, I was drenched).

Luckily, I had a space blanket from a previous race tucked in the back of my seat! These fold down super flat so they don’t take a lot of room and can help you out of a jam. Bonus: People in earthquake areas – you don’t get warning before the ‘big one’ and this may come in handy one day.

sweaty seat saver for runners (409x545)

Quick Tip: Keep your metallic blanket after a race. Wipe it down if it’s sweaty and fold it flat. Then, stick it under your car seat or somewhere that’s out of the way, but handy.

Question: How do you prevent sweaty seats after a workout?


  1. Shannon in Tustin says

    I live 13 miles from the beach, so I always have a towel in my car. Plus my son plays water polo and swims competitively–more towels than I care to admit going around our house…

    I also have some cute seat covers (just the bottom part of the seat) that my daughter sewed for us to use in summer. Those leather seats get hot and sticky on bare legs. I can always find one of those in the back of the car; it’s a minivan so in essence we could probably live off all the junk collected in there over the course of a year! We have enough jackets for an of track stars, and Starbucks napkins for days……. :)

  2. says

    I always got a gym bag and a towel in my car. No ocean here though – you would rather find an ice scraper or snow brush to get white stuff off the windows. I like the idea with the race blanket for the car – we get blizzards every once in a while and that would add an layer of protection.

  3. Brenna says

    I always bring a change of clothes to races. I cannot stand sitting around in wet, sweaty clothing and I can’t even imagine getting in the car in them!

    I change immediately, wash my face with one of those disposable wipe things and I am good to go.

      • Brenna says

        I usually bring a change of clothes if I drive somewhere for a run. But most of my destination runs involve state parks or something where there’s a bathroom to change. That way, I can stop on the way home for something to eat or drink and I’m not soaking wet. I’m a very sweaty runner, so I like to get out of my wet clothes immediately. It just feels way more comfortable to me.

  4. Angelica says

    I keep some towels in my trunk, but I go home to shower ASAP. After having a baby, I learned that a) pee happens and b) mastitis is no joke, so I have to clean and dry off fast. Do you wash your hair every day? Mine’s very thick and it gets super greasy and stinky, I’d imagine. What’s your take? Also, do you ever go to the beach? You never mention it!

  5. says

    I have about 10 terry cloth towels in the car at all times and that is because my dog travels with me everywhere. He doesn’t shed but he does step in mud! So there is usually an extra and if not i take one of his and flip it over =)
    I also always carry baby wipes and an entire roll of paper towels with me in the car too.

  6. says

    I always keep an old towel & wash cloth in my car. I sit on the towel (butt & back area) & then I often use the wash cloth to put between me & the seat belt so that it doesn’t get sweaty either.

  7. says

    I always save my space blankets because they make me feel cool (hah nerd alert). But sometimes I’ll bring a change of clothes and sometimes I just hop on in, I know it’s gross

  8. ann conklin says

    I hate sweating in my seats too. I live right by the beach. I usually jump in my car and run on the boardwalk. I tried the towel thing but eventually the towel smells horrible and I dont feel like washing it all the time. It ends up drying out in the car but when I sit in it again I’m reminded of how nasty it is.
    I just got this cool seat cover the other week from buycleanride.com. I LOVE it. I do not worry about sand or sweat. So much better then my smelly towel.

  9. Nico says

    Great idea with the space blanket! I’ve been using an inexpensive product called the flippin car seat cover sold by a local company near me that I sit in after I run/workout and flip it over the seat when i’m wearing my nice clothes. Check it out http://sunswellinc.com/about-1/

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