Cupcakes For Eating not for Waiting


How’s your day? I didn’t have to work until 1pm today so I busied myself with blog stuff and cleaning. Before I left I had a big salad with Crockpot Calabasitas and all the Peruvian green sauce my money can buy. <Insert: Mid-morning I had half a random bar and half a tortilla with a few bites of chicken.> After work I ran an errand and stopped by the cupcake place to … [Read more...]

Drink Your Pie


Traveling to Blogher and HLS coupled with marathon training has put a big damper on date night with Ben. So we decided to have a mid-week date. We walked to a local Peruvian place. Unfashionable Tip: If you ever wonder what’s on sale at Target this week. Check to see if I have anything new. Today’s clearance find is that messenger bag. If you’ve had Peruvian food you know … [Read more...]

My First Cannoli


I had a very “interesting” day at work. Not sure what to say except, at least it kept me from stressing about the Healthy Living Summit? (Yeah, I’m super nervous about my presentation on Blogger Safety. Anyone have suggestions on how public speaking?) Ben and I haven’t had dinner together yet this week so when we realized our schedules worked tonight I thought up a good “His … [Read more...]

Post Dinner Walk


Dinner was a sweet potato that’s been tapping it’s little sweet potato foot waiting to be eaten. Plus a few boneless wings I got for Ben, then proceeded to thief. After dinner we took a walk. The weather is so amazing today it’s sick. I’m planning on making a big ol’ smoothie in a bowl for dessert. This is an old picture, but you get the idea Thank you all so much for … [Read more...]

Brown Rice Cereal is not Sprinkles


I don’t know if it’s the warm weather or what, but I have been craving cold cereal lately. This afternoon I had a bowl of crispy rice cereal with almond milk and chia seeds. Hit the spot. I also had a piece of the Sweet Potato Samosa Casserole from yesterday. No pic as I ate it right out of the container all classy like. While out running errands, I treated myself to an iced … [Read more...]

Tired All Day


I got 8+ hours of sleep last night, but was still tired all day   I’m hoping it’s just because of “girl stuff” and not because I’m getting sick. I have big plans for this weekend (like, a little thing called a half marathon!) so I cannot get sick. All I know is I desperately wanted to fall asleep ALL DAY. I made myself drink coffee around noon and it did nothing to help. … [Read more...]

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cakies


On the way home tonight I was suddenly inspired to make Pumpkin Brownies. Unfortunately, I didn’t have cocoa so I had to make some changes to my inspiration. I rummaged through my cupboards and decided I had the goods to make Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies Cakies Ingredients: 1 c. flour 1/4 tsp. salt 1/2 tsp. baking soda 1/2 tsp. pumpkin pie spice 1/2tsp. cinnamon … [Read more...]

Stay Golden


Apparently, I’m the next Betty White because I had dinner at 5pm today. Actually, it was a little closer to 4:30, but that’s just details. It’s official, I now eat dinner (if you can call it that) before Oprah is over. (source) In reality I think I’m more “Blanche” than anyone else though… If you have to ask why, you don’t know me, or The Golden Girls at all. I’m not … [Read more...]

Banana Peanut Flour Muffins


RER Pop Quiz: What do you get when you combine ripe bananas… and Peanut Flour? Answer: Happiness, that’s what. Or you could call it  Banana Peanut Flour Muffins, it’s up to you. Recipe: 1 c. Whole wheat flour 1c. Peanut Flour 1/2 tsp. salt 3/4 tsp. baking soda 1/2c brown sugar 1/2 Greek yogurt 2 eggs or 1/2c egg beaters 1 1/2 c. mashed ripe banana 1/3 c. … [Read more...]

Maiwand Kabob


Hello hello :) Well, today turned into my “cheat day” after an indulgent afternoon and dinner. So, I have to stay on track tomorrow (Saturday is usually my cheat day). Boo. Ben and I went out to dinner tonight in honor of our 3 year anniversary. Three years ago we had our first date :) It’s funny to think about how short 3 years is, but how much has changed in that time! We … [Read more...]

Chocolate Covered Strawberries


Last night after posting (and therefore omitted from the blog) I had chocolate covered strawberries for dessert. Amazing! All day today I dreamt about tonight’s dessert… Dinner was a last minute change of plans. I realized that Ben has alternate dinner plans for tomorrow night and our guac would be brown or I would eat it all (most likely the latter). Since I didn’t want to … [Read more...]

Lunch Dessert and Dinner Dessert


Something was missing from my lunch today. After I was done with my salad and fruit… and my tragic frozen meal (which left a lot to be desired) I still felt unsatisfied. I decided lunch dessert was in order, or should I say “lessert”? Yes, that’s better :) This afternoon I babysat. I have brought trail mix as a snack a few times and one of them really likes it. We … [Read more...]

Lentils and Rice


Today I was working with: lentils, rice, tomato paste and stewed tomatoes. I considered making the Lentil Loaf I made a year ago (blogs are so cool in how you can keep track of that stuff!). But, I decided to wing it instead of using a recipe. I figured I would cook the lentils, mix them up with tomato sauce and put it over the brown rice. After cooking the lentils I set them … [Read more...]

I Scream, You Scream


I am screaming with happiness on the inside because I love ice cream. A lot. I made a big ol' sundae after dinner. I used TJ's soy ice cream, choc syrup, strawberries, coconut and GRANOLA. Yum. "I'm going to miss you, dessert..." :( Since I had a big handful of chips and too much granola for my afternoon snack I had a lighter dinner of roasted broccoli and roasted … [Read more...]

Scale Up, Scale Down


My weight can fluctuate drastically in one week. Heck, it can fluctuate drastically in one day! And I'm sure I'm not the only person this happens to. Even though I am trying to lose weight, I know the scale cannot completely define my success. I am down 4.8 pounds from my weigh in last week. YES! But, No too. My last weigh in was the day after I got back from CA, the day … [Read more...]