Sabra Salsa Love Touring a Tomato Farm

Hello from the farm! Yesterday I toured a tomato farm outside of Bakersfield,CA. I am on a trip with Sabra in honor of their line of salsa.


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The Sabra #SalsaLove team brought me and a few of my closest salsa loving food bloggers out to see their pride and joy… the tomatoes that make it all happen.

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I learned different companies have different types of tomatoes that they use exclusively for their products.

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Sabra has found a tomato that is the perfect flavor, consistency, juicy-ness, color and more for their salsas. Companies like Heinz and others do the same for their ketchup or tomato paste too! (And it’s not that they are genetically modified, it’s cross breeding and all that farmer jazz.)

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In the most impressive move of the day Joe picked up a BIG tomato plant, turned it upside down, shook it and all these tomatoes just fell off!

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We tasted a few different kinds and compared the color, juice, flesh and flavor. It’s so interesting how one fruit can be so different!

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I am quite the salsa dancer lover, so I really enjoyed learning about what goes into making a massive amount of the good stuff!

The tomatoes are grown in California and the salsa processing factory is in Oceanside, CA! So, they are a local company to me, love that.

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Bonus: The farm also had almonds and Joe grabbed us from straight from the tree to taste!

almonds straight from the tree

After the tour we had a quick break back at the hotel and that’s when I was able to check in and say hello yesterday.

the sabra salsa group

Then, we had a meeting to learn more about the products and what’s coming next.

Break time!

because why not (600x800) (2)

We headed to a museum from there. Here’s the whole gang!

And of course dinner featured one of the most popular flavors of Sabra Salsa – Mango Peach. It was served on top of sesame crusted ahi. So fancy!

sabra salsa on ahi (800x600) (2)

I’m normally not big on raw fish, but this delicious.

sabra salsa on tuna (800x600) (800x600)

Dessert was house made truffles. Amazing.

sabra salsa love dessert (600x800) (2)

And you might notice I had coffee with dessert. I normally do not have coffee in the afternoon or evening, but I wanted to stay up and drive home after dinner. I wasn’t sure if I was going to until the very last minute. I thought I would beat traffic back and have all of Friday to get work done (I’m very behind on a few projects). Well, I got home at 1am and am fading fast here. So tired. I’ll see ya later!

Fun fact: Sabra’s tomatoes are so awesome because the farmers sing to the Winking smile

Check out for more fun stuff (coupons and sweepstakes).

Question: Do you like Mild, Medium or HOT salsa?


  1. says

    Those tomatoes look good! I love cutting into a tomato that’s actually red rather than white like the ones we have in the grocery stores half the time. I’m definitely a mild salsa girls, I can’t handle much spice.

  2. says

    This post made me realize that I’ve never seen a tomato field–I’ve only ever seen tomatoes grown in cages in home gardens. I’ve seen Sabra salsa at Costco and have been curious because I like their hummus. I’ll have to pick some up. I’m more of a medium salsa kinda gal…I like a little kick, but I can’t handle crazy hot.

  3. Rob Runs says

    I’m pretty sure I could eat nothing but tomatoes the rest of my life and be perfectly okay with that. Those look amazing and I had no idea Sabra even made salsa, I’ve never seen it here. But I did just hit their website and apparently they just don’t sell it at the store I frequent but I can get it within a few miles. Sweet!

    I like my salsa hot hot hot, just like everything else. Last year I grew a few ghost peppers, this year I’m working on some Carolina Reapers. I can’t wait to try those bad boys!

  4. says

    Hot spicy salsa please!
    What type of tomatoes do they use for making salsa? Are they the sweet or more/less juicy etc? This seems like a very interesting tour.

  5. Jenn says

    Who were the other bloggers? I think I recognize one from DC. I also have a question about how these trips work. Is there some sort of understanding that you’ll do a certain number of blog posts about a trip or include certain detail? I just see a huge variety of approaches to this and I’m curious what you feel your obligation is when you go on a trip. Thanks for explaining.

    • says

      Olga from Mango Tomato is in the DC area I think!

      Each trip and company is different. Some companies just want to expose bloggers/writers to their product in hopes that it will end up on a post, others require a certain number of posts. Most of the other people on the trip are more cooking/food bloggers so they will probably have this in a post with a recipe. Since I share a lot of my day to day I was just posting about the experience, but it wasn’t required :)

  6. says

    What a cool opportunity! That pineapple salsa is my absolute FAV! It looks perfect on top of that tuna, but I must say I love me some salsa and chips first and foremost.

  7. says

    Im such a wimp that even mild salsa makes my nose run. I recently bought a jar of pineapple citrus salsa and didn’t notice that it was “medium” and my lips are on fire every time I eat it!

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