Flat-Abs Tips from Health Bloggers on Lady’s Home Journal

Hi! I started the day leading the fitness group 5k run. I realize I really have missed working with people in person so I’m enjoying this a lot!

mizuno running shoes on the sand (800x600)

And I LOVE that this fitness group is forcing me to wake up earlier this week because I want to reset my schedule earlier now that it’s getting warmer here in SoCal. But, the first few days of an early schedule mean I’m dragging in the afternoon.

I’m not complaining, just justifying some P.M. caffeine Winking smile

Plus, I cannot help but just be grateful this is where I’m running…

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After the 5k run with the group I did the route again solo to get in a few extra miles. Check out my instagram if you want to hear some ocean sounds to zen out to for a few seconds Smile

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I caved and bought a ripe avocado from the store yesterday. I hate paying for avocados when I can get them for free from my mom’s trees, but the ones I got from her this weekend aren’t ripe yet. I needed it.

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Flat Abs Tips from Health Bloggers!

My flat abs tip is featured on Lady’s Home Journal today!

runeatrepeat on lady's home journal flat abs tips

You can read all the tips here: Flat-Abs Secrets from Bloggers

Aaaand this actually has inspired me to get back on the ab exercise wagon! Pressure’s on when a magazine quotes ya!

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Question: Avoca- DO or Avoca-Don’t?


  1. Becky says

    avoca-DO…every. single. day. It was one of the first foods I fed my kids when they were starting to eat….it’s a family favorite!

  2. Grecia says

    Do! I think I’ve been eating at least half an avocado everyday for the past few weeks, so good!
    Quick question concerning healthy fats: A friend who does Weight Watchers told me that if I eat half an avocado, I shouldn’t eat PB later on because that’s too much fat, even if it is healthy. What are your thoughts?

    • Lauren says

      don’t listen, unless you’re trying to lose weight, in which case it may throw you off calorically (which is pretty much all WW tracks anyway). In a healthy diet, there’s no upper-limit to unrefined, plant-based fats.

    • says

      I personally disagree, but I am a fan of healthy fats in my diet. They keep you full (so you’re less likely to snack and really overeat) and are good for ya too. It’s fine to eat more than one healthy fat source a day. Yes, they are higher in calories than say a piece of fruit, but they also serve a different purpose in your diet.

  3. says

    100% avoca-DO! I use it to replace mayo a lot of times so I’ll mash up my hard boiled eggs with it for egg salad or top my sandwiches with mashed avocado so they aren’t dry. And then there’s always my beloved Whole Foods guacamole! It’s seriously my downfall!

    • Molly says

      Avocado instead of mayo for egg salad, can’t believe I didn’t think of that! Mayo does a number on me so I haven’t eaten it in forever and I’ve really been missing egg salad and tuna sandwiches. If I can find a ripe avocado I’m eating that for dinner, lol!

  4. Shannon in Tustin says

    avo-YES-all-time-time! I have one with a little bit of sea salt and cracked pepper about 3x a week. Just slice that baby up and grab a spoon. Yes. please.

  5. Delia says

    Avaca-DO! I stole your idea of simply splitting one, pouring on the hot sauce (I went with Tabasco), and taking a spoon to my face! Delish!

  6. Lauren says

    my mom is Dominican, so my house has been stocked with avo since I was a young child. Not keen on them plain but love them with just about everything.

  7. says

    Avoca- DO!! I have been known to eat then right out of the shell with a little garlic sprinkled on for lazy dinners/ snacks. Sooo delightful and filling! Makes any meal better :)

  8. Tara says

    AVACA-DO! I must have one on hand at all times. I usualy mash up 1/2 and put on toast and top w/egg for breakfast.
    Love it in salads; on sandwiches.
    I need to try to making pudding!
    My favorite recipe is spinach, avacado, sun dried tomatos & garlic in the food processor; then mix into mashed chickpeas. Soo good!

  9. april says

    avoca-DO! i eat half an avo everyday. i love adding avo to my eggs, but really, it goes with pretty much everything :)

  10. Tahleen says

    Do! Unfortunately they are kind of expensive here in Massachusetts, unless you can get them on sale. So, not as often as I like!

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