Weight Loss Wednesday–Interview with Get Skinny Again Author Sarah Dussault

Hello and Happy Wednesday!!

Ironically, I posted this on Instagram this morning…

go for a run

and then had a really crappy run. My legs are still tired from this weekend. Well, they’re probably tired from doing LA and then 6 days later a very difficult Catalina Marathon course. Remember it’s the compiled work that really does us in like Coach Kastor said.

So. I had two choices on the run. I could either lay down and die, which I considered…

the lord is testing me[6]

I could beat myself up in my head…dead inside

Or, I could give myself credit for an awesome race on Saturday and just cut this one short.

go home[3]

I decided that I was sore and tired because ‘I showed the heck up’ to the race on Saturday. I gave it all I had and that’s great. Now my body needs some rest. And that’s okay (even if it’s frustrating). So, I’m taking it easy and probably going to stretch some and try to roll out all that lactic acid.

Weight Loss Wednesday

Interview with Get Skinny Again author Sarah Dussault

I’ve been a fan of Sarah Fit for years now and was excited to check out her book that came out earlier this year – Get Skinny Again. I read this book a while back and liked the easy to follow workouts and recipes.

get skinny book

She interviewed me about Marathon Training in November <- check it out.

Side note: We did that the morning of the Wine & Dine Half Marathon!!

runeatrepeat and sarah fit and skinny runner wine and dine

And recently I had the chance to interview her about the book But, since we’re friends I didn’t just stick to book related questions – I wanted to know what she eats and get some tips on the #1 weight loss question = how do you lose the last 10 pounds?!?!

sarah fit writing

RER: Have you always been healthy? Or what inspired the change?

Dussault: I actually have – or at least thought I was. In 7th grade, I first learned about nutrition in school. My mom would buy the natural peanut butter and we ate whole grain bread but I still loved my desserts. I would get a buffalo chicken salad instead of sandwich in high school but nothing obsessive or unhealthy. I was pretty balanced. I actually didn’t eat a lot of meat because who likes a soggy sandwich.

I partied too much freshmen year of college and learned what late night eating was all about. As I tried to lose the weight after freshmen year, I self taught myself a lot about diet and nutrition BUT at that time, the magazines were all pushing products that were fat free or sugar free. I didn’t learn those were sabotaging me until a few years after graduating and working in the industry. Long story long, I have always been a healthy eater in my own eyes, but my diet has evolved to be cleaner.

I wish I could take back the toxic years during and after college when my meals were deplete of actual nutrition but filled with artificial fiber and sugars. I think the chemicals have played with my hunger hormones, metabolism and just mindfulness when it comes to eating.

RER: What is the hardest part to staying healthy in your busy life?

Dussault: There are two issues that I have with staying healthy. 1) I love to go out with my friends and my boyfriend. Drinking is something I probably do too much. I also enjoy going out to dinner. It’s what I love to do at this stage of my life. It’s hard to balance what I want to do in my free time with what I should do for my career.

The second hardest thing is working from home, being sent products constantly to try and sample and eat like a normal person. At a job, you have coworkers and maybe you go out to lunch with them or bring your own. I’m home, alone most of the day if I’m not traveling and it can be a challenge to stay out of the kitchen, especially when  my laptop is on my kitchen counter top.

RER: What is the easiest part to staying healthy for you?

Dussault: Exercise! I love to workout and always make a point to fit it into my day. It makes me feel better about myself and energizes me. It also helps me focus and get my workout done.

RER: What is you favorite ‘cheat’ meal?

Dussault: I don’t label cheat meals but I do have a few foods that I try to limit which include nachos, pizza and fried scallops. I also love eggplant parmesan.

RER: Do you count calories?

Dussault: I only count calories if I have a photo shoot coming up and usually I will do that about 3 days a week. It’s hard for me to remember and I make up a lot of recipes so it’s hard to keep track. I try to focus on putting good food into my body.


RER: What is a typical day of eats for you?

