Easter Feast–Mexican Style

Hello! Did you have a great Easter Sunday?!


I did, but I also ate way way too much. It’s 10pm here and I’m still uncomfortably full. Busted Monican, busted. At this point all I can do is drink water and learn from my mistakes, right?

First, let’s focus on the awesomeness that was today…

I started the morning with the usual rest day short walk to shake out. Then, I headed to church – a old place by my mom’s. Post church – menudo. Plus we went to visit my Grams. It was a great visit!

menudo on easter (600x800)

Then, I set to work on the bunny cake and a new-to-me Easter creation: a watermelon basket!

watermelon easter baskey (800x600)

I was so proud of myself for this one! I LOVE watermelon (Capt. Obvious is in the building) but I don’t usually make anything with them because I’m too busy eating it.

Well, today I made this watermelon basket freestyle and it actually came out okay!!

happy easter from your runeatrepeat monican watermelon easter basket (800x600)

This is definitely a new Easter tradition to be seen again next year!

happy easter with my watermelon basket (600x800)

A lot of people asked about my dress on Instagram… details:

Dress: I bought it last year around this time from Target I believe. Here are some similar options – White Crochet Dress 1 / White Crochet Lace (both have 3/4 sleeve though)

Hair: I used my Top Styler that I’ve had for a long time, but hadn’t used until yesterday (my travel rollers are dying). I’m still figuring them out, but so far I love ‘em!!

My little brother helped me with the bunny cake this year.

bunny cake tutorial with my little brother (800x600)

the roxican (600x800)

I was super hungry waiting for the food so I had some hard boiled eggs. This one had my name on it Winking smile

easter egg with my name on it (600x800)

Easter dinner this year was chicken kabobs, carne asada and ribs.

easter feast (800x600)

My brother brought an epic coffee cake from a place near his house that is known for it. It was amazing. And I couldn’t stop eating it. So, yeah.

bunny cake and coffee cake (800x600)

Question: How was your Sunday?


  1. says

    I always find it funny how people celebrate the holidays differently. Growing up, it was a huge family meal with ham, potatoes, etc…I have to say, yours looks better.

  2. says

    the watermelon basket is great! it looks like something I would want to try and then totally mess up and end up with a watermelon massacre. I had a nice easter but I probably could have taken it a bit easier on the chocolate.

  3. Julie says

    Ha!…I ate way too much as well. Still feeling it this morning, in fact. The good news is that I really noticed how bad I felt (mentally and physically!) after eating too much and the wrong kind of food. So, maybe I have learned a lesson? The day was great though…spent with family and friends!

  4. wendy says

    OMG, that Menudo looks so good! My mom hast not it in such a long time and it doesn’t help that I haven’t learn how to make it either :/
    definitely is going to be a must-have when i go back to visit my parents, along with a plate of chilaquiles 😉

  5. says

    I’m with you! I felt so full after lunch…and then went home and ate more candy! My poor body was overwhelmed with this, and I ended up so tired, that I laid down for a few hours. Bad decisions!

  6. says

    The watermelon basket is awesome!! Great job! I will have to try it for a bbq this summer. I always eat too much when I go visit my family. Something about mom’s delicious cooking that makes me eat until I am stuffed!

  7. Brit says

    Love the new layout–so fresh! But, is there anyway you can make the previous posts available? Like… after the newest, have the 2nd oldest blurb or title? I HATE the feeds and if I miss a day or two, I can’t go back and read now :)

    • Michelle says

      Why in the world would you think this is an okay question to ask? Get some tact.

      Happy Easter, Monica!

  8. says

    Our Sunday was fabulous!! Our 2 year old was old enough this year to have a blast with the whole shebang and we also ate way too much delicious food! Today is totally just a relax and recover day from the weekend!

  9. Grecia says

    Monica, you look so great in this dress I love it! Your makeup also looks awesome, are those fake lashes or are they all yours?

  10. says

    That watermelon basket is awesome, you can ship one to NC if you’re feeling generous :) My Easter was delicious and I ate way too much but overall a success!

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