I got a Hollywood Spray Tan and Laser Lipo!

This post brought to you by Summer of Groupon.  All opinions are 100% mine.

Disclaimer: If you have issues with body image or comparison or topical procedures or feet or are allergic to water, I kindly suggest you skip this post and we’ll hang out tomorrow.

Hello! How’s it going?

Today’s Groupon fun comes from their “Beach Body” category. I got two things this week to help me out when I’m by the pool in limited clothing…

mermaid bathing suit red head (600x800)

First, I tried Zerona aka non-invasive body contouring last week. It’s actually an on-going process and I have to go back several times – so I don’t have ‘after’ results but I want to share the process with you.

zerona lipo laser groupon summer deals 3 (600x800) zerona lipo laser groupon summer deals (800x600)

I bought a pack of body contouring sessions via Groupon from a local spa. To put it very simply the way Zerona works – it’s a low level laser that ‘pokes a hole’ in your fat cells causing them to drain. Over the course of a few treatments the lasers cause a rupture in your cells and then they are released into your body where they are eventually flushed out.

zerona lipo laser groupon summer deals 4 (600x800)

Most people do it on their problem areas and based on my research it appears the majority of ‘before’ and ‘after’ stories are on the ‘love handles’ area. But, I am doing it on my upper thighs.

I run about 40+ miles a week and still have fat there. I don’t care about booty fat, but the thigh area I could live without. I did a lot of research on it and think it’s safe and appears effective. I have done my best with eating and exercise and don’t think there is anything wrong with trying to shrink my problem area a bit. I don’t expect huge results, but getting my jeans to slip on easier would make me very happy.

I have went in a few times for the procedure now. I don’t feel anything and it’s actually relaxing! I lay on my front and back each for 20 minutes while the laser shoots it’s super powers at my thighs.

lipo laser weight loss zerona (800x600)

I just rest while I’m there since they heat up the bed and it’s nice and comfy.

zerona lipo laser groupon summer deals 2 (450x800)

Again, I don’t feel anything before/during/or after the procedure. And it’s too early to see results but I will keep ya posted!

And because I am all about instant gratification and I also got my tan on this weekend! You know what they say…

if you cant tone it tan it

Since I am very fair skinned and just freckle if I’m out in the sun I do spray tan. I bought a three pack of spay tans via Groupon from Hollywood Tan.


zerona lipo laser groupon summer deals  tan 3 (800x600)

I’ve been doing Mystic Tan before big events or vacation since college so I know the drill, but always go to my usual place. I was excited that Hollywood Tan has new spray tanning booths that get you at 4 different angles instead of just front/back!! This made a big different in the tan being even and thorough.

zerona lipo laser groupon summer deals  tan (600x800) zerona lipo laser groupon summer deals tan 2 (800x600)

Proof it works: I had a bandage on my finger since Vegas scratched me good Saturday morning. This was Sunday – you can see the line around my finger where the spray was blocked.

proof of my tan (600x800)

I am a big fan of sunblock and spray tan. Use it wisely.

groupon summer of fun tan (600x800)

Now… I only have two more weeks of Groupon fun left! Help me out on what I should do next!!

Vote on what my next Groupon fun should be:

Clay Shooting Lesson – take a shotgun and do one of those cool target practice things like they just did on Ladies of London!


Museum of Latin American Art in Long Beach


Eat Raspados and hang out.


Question: What should I do?


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  1. says

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing this! Since its safe, I thunk I’ll try it sometime too. I think it’s brave of you to share this, I hope you don’t get any hate from other people who don’t appreciste Lipo. You were smart to do the research and find a deal that made it cheaper. Keep me posted on how the results go :)

  2. says

    Clay shooting! I say do something that is totally out of your comfort zone (or at least, I imagine, it would be for me) and something you wouldn’t normally do. Sounds fun!

    Interested if the laser lipo actually does something, I’d love to do something like that for my tummy if it’s actually effective!

  3. Charlotte says

    I hear ya’ on the thigh grief. I lift, jog, do Insanity and spin, but this stubborn fat and cellulite on my thighs won’t budge, although I’ve decreased 3 pant sizes. I should look into this.

