Dinner At Luna Grill

Hello and Happy Friday Smile

Yesterday I took a walk and saw this sign in Irvine – the PCRF races are coming next weekend. Check my Race Discounts page if you want to join!

pcrf sign (600x800)

Recently a rep from Luna Grill contacted me to try one of their locations in Orange County. I drive by the Lake Forest Luna Grill all the time and have been ‘eyeing’ it so I jumped at the chance!

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Yesterday’s weather was perfection. Shocker.

meanwhile in cali

So, we sat outside.

You order at the front and someone brings you your food. “Someone” who works there, obviously.

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I spotted the Happy Hour Menu – next time I’m all over that!!

happy hour menu luna grill (600x800)

The menu specifies vegetarian, vegan and free range options. Plus they have the calorie count!


I was pretty excited that they have Diet Dr Pepper in the soda machine thinger. YES!

dinner at luna grill (600x800)

When I spotted “Spicy Cilantro Hummus” on the appetizers section of the menu I had to have it!! Spicy + Hummus = Monican’s dream come true.

It was really good, but not actually spicy.

spicy cilantro hummus at luna grill (800x600)

I ordered the Apple Walnut Salad and added Mahi Mahi to it. Loved it – the fish was cooked perfectly (not too overdone like some restaurants do). The dressing was light and sweet. mahi mahi salad (800x600)

Ben got the lamb plate and I had a bite – it was seasoned so well I don’t even know what they used, but we tried to figure it out the whole time to make it at home.

lamb plate at luna grill (800x600)

Luna Grill is in San Diego, Orange County and the Dallas area. Check here for locations new you. <- There’s also menus and calories counts there if you want to check it out.

I will definitely be going there again. I love that the prices are reasonable and that they have vegan options and fish! I really want to start cleaning up my act (see below) and I appreciate when you can go someone with people who don’t have the same dietary needs as you and all get something good!!

Then, I went home and had the most trashy dessert. I have really fallen back into nighttime eating lately and need to get back on the wagon.

dessert after dinner (600x800)

This is me. Send help.

working on my night cheese

Question: What’s on the agenda this weekend?


  1. The Silent Assassin says

    Hummus not spicy (enough)? I totally had you pegged as the one person who’d carry around a siracha bottle. Maybe they need to create a travel size. Have a good weekend M!

  2. says

    It’s funny, just yesterday my husband was talking about how much he doesn’t like that place. Now I don’t know who to believe!

    This weekend I have to grade close to 600 papers (no joke) and work on the baby’s room. Party, party.

  3. says

    That salad looks superb! I love getting fish on top of salad at restaurants. I never make fish at home, so it’s my one splurge when dining out.

    No plans yet this weekend, it’s wide open!

  4. says

    Birthday Week! All I’ve eaten is trashy mctrashy yet delicious food. Sunday, I will be pulling it together and eating some salad! Oh and I have a race this weekend in Santa Cruz – 10k! Hooray!

  5. says

    I haven’t been eating well either. That’s what inspired Operation Veg Out. Taking pictures of what I eat has really helped and it’s only been a day.

    The weather here is pretty nice, but we don’t have the ocean. I’ll just have to dream .

  6. says

    I literally just laughed out loud at the “workin on my night cheese” mostly because I do indeed work on my night cheese. Oh 30 rock and Tina Fey how I love thee!

  7. says

    OOH sounds like a great restaurant.
    Interestingly I’ve never been a nighttime eater. I eat 25 percent of my calories for breakfast and then I eat 50 percent of my calories at the office (it’s the lunch break that never really ends…)
    But by dinner I’m usually fine with something small and a cup of coffee to signal the end and that’s that. But over the last few months (basically all winter) I’ve noticed that I’ll keep going back into the kitchen for more snacks….kettle corn, or chips and salsa. Crunchy mostly…I’m aware….now I need to clean up my act too!
    I’ve got a low key uneventful weekend on tap which is perfect. Dinner at the folks tonight. And just some solo runs tomorrow and Sunday. I’m really looking forward to it.

  8. says

    Skiing is on the agenda this weekend! :) And I’ve also been S-T-Ruggling with my night eating lately, specifically with sweets. I was feeling extra gnarly yesterday and decided that I’d make a pact to myself that I’d start ending every day with at least a 15 minute walk. That’s AFTER dinner and dessert…not only did it help he stop eating dessert (which is tough) but I felt much better going to bed too!

  9. says

    I need to do a couple of longish (8-10 miles) run both Saturday and Sunday. But tonight I’m running a virtual 5K that benefits the ASPCA – or Humane Society…now I don’t remember for sure.

    That salad looked so good although I would have asked them to put the salmon on a separate plate/saucer. I love fish. I love salad. But I don’t like fish in my salad. #OnTheSideKindaGirl

  10. says

    Late time eating has been my biggest struggle lately too. The treats call to me!
    I have a half marathon tomorrow and then have to do a makeup trial for my friend’s wedding next weekend. Looking forward to that!

  11. Angela says

    Hey Monica- Persian girl here. Luna Grill is like a watered down, fast food version of Persian food. I go to their locations in SD all the time when I need a quick and decently healthy meal. The lamb kabob you had is called Koobideh and is usually made with ground lamb or beef, onions, and seasoned with sumac. It is amazingly delicious and I highly recommend going to a legit persian restaurant sometime. It looks like you’re near Irvine- land of the Persians:)

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