Booty Booty Booty Running Everywhere.

Hello and Happy Wednesday!

good morning from orange county (376x502)

This morning I started my day with a run I was going to play by ear and decide once I was out there how long/fast to go. I felt okay so I went out for 10 miles and intended to keep it easy.

booty boot booty rockin everywhere (376x501)

Well, that was until some guy decided he wanted to play Shadow and run super close behind me. I kept my pace steady so if he wanted to pass me he could.

But he didn’t. Nope. He just stayed right behind me all awkward like?! I am super not competitive, but that was weird so I sped up just because I didn’t want to hear him breathing. It stayed this way for at least 2.5 miles. That’s 20 minutes of this fun.

get off my ass

Maybe he was just a donk-ologist?

i love to see everyones booty

some girls chase boys i pass em (376x502)

Turns out I was able to keep the pace a little faster and had a great run!! Thank you stranger who lacks knowledge of ‘personal space’! Unfortunately my Garmin lost satellite around mile 7 and I don’t have an official record of the run.

10 mile run garmin fail (409x545)

Post-run breakfast: Eggs. Sharp Cheddar. Iced Coffee.

egg sandwich for breakfast (669x502)

And because today is Hump Day let’s enjoy some booty-rocking tunes…

Question: What did you have for breakfast?

Question #2: WTF! Vanderpump Rules – I was shocked when Kristin admitted sleeping with Jax?! Let’s talk about this!!


  1. Evey W says

    I rolled up eggs, spinach, cheese and hot sauce (of course) in a whole wheat tortilla with a banana on the side!! So filling!
    I missed the finale due to class but not surprised on Kristin. She always had that “look” of being up to something!

  2. Samantha Bruce says

    Thank you… someone is dicussing that finale! I cant believe how long she continued to lie. Did she think she could get away forever with it? I absolutely cannot wait for the reunion next week. Do you watch Watch What Happens Live after? It seems there are even more stories and drama to tell of.

    • says

      Seriously, I am impressed that she kept her story going that long – I almost started to believe it. I think Lisa telling him that she’s lying at the photo shoot kept him pushing the issue. I don’t usually watch WWHL but I taped the one with Jax and Lisa V to get more of a scoop.

      • Samantha says

        I know you’re local to So Cal.. Have you visited Sur? I went last year and it’s very different then they portray on TV. They are all so nice and friendly. Makes you wonder how much is for TV. Food was delicious.. Would recommend to go just to say you’ve been 😉

  3. Alex Ramirez says

    Stalker! How does he not get that that’s creepy!

    I was laughing at Tom crying like a little B***h! At least he redeemed himself by hitting Jax with the glass. I don’t know how you can sleep with your best friend’s girl. Violation of the Bro Code, I think.

    • says

      I felt bad for Tom, he got screwed by his GF and best friend – NOT COOL. I can’t imagine. I think it’s interesting that he still came with Kristin to the party, I feel like they made them do that for the show.

      • Alex Ramirez says

        Part of me thinks that Jax likes playing the villain and I’m sure their is acting involved in this show.

        However, Jax shows some strong qualities of a narcissistic sociopath.

        • says

          Seriously. How could he totally not care when his best friend was crying in front of him. I’m surprised that he didn’t at least pretend to feel bad, isn’t that weird? Seems fishy.

  4. says

    I had oatmeal. Again. I’m impressed that your shadow held on that long-and that you didn’t turn around and yell at him! I don’t think I’d have made it that far-though I would have just passive aggressively paused to tie my shoes again or taken another route.

  5. Anel says

    If you could hear him breathing, that’s a little to close, pal! hhahha Glad it made you run a little faster, though! 10 miles is awesome! I had waffles and eggs this morning. Your breakfast sandwich looks delicious!

  6. The Silent Assassin says

    I swear it wasn’t me! But just to give you a heads up, if I do see at the PhxFull, don’t call it dejavu.

  7. april says

    i had blueberry oatmeal for breakfast, but then i was craving eggs (nothing new, lol), so i made an egg, spinach, chicken, and avocado wrap for lunch.

  8. Melissa says

    Why didn’t you just stop and stretch for a bit and let him pass? Why was it his responsibility to pass you? Maybe he couldn’t run any faster. Just curious.

  9. says

    Haha I didn’t have the exact same experience but I had a man turn and run behind me on my run today and because I’m super paranoid, I turned down a random street to lose him…and then had to pull out my phone and check the map on how to get back to my house because I was lost haha massive fail

  10. says

    Have you seen the preview for next week for the reunion? It looks like Tom and Ariana are together. Exciting stuff. I have watched all the reruns and it’s scary how well Kristen plays it off that she didn’t sleep with Jax.

  11. Charlotte says

    Errr. I would feel so uncomfortable with the booty stalker on my trail. Of course, my booty would be wiggly up and down. Lol.

  12. says

    My breakfast (same as pretty much every day): black dark roast coffee and grapefruit. I adore it.

    Nothing like semi-creepy strangers to help increase the pace, right? 😉

  13. Cindy says

    I made Siracha chicken today in the crock pot (for lunch, not bfast). Delish! Black beans, corn, chicken breast, cream cheese melted on top…recipe said salsa but I didn’t have any so Siracha was the next best thing. Turned out yummy!
    Fav vpump line: Tom to Jax – you’re going to feel this. LOL

  14. says

    Yogurt, blueberries, pb2, and some oats. Pretty much this every morning. Way to stick with your run and get a kick booty time, I get super paranoid about that stuff, I probably would have turned and ran to a busy road so in case something happened there would be cars around.

  15. says

    I’m considering getting a Garmin, but I’ve seen several posts where bloggers lose satellites or have to wait a few miles to get them so I’m not sure about it. I use Runkeeper on my phone and have never had a problem. Do you see any big advantage of Garmins over phone apps?

  16. says

    My question is, do you think that whole situation was real? It was the same exact drama as the last season finale. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I was glued to it the entire two seasons but I’m not sure… I did do a little instagram stalking and Kristen is not friends with the rest of the group online. Interesting… (and I’m pathetic).

  17. says

    I forgot to buy eggs at the grocery store this week and received a massive shipment of Muscle Milk so I decided to just make oatmeal with muscle milk, flax, and banana for the week. Sometimes I like to pretend I am being super frugal… in all reality the eggs cost < $3 so I am not saving much but hopping on the oatmeal train.

  18. Megan says

    Okay so, pump rules is totally my jam. I think it’s all planned out a la the hills + we are going to find out in the future and they’ll deny it while riding their fame high, buuuut i still love it. Jax is a raging sociopath + I think he’s the douchiest douche of them all. Kristen sucks, Tom sucks but I feel bad for him. Stassi is ice cold and I love her for it.

  19. says

    OMG I know!!!! I can’t believe that she admitted it after so vehemently denying all season?! Can NOT believe this. Bravo playing with my emotions! I felt bad for little ol’ Tom… Next up: Stassi and Tom sleep together for revenge? haha

  20. says

    OMG I know!!!! I can’t believe that she admitted it after so vehemently denying all season?! Can NOT believe this. Bravo playing with my emotions! I felt bad for little ol’ Tom… Next up: Stassi and Tom sleep together for revenge? haha

  21. Adrianna says

    Kristin is so scandalous. ok they all are. Jax is disgusting but I almost wasn’t surprised?! so gross, and I feel bad for Tom, but from the previews he might be dating Ariana…too much to handle. canNOT wait for the reunion tomorrow night…I love this stuff. so glad other people are into this show :)

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