Dussault: Every single day is different. I might wake up and have a banana. Go to Barry’s Bootcamp, teach one class and then take the one after mine and have a smoothie to recover. I love the PB&J. It is my favorite so I made a video to show people how it’s made. Check out her PB&J Smoothie Recipe here!

For lunch, I’ll have a big salad usually either made at home or I’ll pick one up at SweetGreen. I love to have ginger chews as a little dessert. As a snack, I’ll have carrots and hummus, cashews. or a bar – I get sent a lot.

For dinner, I’ll make sweet potatoes, broccoli or other veggies and a lean protein like fish, or chicken. Other times I’ll make a stir fry bowl with a lemon ginger tahini sauce. My recipe is amazing.

lemon ginger sauce from sarah fit


RER: What is your #1 weight loss tip for someone struggling with the last 10 pounds?

Dussault: For the last ten pounds, cutting out alcohol works like a charm because it allows you to stay hydrated and curb sugar cravings making it easier to eat healthful meals. It’s seriously all about the diet. Cutting out dessert and alcohol are the two biggest tips. The other biggest tip is to avoid starchy carbs after 4pm. Sucks but it works. Eat your carbs early in the day when your body can use them up.

You can buy Sarah’s book on Amazon – Get Skinny Again

You can check out her blog at SarahFit.com

Question: We all have bad workouts. How do you deal when it happens to you?


  1. says

    Bad workouts usually happen when I overdo it. Forced rest is usually a blessing. Listen to your body and take a break.

    Do you ever give bad reviews of products or do you skip posting about things you tried and didn’t like?

  2. says

    The alcohol and sweets this is the problem for me. I love me a huge cookie and glass of red wine. That may or may not have been dinner on occasion (not good). The way I see it — I generally balance it out with healthy foods through out the day. But I know in my gut (pun) that when I’m really tired of the pesky 5 lbs I may have on me, some time away from the good stuff will do the trick.

  3. says

    I usually tell myself at least I worked out. After all a bad workout is always better than no work out. Like they say “you’re beating everyone on the couch.” Abrazos!

  4. says

    These are great tips! I know when I curb the alcohol my jeans always fit better. Woe is me, it’s so hard to balance health goals with my overflowing social calendar!

  5. Charlotte says

    If I feel that I’m getting sick or just too tired from a lack of sleep the previous night, I just rest that day and jump into my workout the next day. As for Sarah’s interview, she’s completely right. Diet is where it’s at, however it’s so restrictive. No wine?? Not even on special occasions. No desserts, not even once in a while? Again, she’s right, but I do prefer your approach as dispayed in your tagline “mostly healthy, sometimes not.” I eat healthy 80 percent or more of the time, but sometimes, I indulge in a glass of wine or a slice of cake. Balance works best for me personally.

    • says

      I drink a lot of wine… but when I want to lose the last 5 for a photoshoot, I do cut most of it out. I also probably eat way too much sugar for my own good. If I cut back I probably could drink more wine. haha. These are just my tips for the last few pounds which I call vanity pounds. They are not for health but pure vanity.

  6. says

    Rest should be an integral part of your training program too. Enjoy it, let your body recover, and come back better than before! Great interview, I love reading what people thought they knew in the beginning and then learn as they go!

  7. says

    I’ve had bad runs where something has started hurting and just won’t go away. In the past I ran through it and most of the time ended up injuring myself, so even though it sucks I just stop now when that happens. My body yells at me when I’m misusing it so I try and listen

  8. says

    Love this interview! Thanks for sharing! As far as a bad workout, I experienced it this past weekend. On Saturday I ran 4 miles at the slowest pace known to man. I just wasn’t feeling it. On Sunday, I decided to re-do it because I was just so unhappy with my time. I beat my time by 6 minutes. So basically, I just accept it, and then try harder the following day.

  9. says

    That interview with Sarah Dussault certainly had a lot of insight especially where she says the easiest thing for her about staying healthy is her daily exercise…something she fits into her daily routine and which energizes her. It’s something to copy.

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