Mountains to Beach Marathon Results and Recap

Hello! Marathon #6 for the year is done! I ran the Mountains to Beach Marathon and here are the results…

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I wasn’t really sure going into this race how it would go – since I took a week off of rest recently to give my legs a good amount of time to really relax for once. Surprisingly coming back from that I didn’t feel rested and strong, I felt kinda crappy. But, I am a weirdo so I didn’t put too much thought into it.

Anyway. I brought my standard oatmeal packets to eat pre-race but the hotel didn’t have a coffee maker. #Fail

So, I ended up eating a Quest bar – I was a little concerned it would give me stomach issues since they have a lot of protein and fiber (not something I’d usually recommend before  a race) but I was fine on that front! And I love the taste.

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I seriously considered bailing on the full and running the half marathon instead. But, the Mountains to Beach full marathon and half marathon have two different start locations so I couldn’t. I just rolled with it knowing if I had to bail I’d be okay with it.

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Luckily, my legs felt fine the whole race. But I just felt slow and out of shape. I personally didn’t have a great marathon. I did what I could and finished it.

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It is a great course to qualify for Boston – the course is super flat and a big stretch is DOWNHILL. There are not a lot of turns and many people are there to fun FAST. It is a more serious vibe than other races and I feel like the majority of runners show up in it to win it. I think this is one of the easiest marathon courses I’ve ever run! But, it wasn’t my day so I didn’t have a fast race. It happens, and I’m not worried about it (especially when you run a lot of races quantity over quality style).

Mountains to Beach Marathon results – 3:53:10

mountains to beach marathon results (600x800)

Sadly, I saw four people collapsed on the side of the course in the last six miles. I asked if they needed help but each person had medics or at least a few helpers already on it. It’s just very scary. These were all more than just a cramp – the runners were down and barely conscious. I know people probably get hurt at every race but this is a smaller race and that was a lot more injuries than I’ve seen at a race. This course is known for being fast so I suspect these people were ‘going for a PR’ or something. Either way – please RUN SMART. Take care of your body, your hydration and ask for help if you need it. Thank God for those medics and spectators.

Mountains to Beach Marathon Finish Line…

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After the race I tried to take an ice bath in the Pacific Ocean. The waves were a little rough and it was hard to keep my balance. I ended up only staying in for a little bit.

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Post-race I wasn’t really hungry but knew I needed to refuel. After a drive I spotted a Sizzler calling my name.

This is a salad because there is a piece of lettuce under there…

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Time to head to ice cream! I mean, home…

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Question: What did you do this weekend?


  1. says

    Sorry you did not have a great race but it happens. That is my favorite marathon and I am so sad that I had to miss it this year. I will be back to run it next year though!

  2. says

    congrats on your 6th!! I never had a quest bar before- it seems like everyone is eating them now adays though- i need to jump on that bandwagon haha. Im glad it didnt cause any stomach upset! Not every marathon is going to be glorious but form the looks of your time- id say you did pretty darn well :) that course looks beautifullllll.

    this weekend i was down the shore with my family and dogs. ran a 10k on sunday and went out with friends from college/hs to a bar that night. fun and relaxing weekend!

  3. says

    I can’t believe this is your 6th this year. This was my 6th in 11 months and I’m exhausted!
    BTW – I’m the chick on the left in the blue tank top in the third pic of your post! I saw you in line and wanted to say hi but I was blogebrity-shy.

  4. says

    Congrats on your race! I still haven’t run a full yet

    What kind of hotel doesn’t have a coffee maker? That would make me sad.

    I had a 10 mile long run today, and did a little hiking with my guy and our dog on Sunday. Saturday I was sick, which was really annoying. But at least it was short-lived! A pretty nice, relaxing long weekend overall.

  5. says

    So my last half, the Rock ‘n’ Roll Half in Raleigh, there were people laid out left and right, and quite unfortunately, two people died in that race. It was heartbreaking, but definitely a good reminder to take care of yourself, without a doubt.

  6. Kat says

    You need to take a break!! That’s probably why you don’t feel good. You run SOOO many junk miles! Take a rest and then train hard and with quality!!

  7. says

    Seriously no coffee maker? I so would have marches to the lobby asking for hot water. I’ve traveled for 10 yrs as a consultant and have never experienced that. Crazy! I’m sorry your race wasn’t your best but I give you props for posting about it and accepting it. I’ve been struggling a bit coming back from my foot injury. We all have good days and bad ones.

  8. Anna says

    Ran my first 1/2 this weekend. It was pretty much a huge disappointment. It was much slower than my training runs. Too many negative thoughts, I think. How do you combat that?

  9. says

    Haha that “salad” looks good 😛 Is that a fried potato wedge on the top?

    This weekend, I cycled to a vineyard to taste some wine. And then the next day, I drove back to pick up some bottles and have a picnic there.

  10. says

    “I tried to take an ice bath in the Pacific Ocean,” lol. You need to come run a race in Maine and take an ice bath in the Atlantic Ocean…that is REALLY cold! The current isn’t as strong but the water is cold enough to make you want to sprint another 26.2 miles in the other direction, haha.

  11. says

    I was there yesterday and got the BQ i’ve been training for (and over 10 minute course PR). You’ve been racing so often that it makes sense to not be totally up to kill the full marathon. I know if you had rest, you would BQ so hard on that course!
    I also had no appetite after, but we found a Souplantation on the way back to LA and ate so much :]

  12. Nicole says

    I ran the half this year and last year I PR’ed and was amped to break my record but I seriously ran crappy. Like really really crappy. I was thinking about taking a walk break at mile 4 (?!?!) and I ended up finishing at 2:07. There’s always next year I guess!

  13. says

    I think M2B tempts people (me) to go out too fast on the downhill and then causes them (me) to hit the wall (that was me last year). I know that’s not what happened to you, I’m just saying I sympathize with those people you saw in distress. I enjoyed your race report and I hope your next race is a great one!

  14. says

    Congrats on running your sixth marathon this year, even if it wasn’t the best. It sounds like the sun was unrelenting for the last several miles.

    This weekend I ran the last “long” run of my training cycle for the Newport Marathon. It wasn’t that long (8 mi.) because I’m tapering and the race is this coming Saturday. I’m excited!

  15. Shannon in Tustin says

    Your Garmin is back from the grave? That’s big news!!

    BTW, I would be doing the happy dance with a sub-4 time. :)
    When I get the legs to run my second marathon, I’ll probably do M2B. I did the half a few years ago and liked it for the most part.

  16. says

    I am so excited that you did this recap! I think this is it! The marathon I will do. I was thinking Arizona Rock n Roll in January 2016 but maybe this one is better. You had me at flat and fast! (Thats what she said!) Getting excited!

  17. says

    The husband and I ran M2B on Sunday too. It was a little too warm for our Humboldt County acclimation, but we both ran PRs!! It’s a really fast course. He ran 2:48(!!!!!) and I ran 3:36. Wondered if you’d be running this, I’m surprised I didn’t see you somewhere.

    I loved the course, it was gorgeous and a great place to go for a PR. I had a bit of an energy/heat bonk myself, so I definitely sympathized with the people you saw at the end. Miles 22-24 with the wind just overheated my already stressed body. I’m sure that’s what happened to a lot of people.

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