Get Paid to Be Healthy–Balance Rewards

Hello! How are you?

No, seriously tell me. This is one of the rare times when I’m actually paying attention.

Well, I have some cool news for ya… on how you can get rewarded for being healthy! And not just that whatever reward of actually feeling better and the opportunity to be smug.

I’m working with Walgreens on an awesome new project that I’m super excited about! It goes hand in hand with stuff I already love – walking and getting a deal!! Hello.

Walgreens has started Balance Rewards – a program where you can earn points and ultimately dollars for making healthy choices! You can sync up your Fitbit, Jawbone or a few other devices to the dashboard and earn 20 points for every mile you walk, run or bike!!

garmin and fit bit (600x800)

5,000 points = $5.00 in Walgreens credit.

I just signed up yesterday and by end of the day today I already have 450 points!!


I have used a Fitbit in the past, but the novelty wore off after a while. I love this extra incentive to stick with it and get rewarded. I signed up online and it synced up with my Fitbit through my user name super quick.

You can use any of these devices for the program:


If you already have a Fitbit or Jawbone you can sign up here.

fit bit while cleaning (600x800)

If you need a Fitbit – you’re in luck! Walgreens is hosting a Wellness panel at Fitbloggin (I’m on the panel!!) and may be giving away a few at the conference.

The Walgreen’s Wellness Panel at Fitbloggin is about – Make your wearable fitness device work for you: Reach your fitness goals and maximize your healthy choice.

It’s Saturday 2:30pm at Fitbloggin and I’d love for you to come and hang out with me for an hour! There will be a few celebrity trainers and information on their #WaytoWellTour

i'm speaking at fitbloggin Monica Bio Picture

Fitbit Giveaway #WaytoWellTour

And the team has offered to give one Fitbit to an RER reader!

To Enter:

1. Leave a comment answering the question below on this post.

2. Optional. Tweet @RunEatRepeat and #WaytoWellTour any questions you have for our panel (we’re collecting questions to address for the session). – Make your wearable fitness device work for you: Reach your fitness goals and maximize your healthy choice.

Question: One a scale from 1 to 10 – how healthy do you feel you’re living today?

You don’t have to attend Fitbloggin to enter, but it would be cool if you came and saw my discussion!! Closes 6/19 at 6pm PST. Open to residents of the US.

Disclaimer: I was asked to be on the Walgreens panel at Fitbloggin and this post is part of that collaboration. All opinions are my own.


  1. Susie says

    7. I run, bike, yoga, strength train, and am generally fairly active. I need to clean up the diet a bit 😉

  2. Jessica W. says

    10- Taking a break from running due to injury, but still got a good workout in on the rowing machine this morning!

  3. kat says

    So far today a solid 6 I’d say, I’m hoping to improve that by going for run later but nor sure if I want to run in 90 degrees..

  4. says

    I am a vegan but my real weakness is sometimes sugar. Oops. BUT, I’m quite active I must say between running, yoga, spinning, and strength and sometimes pool run I try to be very active. :) I’d give myself an 8 and may I close with this, WALGREENS ROCKS!!!!

  5. Cindy says

    Maybe a 6 – being a student makes it tough! I’m working on increasing my motivation and this can be it!

  6. Beckie M. says

    I’d have to give myself an 8. I’m the most fit I have ever been! Super excited about running my first marathon in May. Just trying to become stinger and eat better. Your blog is motivating and inspirational.

  7. Kim says

    Given that I am from New England, I would say I’m a 6 in the Winter months and an 8-9 for the rest of the year!

  8. Jackie O says

    Today I’d say a 7, had a good breakfast and am heading out to a workout right now. We’ll see how the rest of the day goes…

  9. Laura says

    I’d give myself an 7. I make clean, home cooked meals every day for my family and manage to exercise more often than not. I lost all my baby weight and then some. But. I also really like chocolate. A lot.

  10. Leslie Mullins says

    The long walk I just took puts me at an 8-9 but the cake I’ll have later may bring it down to a 6 :)

  11. Casey says

    I would say a 6. I am working back from a running injury, and am trying to incorporate more walking while I take a break from running (saddest thing ever). A Fitbit would be such a good motivator!

  12. Jennifer says

    Today I am at a 6. I eat healthy, get (mostly) good sleep, and drink lots of water, but need to get back into a regular workout routine post baby.

  13. says

    I guess I’m around a 7. I get lots of exercise, but my diet isn’t as great as it could be. I’m definitely improving, though!

  14. Ali C says

    I’d say 8, I woke up early to get a spin class in but I had a lot of almond m&ms last night. Everything in moderation, right?

  15. Dominique says

    I’d say 8-9 so far! Did a 5+mile run this morning and had oatmeal with a banana for breakfast. Feeling pretty healthy this morning! I have my first half-marathon this weekend, and have been reading all your posts on how to prepare. Thanks Monica for helping us newbie runners out there feel prepared!