    • says

      I don’t think it does anything specifically for cellulite but getting rid of some fat would probably help that in a round about way. I’ll keep ya posted on my results.

  4. Denise says

    Shooting. I’ve been wanting to try one of those laser lipos. Hope it works for you so I can convince myself to do it, too.

  5. Danielle says

    Really appreciate the honest and straightforward way you shared this! Thanks for keeping it real. :)

    Curious to hear about your results when you’re all done!

  6. Melissa says

    Sporting clay shoot!
    A couple of my friends recently did this at a work team building event and had a blast. Made me want to try it if the opportunity arises.

  7. Claudia says

    Definitely vote for the sporting clays. We did a few fun/fundraising events when I was on the board of directors of the local Scottish Society – a kilted skeet shoot, as it were. ‘Twas fun! Bonus, men in kilts!

  8. says

    Better living through science! Cool reviews!
    I highly recommend the shooting trip – first date with my sweet b/f was to a shooting range. Pro tip – long sleeves, crew neck, and close-toed shoes. I managed to get a used casing down the front of my cute date outfit and those suckers are quite hot.

  9. SamanthaK says

    You are having a blast this summer–it is so kind of you to bring all of us along on your adventures.

    Do the clay pigeon shooting–You will love it! Once you hit the first one, you will be hooked! Plus it seems to be more adventurous :)

  10. Rebecca says

    Maybe it’s because I don’t live in California, but isn’t this a little…counter your message of health and body acceptance?

    I can’t help but feel this contributes to the problem of negative body image when we can’t even accept our bodies when living a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

    It just rubs me the wrong way. I would like a clearer explanation of your thinking about getting the lipo and the message it sends about our bodies. I guess my main question is, what do you hope this will accomplish other than an artificial and unearned ego boost?

    • says

      Hey Rebecca,

      I will explain in more detail in a later post my thinking (justification really) of doing this. It’s kind of a long answer, but I did put a lot of thought into it. I appreciate your question (and really appreciate the way you put it). More soon.

      • Rebecca says

        Thanks for the response. I’m curious to hear your thoughts, and I do appreciate your willingness to be open about it.

    • says

      I agree. We have similar figures and I always admired that you embrace your curves. Interested in hearing your deeper thoughts on this.

  11. says

    clay discs! It reminds me of the old shooter game on Nintendo Duck Hunt and of course Ladies of London (gosh-I LOVE that show!)

    and I’m interested to hear about the lipo-I have a similiar body to yours and the same issue with my thighs so I’m curious how it works (I have seen it before on the Real housewives shows)

  12. karleen says

    I appreciate your honesty about the laser lipo experience. I don’t personally know you but I’ve read through your posts from a couple years ago (Creeper status :)) and you seem a lot more comfortable in your own skin. I too, used to have body image issues and now I continue to workout and try to eat right, but I just don’t care as much about my thighs and ‘problem areas’ anymore. I like to attribute to my older age I guess ha! I don’t blame you for wanting to try the laser treatments. Hey, if it works, awesome. If not, you tried it and could give us a recount of your experience. I don’t see it as hampering your blog at all. I hope people understand that. You’re still fit and healthy. Hey, I’m curious but don’t want to shell out the cash. Looking forward to your experience and keep doing what you do!

  13. lauren says

    I support your decision to have the procedure. I don’t think many people understand what it’s like to have a “disproportionate” amount of fat in one body area despite overall fitness. I’m overall slim, but bottom heavy, and I would LOVE to feel more comfortable in shorts and swimsuits. Honestly. It’s a cruel fate to have such a “hard to target” area be your trouble spot! Rock on sister!

  14. Danielle says

    Wow…you have turned into a MAJOR narcissist over the last 6 months or so. Between the CONSTANT selfies, the now-regular beauty treatments/procedures, diet (ridiculously expensive) foods being delivered to your door, and now that last pic of you in your bathing suit in this post. I just can’t with this blog anymore. I used to really enjoy your blog but it’s waaaaay too attention seeking these days. I’m out. Take care and best of luck to you.

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