Surf City Marathon / Half Marathon Expo Shout-outs

Hello! RER was down for most of today. Hope you were too busy pre-gaming for the Super Bowl to realize Winking smile

give me a drink

Last night I made a drink with Skinny Margarita and some awesome blackberry liqueur. Yes. Just yet.

drink water

Yesterday I hit up the Surf City Marathon Expo. It’s in Huntington Beach aka Surf City USA. And it’s gorgeous.

surf city marathon expo (600x800)

Rock N Roll New Orleans full/half Marathon and Surf City full/half marathon are both on Sunday which is a bummer that I can’t run NOLA this weekend. Making the best of the Surf City though! Bonus: I get to watch the game and enjoy food at my peeps house since I stayed in town.

surf city marathon expo first race (800x600)

Even though I got there right at the opening time (to beat the crowds) there was still a very LONG line to get into the expo tent. So much for my master P to be in and out to beat traffic.

surf city usa marathon expo (800x600)

I didn’t need anything from the expo, but I stopped by at my favorite booths to say hello. These are my favorite things..

ProCompression socks!

pro compression socks at surf city marathon expo (800x600)

You think these are cute? Well, they are nothing compared to the SUPER CUTE Valentine’s Day socks they have coming out soon!!

pro compression socks at surf city marathon expo booth (600x800)

SportHooks! Get hooked up Winking smile

sport hooks surf city marathon expo (600x800)

I actually need an add-on hook since my hanger from last year is full.

sport hooks surf city marathon expo race (600x800)

Nuun! I drink Nuun on all my long runs at home and usually the day before a race or hot long run too. It’s good to get it at the expo and drop a tab into your water bottle as you walk around.

nuun hydration at surf city marathon (600x800)

Then, I had to run to my car since it was on the meter and I was already out of time! I got a parking ticket during this race expo a few years ago so I was not messing around.

surf city marathon expo surf board (600x800)

Good luck to everyone running tomorrow!

Question: What’s your favorite thing at race expos?


  1. says

    My favorite thing at race expos are the discounts you can get to register for other races. I registered for the OC Half Marathon to complete the Beach Cities Challenge this year!! I’m running the half marathon tomorrow so I can eat all the chicken wings during the Super Bowl, GUILT-FREE!!

    Good luck on your run!!!

  2. says

    I don’t usually pay too much attention to the stuff at race expos…but I DO tend to buy myself some fuel for the race because I always run out right before race day…and if it’s available, I might as well get it while I’m there!

  3. Abby says

    I am running my first half this june…and I am looking forward to the expo part of it too :) And I hope Pro Compression would be there too but I don’t know, I am quite a ways from Cali! Happy super bowl sunday, enjoy!

  4. says

    Nom nom nom Nuun! If a person could OD on this stuff, I would definitely do it.
    Also, if you drink champagne (you so fancy), and drop a frozen blackberry in it and a smidge of blackberry liquor or syrup (not pancake syrup lol), it is TO DIE FOR.

  5. says

    My first half my friend I was running with and I made the excellent decision to drink on the Friday night (race was Sunday) because we were out of town and met up with my friend from study abroad. Luckily for us, the people at Nuun were super understanding and let us hang out at their both for probably 30 minutes drinking samples

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