  16. Ashley E says

    So far, a 7. Good breakfast, lots of water on board already, and a whole lot of house cleaning done while the baby naps. No workout planned today, but a clean house helps my mental health, and that’s important too!

  17. Allie says

    Today, I would say I am at a 6. Started with lots of sleep last night and healthy breakfast when I woke up!

  18. Carmen says

    I was feeling like a 10 yesterday evening until I crashed my mountain bike…HARD. Now I’m in bed fell in’ like a pretty sore 4. :( Hopefully no long term damage and only a few days down!!

  19. heather garrett says

    10 after drinking a green smoothie for breakfast. I’m sure it will be lower by the time the day is over!

  20. Renee M says

    Right now – a 9. I’ve done my run/walk for the day, had a healthy breakfast with my remaining meals/family workout time already planned. Overall I think I’m usually a 5, but every day I work toward the 10!

  21. Kelcy says

    I think I’m living fairly healthy – tho I wish I had more time for running! Probably one of the most helpful things I get from RER is nutrition info – which is one area I’m probably lacking.

  22. MaryBeth says

    I’ll say an 8 today. Started off the day with a workout with the November Project and and a little run after!

  23. Lori says

    I would give myself a 7, so far. I’ve started the day with a good, healthy breakfast and lots of water. I have a healthy lunch with me at work that I packed this morning. I missed my morning run due to heavy storms in our area, but I’m hoping to make it up this evening.

  24. Marie says

    I’d say I’m living about a 7.5. I could be better at times but strive for healthy living most of the time :-)

  25. says

    I would probably say a 7. I am a long distance runner and typically eat a good diet, but I don’t eat perfectly and need to fuel better for all of my long running. I’d like to focus more on eating better and do more forms of cross training.

  26. Stephanie says

    I’d say I’m about an 8 so far. I worked out, but had tator tots with my eggs for breakfast. Ha!

  27. Becky B says

    I would say a 6 – I’ve been trying to make better choices this summer, but still have some off days.

  28. says

    So cool, I’d love this! Have been shopping for a device for a while.
    I’m a relatively new runner, just did my first full and loved it so much. Looking forward to many more!
    I eat pretty well, don’t use any medications, and stay active seven days a week on our farm, running or doing yoga most days too. But I drink too much diet coke, ha!
    Overall healthy lifestyle is probably a 7 or 8.

  29. Andrea A. says

    So far, I’d give myself about a 7 (a balanced breakfast – yay … to which I added a 24 oz. coffee – oof), but I plan to drive up the number with a post-work run!

  30. Heather says

    Perfect timing since I just started using my FitBit yesterday AND I already have a Walgreens account. Thanks for sharing this info!

  31. Rhonda says

    Since I got up at 5 am, did my workout, and have eaten great so far today, I’d say I’m a solid 7!

  32. Erika Pescatore says

    I’m living a 7. I exercise regularly and eat healthy most of the time. Could I be better? Yes, I think we all always can! But a little indulgence never hurt anyone.

  33. SherryC says

    Oh man!! I’m about a 3. I age cookies and milk for breakfast and just feel overall exhausted. Time to turn that around and get some energy.

  34. jillian says

    I’d give myself a 7 right now. I’m happiest at an 8/9, but i’ve been eating out and drinking more lately (hello summer, and social events).

  35. Samantha says

    These days I think I am living an 8 on the healthy scale. I bought a bike and started commuting to work that way, which is 6.4 miles round trip. Not huge, but hey, it’s like a free workout! I’m also attempting to make a solid habit of doing at least 15 minutes of yoga every day (current streak is 19 days!!) and running at least 3 days a week. I feel great!

    Next up: portion control, and less sweets. Argh. :)

  36. Sarah L. says

    I’ll give myself an 8-9 today (so far, because it’s too early to drink beer). Got up early to do pilates, and had a beet smoothie for breakfast!

  37. Anna says

    I think I’m living pretty healthy. I just need to stay consistent throughout the whole day (dinner usually ruins it and then I have a sweet tooth). So I’d say I’m about a 7-8 on the healthy scale.

  38. Cheila Frayne says

    I would LOVE a fit bit! I would say an 8. At 43 I’m more healthy and fit than at 24, but my diet could use some work.

  39. says

    Today I’m an 8 or 9 so far. I slept well, got up and taught pilates, then did a 20 minute lifting session and then went on a 2 mile run. I got in some stretching while reading a book, then did some planks, and have eaten a protein packed meal! BAM. :)

  40. Steph F. says

    I’ll give myself an 8 so far…I had a healthy breakfast of overnight oats and and a couple big glasses of water, but probably didn’t need to drink quite so much coffee!

  41. Rob says

    Honestly, I’m probably in the worst shape that I’ve been in my whole life. I barely even walk my dog any more, and I sit in a cubicle the whole day. I guess that would make me a 0 or 1.

  42. dana says

    I ate a good breakfast and have been drinking lots of water, but I’ve been sitting studying all day so probably a 5 so far. Gym later will help!

