Review of Chobani Watermelon Yogurt

Happy National Watermelon Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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This is my 2nd favorite day of the year (after Thanksgiving). And I’m obviously celebrating by eating and drinking my favorite food.

But I have something new for you today too! I found the new limited batch flavor of yogurt from Chobani = WATERMELON. I scored this at Target along with their new steel cut oats yogurts.

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And I did a quick video review of it so my first reaction is caught on camera.

How to Celebrate National Watermelon Day:

Eat watermelon. Cut via my method.

Dress up like a watermelon!

or don’t… yeah, not my best moment.

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Drink a watermelon margarita or some watermelon sangria.

watermelon sangria recipe for life

Give watermelon to a cute baby.

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Run long and then drink my favorite watermelon recovery drink.

best runners recovery drink

Question: Are you eating or drinking watermelon today?


  1. says

    I had some watermelon after my race today! It was sooooo good. I’ll have to look for this yogurt and give it a try.

    My fave boozy watermelon drink – watermelon, lime, diet sprite, and vodka. Blend it. Love it!

  2. says

    I bought watermelon this weekend – I never do but for some reason it called to me! Had a big bowl this afternoon to try and cool down. I sprinkled just a tiny touch of salt on top. Mmmmmmm. LOVE your method of cutting watermelon. Much less messy than the hack job I did on mine today.

    We can’t get Chobani here in Alberta yet but a couple of years ago the company sent me a bunch of samples.

  3. says

    That watermelon sangria looks delicious! A blogger friend of mine recently did a post on watermelon salsa… I haven’t tried it yet but I definitely want to. That watermelon yogurt looks awesome… I love when I can find watermelon sorbet, so I bet I’d like it! Have a great afternoon :)

  4. Kathy says

    I did eat watermelon was okay, not as bright red and juicy sweet as it should be. Aaaand…..excuuuuse me, but that baby?? Come on! She’s adorable!

  5. says

    I also bought watermelon Chobani and their oatmeal yogurt at Target last week. I thought the watermelon flavor was pretty good, but I’m still not sure that watermelon is the best flavor for yogurt. I’m having some watermelon Nuun today–does that count as having watermelon? :)

    • says

      Dude- I’m like that too! I will go to TOWN on the melon, if it’s in front of me, but I never purchase it in the store. I think it’s because a big giant watermelon just looks so LARGE and overwhelming to slice up, I worry that I won’t make it through the whole thing. I’m neurotic about buying more than 5 bananas at a time, too (and thus inevitably end up running out by Tuesday every week). Clearly, my male commitment-phobia is playing out in the produce aisle. I think I need some Oprah in my life to fix my relationship with fruit.

  6. says

    I am in love with your watermelon dress. The sneaks are perfect!

    Watermelon is wonderful. I can’t have a watermelon in the house to myself, because if I do, I will eat WAY too much. Probably to the point where I might puke. And it will be pink, because I ate nothing else. . . but the watermelon. Oops.
    This isn’t from experience…

    P.s. I’m loving how happy baby girl is with the watermelon!!!


  7. says

    Don’t hate me but…. I’ve never liked watermelon BUUUUTTTT I LOVE watermelon flavored things! I have no idea why. I think it’s a texture thing. I will celebrate but eating all the watermelon jolly ranchers out of the kids bag.

  8. says

    Whoa whoa whoa, Chobani has oatmeal flavored yogurt? I’m either confused or my mind was just blown.

    Since I am only cooking for one this week I doubt I’ll put the effort in to make this but I love watermelon with feta and basil. It’s such a nice sweet/salty combo!

  9. says

    I just “gave up” on watermelon for the year…I’ve been lugging them from Costco since June, cutting, etc. I decided to move on to blueberries, stone fruits, and first-season apples :)

  10. Noelle says

    I am eating a Chobani watermelon yogurt now. It tastes terrible. It has that artificial, chemical watermelon taste that you find in Jolly Ranchers watermelon candies. It is the exact taste so whatever that synthetically derived “flavor” is, it is definitely being used in this yogurt. Nasty. I am a trained food taster–one of the better ones my company had. Nobody that I trained with was able to equal me for accuracy in knowing what I was tasting or what concentration of something I was tasting. This is my second time trying a Chobani yogurt and my last. I didn’t like the first flavor I tried and I like this one even less. I read the ingredients in a hurry when I bought it on impulse and missed the two words “natural flavor”, which is industry code for fake flavor. After I tasted it and immediatlely knew there was an artificial flavor in it, I looked at the ingredients again and saw that I had messed up. There is almost no geniune watermelon to be tasted in this. What a cheap company to spike this nasty product with artificial flavoring instead of the real thing! Chobani lost me for good. Two strikes and they are out!!

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