Two Podcasts Tuesday and PhotoBombing Video

Today has been fun and different from the usual mix! Well, first it was the usual – running and eating.

no friends

Sipped some iced coffee while I responded to a few urgent emails…

iced coffee morning (600x800)

Then, I drove to a flat spot to run. My quads are still sore?!?! The Catalina Marathon was HARD!

driving to run (450x800)

I did 10 miles nice and slow. Actually helped a little after a few days of rest.

10 mile run sore (600x800)

I came home to find someone slept in, again…

 let sleeping cats lie (600x800)

The highlight of my lil day was doing two podcasts. It’s kinda random but I got both requests recently and they both ended up being scheduled for today. So, imagine me like this, but blabbing about running and eating and blogging…

greazy (450x800)

I’ll share links when they’re up!!

Now I’m enjoying a snack and talking to you nice people. (That would be a Quest Bar and tea.)

snack time (600x800)

Ha! Coach Steve totally photo-bombed me at the start of the marathon this weekend. But, I one-upped him and video-bombed him.

catalina marathon photobomb

Steve’s video of the Catalina Marathon is on YouTube. After my video bomb he interviews me at 3:34. What you don’t see – I was already struggling at that point and was about to get mad at him. But I didn’t Smile

Check out my video here.

It ended on a happy note (as we survived).


(RunEatRepeat on Instagram)

Question: What am I missing on cable??? Send help.


      • says

        I don’t normally like scary shows or movies and I was never a zombie fan but my husband got me to watch the walking Dead and I have never once regretted it. The story lines are awesome and it totally sucks you in. If you have netflix, watch it on there and you’ll see it’s awesome. Also, I just heard that hulu plus is going to have current tv shows available for 7.99 a month. I don’t know what shows they have but it may be worth looking into…

        • says

          I totally agree. I only started watching the Walking Dead after my boyfriend and I moved on together because he loves it and he got me hooked! I am so not a zombie kinda girl, but that show just sucks you in. I caught up on the seasons I missed on Netflix.

  1. Stacy says

    I’m currently addicted to The Little Couple and Long Island Medium. I’m loving a good cry lately, I guess!

  2. says

    You’ve come to the right place.

    Do you have DVR? I’ll tell you all of the things to DVR.
    -Real World Ex-Plosion
    -Teen Mom 2
    -Flipping Out
    -Millionaire Matchmaker
    and this little gem of trash I like to call.
    -Party Down South.
    You. Are. Welcome.

  3. Chris Cossairt says

    I don’t have cable so I can offer no help. I only have the farmer five which is a joke in our area when you only have the five free stations.

    I can’t believe you ran those easy miles that fast especially right on the heels of the hilly marathon!

    Looking forward to your podcasts! On a side note, do you know when the salted watermelon GU will be available?

  4. Tanya says

    I cut off cable in the past and just landed up buying movies and tv shows through Apple TV. Probably spent just as much $.If I was single I probably would cut it off but my husband likes sports too much. Enjoy relaxing watching kelly ripa in am then like criminal minds, elementary…

  5. says

    I thought we all had this discussion Saturday night at the post race party. I going to start watching House of Cards and you are going to watch the day after Fantasy Suite night between Juan Pablo and Angie. Remember, “It’s Ok” and thank for a fun weekend. Tell Ben I caught his cold.

  6. says

    Cats have really difficult lives. I came home yesterday to mind balled up on two blankets that seem to have conveniently been moved into a perfect position for her. I imagine she’d been there since noon.

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