  43. Tracy says

    I would give myself a 10 today. I ran this morning, ate my egg whites for breakfast…trying to keep on track today!

  44. says

    I feel like I am living a 7 right now, just 2 months ago I was a 10 but I’ve slipped a bit on my training and nutrition.

    This is a great program and I hope many will take advantage of it! If getting these rewards can be motivation for someone to get fit, run, bike or exercise I am 100% in support of it!

    Unfortunately I do not have a fit bit etc. I do use my Garmin, but I see its not supported in this program. Either way I will spread the word because I think it’s great!

  45. Amy says

    Probably a 5. I eat heathy 80% of the time, but need to focus on the fitness aspect which has only been 2-3x week.

  46. Alison says

    I feel like I’m a 6-7 today. I had a good run yesterday, followed by a pretty healthy dinner. Today my food is set up to be healthy, except my dinner which is pasta – but I’m carb loading for a race this weekend!

    Also, you can enter your runs/walks onto Walgreens website to earn points too. It’s way more convenient with a Fitbit, or similar, just thought I’d throw that out there.

  47. Kelly says

    I’d say 7. I do well with mean planning and try and get 4 days of workouts in each week. However, the balance of sweets and other food grazing gets the best of me on the weekends.

  48. Kathy says

    A 6, but I’ve got big plans to change that! My 11 year old has decided she wants to start up running, yay!!

  49. Jenny says

    About a 7-8. I ran 5 miles this morning and ate Greek yogurt with berries and granola. I’m not hydrating as much as I now I should though. Let me go get some water!

  50. Sam says

    I’m feeling like an 8. Having a healthy breakfast with much needed coffee and my daughter is having toast with peanut butter and fruit, happily! I went to the gym yesterday and have plans for a morning walk. Feel good and rested!

  51. kelly says

    I would say I am an 8…I need to cut the sugar! My name is Kelly and I’m addicted to chocolate chips!!

  52. Courtney says

    I’m probably a 7 right now. At work so I’m stuck at my desk but I’ll get a nice lunchtime walk in and run after work.

  53. Dominique says

    I’m at a 9! Had an amazing night of sleep, just drank some lemon water and about to head to some hot yoga :-)

  54. wendy says

    I feel like a solid 8 today, I have a strength training session scheduled and I have been eating well today.

  55. Becca H. says

    I’d say a 7 so far–had to cut my morning run short but hoping to add a couple more quick miles tonight before work!

  56. Brooke says

    I’d say I’m at about a 7 right now. I’m already signed up for balance rewards, but without the fitbit or other devices it’s a little more time consuming to add in your runs, bikes, etc. I’d love to win a fitbit to track my progress better! Thanks for supporting Walgreens! It’s a great company.

  57. Kaelin says

    If by healthy, you mean a balanced lifestyle, then I would say an 8! That nightly bowl of ice cream is #worthit.

    If by healthy, you mean eating all the “right things”, working out like a maniac, then I would say a 6. There was a point in my life a couple of years ago, when my life revolved around this kind of “healthy”. Sad times.

  58. says

    9! My weekly mileage is higher than it’s ever been before (51!) but I could be eating better!!! Oh well, always something to work on!

  59. Melanie says

    I’m at about a 6 so far today. Working a desk job makes it tough, but I had a healthy breakfast, so that counts for something!

  60. says

    Definitely feeling like a 7. Exercising everyday, but not overdoing it or really pushing myself. Working on maintaining my fitness more than anything. Eating way better than I was a year ago though! Swapping whole fruits for snacks and being smart on what I eat/drink on car rides. Little by little, each step counts!

  61. Tara says

    I would say I am at an 8. Just need to be more consistent with what I am doing, and I will be at a 9! (not a 10, becuase, well, I HAVE to have my beer & Pizza!)

  62. Rachel says

    I would say I’m an 8 – I’m active almost every day but tend to splurge a bit diet-wise on weekends.

  63. Asma says

    I’m a 7. I exercise regularly and am active in general, eat quite well usually. Not a 10 due to still overweight and sometimes still eat unhealthier foods (like partially hydrogenated oils and very salty food when I eat out..). Ice cream doesn’t count- most things in moderation 😀

  64. says

    After having a nice veggie egg scramble for breakfast I’m at an 8. I talked myself out of the sweeter breakfast option of yogurt + Banana + AB. After a bike ride this evening I hope to be at a 10.

  65. Regina says

    8. I could definitely use more sleep but between a 2 month old and a 2 year old, there’s not much more time for that

  66. Scott says

    Well, today is a “treat day” at work, so maybe only a 2 today. I am planning on running this evening and eating better the rest of the week at least.

  67. says

    I would say about an 8. I am really conscious about living healthy even though I don’t always see results. I have been wanting a tracking bracelet for awhile but I have an 8 to 5 job that I sit at all day. I am scared to see that realization in a chart :/

  68. amanda says

    I think I’m at a 6-7, but strive to be at a 9-10. I am always trying to learn how to be a healthier ME!

