Silent Saturday in Palm Springs

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      • Marcee says

        Yeah. I know. We live in Chicago. Forget it. We are totally over living here. Ugh, ugh. MORE brutal cold on the way. Did I say we hate it? Yeah, definitely. Dreaming of Arizona. Ahhh. Just lovely.

          • Kary says

            I hear you! Live in Iowa close to Des Moines and I had frost on my toes this morning after my run even after wearing wool running socks. Stinks when to run outdoors you have to be prepared to run in single digit weather!

  1. Charlotte says

    Beautiful scenery in the background in the second last photo. I can’t believe I’m wearing layers of clothing and you’re in a cute tank top and sandals. Maybe it is time to move to Cali.

    • Marcee says

      Only if you got lotsa money. Family and friends live in LA, San Diego, San Francisco. All nice and gorgeous places, but expensive. We almost (more than once!) made the move years ago. Got to live where our jobs are.

  2. Runningfrau says

    I need to move to a warmer climate. I’m up here in Calgary, AB Canada where we had Sun Dogs around the Sun cause it’s so cold. Minus 23 C (-9 F) with windchill of -32 C (-25 F). I’m a runner too but find the cold weather and slippery pathways hindering my efforts. Since the Olympics have started been running on my treadmill (so boring).

    Thanks for your blog, you’re a real inspiration to me. Love your posts.

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