  69. Ashley R says

    I would probably go with a 7? I had a great smoothie for breakfast with lots of spinach! I could be moving more, but a desk job stops that on days like today! Aiming to push that 7 to a 9 or 10 by end of today!!

  70. april says

    i’d say i’m at a 7 so far. i haven’t exercised yet today, but i had a healthy breakfast to kick off my morning :)

  71. Erin A. says

    Somewhere between a 7 and an 8. I exercise most everyday and do my best to eat cleanly. I do suffer from a baaaaddddd sweet tooth 😉 I sit in a office all day and I think a fitness tracker would be an awesome motivator to get up and move more!

  72. Nicole says

    I am a work in progress but I’d give myself a 7. I exercise almost everyday and eat healthy. But I am also learning to listen to my body and rest when I need and eat crappy food when I feel like I want to. Health is a state of mind .

  73. says

    I was going to say 5… But I went to the dentist for cleaning today, so I bumping that up to a 7. Healthy gums prevent heart disease Y’all!!

  74. Chatelaine says

    I’m thinking an 8, but I have no idea if a 10 is realistic…….. I workout 6 days a week, 5 days a week I work out twice a day. I eat clean, no processed foods, but I drink, I like chocolate, I can’t buy snack foods because moderation doesn’t exist when it comes to salty snacks…………

  75. says

    I think I’m a 5 right now…since that’s how many Hershey’s kisses I just ate…or maybe it was more! I’ve been participating in the Walgreens program for about a month or so now. A couple of things that I wish they’d change is that you are allowed only so many miles per month. Once you’ve hit that mark, you can still enter your info but it won’t add points to your balance. Also, if you do any cross training (an hour of cardio, or 30 minutes of yoga, etc), you have to “convert” those to steps. Wish it would just allow you to enter “time”. I’ve emailed that suggestion. :)

  76. Allison L says

    I am at a 7 today, though I have a feeling that might be downgraded to a 6 by the end of the day (I see a cookie in my future).

  77. says

    What a cool partnership! That is so clever of Walgreens to offer incentives for fitbit-stype devices.

    I feel like I am living at a 7-8 right now. I definitely have some work do in the eating healthy more often department, but in terms of working out, I’m on it.

  78. Abby Jang says

    I’d say a 6. I’m leaving for vacation today and just felt like sleeping in and not running. I regularly run, but should clean up my diet a little….or a lot.

  79. Alex says

    Today is feeling like a 7. I got a great run in this morning before the heat set in, but I know I need to up my protein intake.

  80. Lisa says

    TBH, I feel like I’m at a 5. I try to eat healthy and drink plenty of water but I know I need to get moving more.

  81. says

    This is so interesting! It sounds like a whole new way to give rewards for healthy living. Today I’m feeling about a 7…we will see how the rest of the day goes!

  82. Megan M says

    So far…? 9!! Early morning cross training, barre class and healthy breakfast, points deducted for not enough sleep.

  83. says

    I’m feeling like an 8 today — salad + tuna for lunch, sushi for dinner, and then my favorite kickboxing class! Love Wednesdays for that reason.

  84. says

    So far, I’m about an 8. Given my beastly craving for haribo gummies, I’ll probably regress to a 6. But hey, it’s my bday week…this week doesn’t count :)

  85. says

    I would say I’m usually around an 8. I work out all the time but I regularly skimp on sleep and sometimes don’t eat the healthiest. There’s always room for improvement!

  86. says

    Overall, I’d say I’m an 8 or a 9. Today, though, I’m like a 4. I skipped my morning workout (I plan on running or walking tonight…maybe) and I also had a cookie as a mid-morning snack. Oh well! It was oatmeal raisin if that counts for anything. :)

  87. Danielle A says

    I feel like a solid 9 today! Did hot yoga this morning, had a good breakfast and have yard work planned for this afternoon. :)

  88. Neil Conley says

    I have fallen off the wagon and I see the wheels about to run me over…. gotta get back to walking/running and eating better.

  89. Kristen says

    This question is actually an eye opener for me!

    Today honestly I’m probably at a 4 or less :\ No good. I didn’t get much sleep because I stayed up late working, woke up early to go into work early (I’m a bit busy at work this week). And then my boss brought in a coffee cake. Yum, stress carbs.

    Overall, I think my lifestyle is around 7 or 8. I run 3-4 times a week averaging 25 miles a week and I try to eat healthy. But now you have me thinking maybe I should re-evaluate!

  90. says

    Hmm tough question. I think I’m like a 7. I eat well and workout a lot, but I don’t sleep nearly enough and am crazy in my head sometimes. So room for improvement :)

  91. Holly B says

    I’m doing pretty good! Apple cider vinegar & cold water after I wake up, then oatmeal with chia seeds, cherries and protein powder at work today. Packed my healthy lunch and scheduled a mid-afternoon power walk/jog with a co-worker.

  92. Sage says

    So far I would give myself a 9: morning walk, yoga, healthy breakfast and lunch, and a diet dr. pepper because it was necessary!

  93. says

    I feel like I’m living at a healthy 8.5! Not quite a 10 because there is ALWAYS room for improvement but definitely proud of the healthy choices I’m making with exercise, nutrition, sleep and happiness. :) I start out each morning with a run and the news, balance my diet with whole natural foods and make sure to enjoy time with people I love!

  94. says

    I’m going to say a 8. I rode my bike to work, stretched/showered, ate a nanner and hardboiled egg for breakfast. I just need to drink more water and curb my snacking at night to be a full 10 the following morning….

  95. Becki Walker says

    Well, as a teacher on her first real day of summer break who still got up for her 5:30 am run, I’m calling myself an 8 today!

  96. says

    Oooh! I’d LOVE to win the Fit Bit!! To answer the **GIVEAWAY** question: “How healthy do you feel you are living today?”

    I think I’m living pretty healthy now. On a scale of 1-10, I’m probably a 7. I believe I need to eventually do some strength training (my cardio is fine) to build-up some muscle and honestly add more veggies and beans/legumes into my diet. I don’t think I’m eating enough of either. But besides that…pretty good. Yet, the FitBit might be a good impetis to help motivate/improve with those things.

    ~Amy :-)

  97. Stacie says

    Don’t feel healthy cause i’m taking a rest day. It’s a bad mindset but I always feel this way when I rest, even if i eat well!

  98. Reynaul says

    So far, I would give myself an 8! I ran 4 miles before work this morning, packed my lunch with all healthy stuff, and haven’t dipped into the office snacks!

  99. Laura W says

    Today I’d give myself an 8 so far. My food choices have been healthy, except for the part of a doughnut I ate at a meeting this morning. Normally, I would say indulge if you are truly craving something, but I ate it just because it was there. I’m on my way out the door for a nice long bike ride, so I think overall a solid 8 :)

  100. Lori says

    I would say that right now I am about a 7. Last year I was a big fat 0! I decided last year that I wanted to get healthy and have lost 60 pounds!! I still need to lose about 40 more, but definitely feel healthier by the day!! Love your blog!

  101. Paula says

    I give myself a 7 today. I’m doing yoga tonight for my “active recovery” day, but I’m also totally feeding the chocolate monster in my stomach today. It’s so noisy sometimes!

  102. says

    I wish I could make it to FitBloggin this year! I really want to go to one of the health retreats/conferences, but just haven’t been able to make it happen this year unfortunately.

    And I wish I could say I was leading a 10 kind of life (heck, even a 7 would be great!), but I make bad food choices and sometimes get lazy and don’t run. I do walk about 3 miles a day to and from work, but then sit on my butt for about 10 hours a day between work and sitting in the car commuting. Methinks I’m more of a 4.7 on a scale of 1-10!… maybe.

  103. Val says

    I’m giving myself a 6 right now because I have not been eating healthy or working out. Joined a new gym last week though so that will all be changing!

  104. Sarah says

    If a 10 is Chris Traeger from Parks and Rec, then I’m about a 7 today… Letting the stress get to me too much but I am eating well and I did make it to the gym.

  105. Lauren R. says

    I am gonna give it a 6. I ran three miles but I also ate a donut today….. That donut sure was a 10 though :)

  106. Erin says

    I would say I’m a 7 or 8 — pretty good on fitness, slacking on sleep and some of my eating habits.

  107. Tricia says

    I feel I’m at a solid 9 between my yoga, running, and mostly healthy eating. I think I could get to a 10 if I didn’t have a problem with 10pm cereal binges! 😉

  108. Jerilynne Smith says

    I would say about a 7 for today so far?? I had a great breakfast (hard boiled eggs and avocado on toast), lunch was a mozzarella, veggie, and hummus pita sandwich. I went for walk on my lunch break and am planning a longer one later. But I did give in to my craving for something sweet after lunch – with 2 dates + almond butter. Healthy snack but a still a snack when I wasn’t really hungry and just wanted to eat something sweet!

  109. Bobbie says

    I am living a 7 right about now. I workout and I eat 90% healthy. The one thing I do wrong is drink too much beer! lol! I just love craft beers and I cannot lie…

  110. Suzanne says

    Well, I am 7 weeks postpartum with twins. I am doing my best to get rest and eat healthy so the milk I make them is full of nutrients. Plus drinking a ton of water. We take walks every day we can and I have started exercising more during the day. I even got a chance to take a little jog yesterday while they were sleeping! So I guess I am living an 8 based on my current state but I can’t wait to start running again and exercising more!

  111. Chummy_Chum says

    I think my fitness is decent, but my eating, well….sweets and portion control are my nemesis.

  112. Diane says

    I would say an 8. got some sleep last night, ran this morning, getting some strength in tonight, and have ate relatively healthy all day!

  113. Valerie says

    I’d say I’m at an 8.5/10 these days. My goal is 9/10! Can’t be perfect, but I can try to get close!

  114. Ashlee says

    I’m going to say about a 7 right now. It’s gotten a lot better over the past few months but there are still some issues to work out! But 10 months later I’m finally down (and 1 pound less) than my pre-baby weight, so it’s happening..

  115. Nicole says

    I’m going to go with a 9. I try to make everyday healthy but this morning I did my knee exercises and light cardio at the gym, have eaten nutritious breakfast & lunch along with cherries for a snack! Super start as of 3:15pm :)

  116. Jennifer says

    Today I’m feeling a 5 because this week has had copious amounts of sugar and limited exercise. :-/ But I’m still getting all my veggies in and that has to count for something! 😉

  117. tiffany says

    haha well all i’ve done today is eat (real foods, though) and do computer work, but hopefully i’ll get in a good workout later today! so i give myself an 8!

  118. Maggie says

    I would estimate an 8. I eat very healthy, exercise daily, and try to keep a balance between work and play.

  119. Stephanie says

    I’d say a 6-7 on a 1-10 scale because I eat Paleo (better actually, due to gluten & soy sensitivities) but I’ve been on vacation and haven’t worked out in a few weeks. I need to get back on the workout wagon, and a FitBit would certainly help me gauge the difference between my daily activities (walking around the office) and my extra activities (spin, running, yoga).

  120. says

    That awesome! I love when companies make movements toward aiding in living a healthy lifestyle. Hopefully that’ll motivate more people to get moving!! On a scale of 1-10, I’d give myself an 8, I do pretty good I think!

  121. Jean says

    On A Scale of 1-10 I am a 5. I try to eat well but life/work has gotten me run down and I haven’t been working out as much as I should. Hopefully soon I will be back on the right path.

  122. Debra says

    Oh I’ve been wanting a fitbit for so long! I’ll say I’m about a 6, but I’m always trying to get healthier and better myself! :)

  123. Marisa says

    I am an 8. I walk 45 minutes to work everyday and I try and run and bike on a consistent basis. Awesome giveaway!

  124. Nicole says

    I am at a 5-6 right now. I’m definitely eating healthier and have slowly starting walking/running again. More walking than running right now but I’ll get there. Thank you for all of your inspiration!

  125. says

    I give myself a 9.5- I’ve eaten healthy all day and did an extra mile this morning despite heat and humidity, buuuuuut I did just eat a spoonful of cookie dough. :)

  126. Meghan says

    I’m about an 8 right now… I’ve been eating pretty healthy today, although definitely more food than usual! Just a hungry day I guess. :) and have crosstraining plans after work today!

  127. says

    Hi , well am about an 7 always room for improvement, I am a mom of a toddler, married, and I run 4 days a week, lift weights 3-4days, trying to make time for continual Hatha Yoga at night. My challenge is food, some time my choices can get cloudy, but 75% clean eater. Walgreens is in walking distance from me. To add fitbits would be a great addition, to keep me accountable. I also, encourage, my run group buddies as we meet 3 times a week to be the best they can be and most of them are striving to be better.

  128. says

    I’m glad it’s today and not last week! Today I think I’m at a 5 – pretty in-between and average. Last week would have been a 1 or 2. 😉

  129. Amanda S. says

    I’d have to go with 6. I alternate between running and Bodypump most days of the week, but my diet needs a serious makeover. Becoming a stay-at-home mom really threw a wrench in my diet and I need to get back on track!

  130. says

    I would say I’m probably living a 5-8 on any given day…but I remember back to when I had a pedometer and how it important it was for me to get up and move throughout the day to get my steps goal, but then it died and I kind of quit caring about getting up and moving throughout the day outside of when I absolutely have to. So I’ve been thinking about getting an activity tracker but just haven’t committed yet…but earning points for cool rewards might give me an incentive to do it!

  131. Leah H. says

    Probably like an 8. I have the cardio/strength training down so I am trying to really focus on nutrition at the moment!

  132. Robin says

    I would say 7.5 generally. I workout often, get alot of movement in otherwise, try to get a decent amount of sleep (unless my little one doesn’t allow me to!), try to eat healthy for the most part. However, my caffeine, wine, sugar addiction isn’t the best! I could also stand to add some relaxation such as yoga or meditation in.

  133. Claudia says

    Hmmm, I’d have to say 6-7 ish. Need to be better about meal planning and esp. bringing lunch to work.

  134. Melissa says

    7! I haven’t worked out yet and have been sitting all day, but I have plans to do legs and go to a yoga class tonight! And my eats have been a little carb heavy, but not too bad. I’m loosely following the summer shape up with Anne so that’s helping!

  135. Anna says

    Today is an 8 – I had an awesome workout at Orangetheory this morning, lots of activity around the house (very little sitting), protein and veggies at breakfast and lunch. A little dessert at snack time, but it’s all about balance.

  136. Megan Chism says

    The past couple days I would say I have lived a 5. I was doing 12 hours shifts at the hospital and ate pizza both days for dinner. But usually I consider myself an 8. :)

  137. says

    I would say 7. I like to think I eat pretty healthy except I do have a sweet tooth that I give into a lot. But I don’t drink soda or sugary drinks except Gatorade when I don’t have my nuun tablets with me. I don’t have a well balanced diet either. I am a huge snacker and I should track what I eat and I’m pretty sure meats are missing from 70% of my meals mostly because I’m just not a huge meat eater, but I’m not good at making sure I am getting other protein sources instead. I kinda just eat what I want. But I don’t eat mystery meats or highly processed foods. So there’s room for improvement but I’m definitely not unhealthy either.

  138. Holly says

    I’d say a 7. I eat healthy and exercise – but sometimes too the extreme. I have a hard time giving into cravings and taking rest days.

  139. says

    I’m feeling about a 7, ran 4 very slow and hot miles, but listened to my hunger all day, and I’m going to wind up eating my salad snack for dinner with an ice cream treat :) Also did my 30 day wall sit challenge with my co-workers, which is fun!

  140. Shanelle says

    I would say not very well… Maybe a 4 or 5.. I’m working on this though! I will work my way up to a 10!

  141. says

    Great pic of you by the lake. I’m bummed I couldn’t get to Fitbloggin’ this year…definitely going next year. I can hardly wait for the announcement of where it’ll be held. Have tons of fun, and don’t forget we first laid eyes on each other in Baltimore….I kid. I’m very heterosexual. Lol.
    xo, Jess

  142. suzie says

    Probably a 7 or 8. I worked out twice, ate ok…. but I snacked a little too much prior to dinner. The hours of 4-6 are the worst for me!

  143. says

    Proud and happy to say that today has been a 10 so far! I’ve met my fueling-up goals for the day and got in a great workout and lots of sleep!

  144. Jeanne says

    Probably a 7/8. Did some yoga in the morning and ate healthy meals along with some homemade cookies to balance it all out!

  145. Melissa says

    I would say that I’m an 7-8. I really need to eat more and eat a larger variety to move up the scale. I eat clean, but I tend to be a creature of habit and eat the same things over and over again. I’m working on it though- baby steps!

  146. laurel e says

    I’m an 8, been waking up early to hit the the gym so I don’t have an excuse for not going later in the day!

  147. Mallory M says

    These days, I would say I’m a good 8. Over the past few years, I’ve lost a lot of weight by really focusing on living healthy, and I’m proud of where it’s gotten me. I actually enjoy working out and eating healthy now!

  148. Elena says

    I would give myself a 7.5 for playing a soccer game in 90+ degrees but eating too many cookies (they were banana, that makes them healthy, right?)

  149. Abby says

    I am an 8. I wake up at 3:30 AM to run for 1 and 1/2 hours and then I bike in the evening. I also strength train after lunch. The reason I say 8 is that my diet is not where I want it to be yet. I am currently working on it but I have a sugar addiction and it a struggle everyday. That is actually how I got started reading this blog was I felt that I did very similar things that Monica did in her workout and diet trends. I am a recent reader but love it and now I read everyday. Monica is very inspiring for me to run more and longer distances because she started out small just like me and now can run multiple marathons a year. I would like to do the same.

  150. Alycia says

    Been a rough bit ….. I’m only a 5 right now. BUT I’m making the commitment again now. The Fitbit would definitely be a great motivator!

  151. Samantha. says

    Today, I’d say I’m at about a 7 on the healthy living scale. I worked out and ate a healthy/lunch and dinner but I also ate a ice cream sundae :)

  152. Heather W says

    I would have to say I was a 6… If I had my nutrition more on point, I would give myself an 8!!’

  153. Katie says

    The balance rewards program sounds so cool! And I’ve been wanting a Fitbit! I’d give myself an 8 for today. Went to my bootcamp class after work then ran with my dog. My food choices could have been better but they weren’t horrible. Just need to eat more veggies tomorrow. :)

  154. says

    I’d give myself a 7 today- I’m feeling pretty good from my workouts today (and sore from yesterday’s) and ate salad for lunch and dinner (the same one, don’t worry about it :) )

  155. Wendy says

    I think I am living a 6-7 as of right now. I have not really worked out for the past month because of my crazy schedule these past weeks! I hope I can get back on track to where my fitness and strength level was before in the coming weeks.

    Thanks! :)

  156. Adria Biasi says

    I would say a 6, I ran and lifted weights, but I went out to dinner at the Cheesecake factory, but I did order off of the skinny menu and shared my cheesecake :)

  157. says

    Around 8. It’s active rest day for me today – so it was an hour on the elliptical this morning; hoping to put in a yoga class after work tonite.

  158. Laura says

    Right now around a 7-8. I am hoping to boost that up to a 9 by cleaning up my diet a bit and finally doing my strength training :)

  159. Allison W. says

    I would say a 7 – I got up early for a 4 mile run and I’ll have greek yogurt and almond butter for breakfast and a salad for lunch. BUT, my husband and I are hosting a bbq tonight for his clients and co workers, and we hired a chef to make ribs, skirt steak, and pesto chicken on the grill, along with sides and key lime pie for dessert. It will be a big meal accompanied by lots of wine!

  160. Christina says

    I feel like an 8 today. I ran 6.5 miles this morning and have been eating mainly healthy whole foods. I could probably stand to drink more water though and really want to get in a good stretch before bed.

  161. Rachel S. says

    Some days I am about a 7, drinking all the water, taking the stairs, doing extra stuff. Then some days I am a 3 eating all the ice cream.

  162. Shelly says

    I feel like I’m a 7. Working out 3 – 4 times per week and incorporating more exercise throughout the rest of the week…..eating a pretty healthy diet with a few small ice cream sundae’s or loaded burgers and fries once in a while…..and having some cocktails and woobly pops (ie. Michelob Ultra’s) every now and again. Life is meant to be lived and not restricted!! :)

  163. Lindsey B says

    I would rate about a 7. Ate healthy, planned good meals, and drank lots of water, but the gym may not fit into my plans with a long work day ahead- instead I’ll walk everywhere.

  164. Tracie says

    I’m going to say 9 so far today. Got my workout in before work this morning, so my day is off to a good start.

  165. Lauren says

    I would give myself a 6-7. I’m getting back into running but could still work on healthy eating/portion control.

  166. Abbie says

    Today I feel like I’m a 9… yesterday was closer to a 3 with a trip to Dairy Queen… but it’s all about balance, right?! :)

  167. Meredith says

    I’m around a 5/6. I just moved so I’m trying to get back in a routine! Great giveaway and program with walgreens!

  168. Cheryl says

    At this moment a 9, since my day started off with a run but being that my office is having a bagel breakfast this day may go downhill really fast….

  169. Anna says

    I would say that I’m at about a 6 right now. I’m recovering from an illness, and my exercise level has taken a major hit. I’m doing well with eating lots of veggies and drinking water though!

  170. Mia says

    7 or an 8. Desserts and snacking at work are keeping me down! Well, not the desserts, those are so good.

  171. Cody says

    I love this idea from walgreens! I just got back from a pretty indulgent vacation, feeling a little lower on the health scale, like a 6.

  172. Melissa says

    I’d say a 7. I definitely have areas to work on like cutting down on sweets, but overall feeling pretty good!

  173. Lauren S says

    I’m probably at a 6 or 7 right now. I need to start making better choices when I eat and when I miss a workout.

  174. says

    I’d give myself an 8 or 9 – I take my health pretty seriously, so I make sure to only eat natural, healthy foods (nothing processed) and I get plenty of exercise. There’s always room for improvement of course though!

  175. Sassypants says

    I’ll say an 8. I’m doing a Summer Shape-up, so I’ve really cut back on my sugar (which is my one vice). It’s a rest day for the weekly exercise plan today, but I’ll be playing co-ed softball tonight (first game of summer season- oh yeah!).

  176. K Brady says

    I’d say a 6! I’m eating well, drinking a ton of water, and sleeping great — but NEED to get back to the gym!

  177. Jill B says

    I would say I am a 7. I exercise daily and weigh less than I did 3 years ago – but I could always improve on my nutrition to lose the last 20 pounds I’ve been battling for a year.

  178. Krissy says

    Last August I set a goal to lose weight and to eat healthier. Now I am 55 pound lighter, I eat better and I exercise! I started running daily and ran in my first 5k last month. I would have to say I am at least an 8 working on 10. I am continuing looking at way to stay and eat healthy, especially for my family. I never have felt so GOOD!

  179. Kristin H says

    I would say I’m a 6 currently but trying to get to a 8 . I do stick to a well-balanced diet but need to stick to working out more – I try to get a little work-out in daily but its not always possiable

  180. Jessica says

    I’d say I’m smack dab in the middle at a 5. I’m 38 weeks pregnant and can’t seem to shovel all the food in my mouth fast enough and it is often not healthy food. On the other hand I’m still out there walking (waddling) at least an hour per day. I definitely could be better but I could be worse, too.

  181. Kelly M says

    10! I’m in the middle of training for my first marathon and I feel awesome! Running, strength training, and eating (mostly) healthy!!!!

  182. Cheryl says

    I would give myself a 7 this week – I ran 2 races, but been a little slacking on my gym time! There is ALWAYS room for improvement,

  183. says

    I am probably about 1-2…I seriously need some good friends and some good influences. I seriously want a fitbit, but wanted the one that was discontinued.

  184. Erica says

    About a 7 – I’m great with being active and working out 6x/week but my nutrition could use some improvement

  185. Theresa says

    I would give myself a 7- I definitely need to work on the amount of sleep I’m getting and I could watch my weekend eats a little better!

  186. BreannaS says

    Today is a rest day for me before my long run tomorrow and on that note I am doing well. My diet on the other hand has been horrible today. I have snacked both healthy and unhealthy all day.


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