Thursday, All Day

 I started Thursday with a quick run and some cereal. I was totally craving cereal even though it was cold outside. I should have known better. I was not hungry, but my blood sugar felt low all day. I just wasn’t satisfied. I hate that because it makes it so hard to listen to my body’s cues then.foodies 469 Thursday, All DayMid morning at work I snuck a plum from my lunch.foodies 470 Thursday, All DayBut, it was fine because I brought so much fruit today. I had another plum and an apple with my PB&PB sandwich.foodies 471 Thursday, All DayI was craving more fruit and decided to splurge and get some strawberries. I should have known better, they were not sweet at all! This one is half white.foodies 472 Thursday, All DayI packed greek yogurt with Pumpkin Butter and granola for a snack.foodies 473 Thursday, All DayThen, my friend came around with a freshly popped bag of popcorn. I couldn’t turn it down. *I also snuck a bite of candy from an office candy dish.foodies 474 Thursday, All DayDinner was amazing! I had a big piece of garlic naan (from TJ’s frozen section) with my curry hummus, left over brussel sprouts and baked tofu. It was so satisfying, I loved it!foodies 475 Thursday, All DayFor dessert I finished off the Apple Crisp. That thing lasted forever. No one else in my house must have liked it because it would have been gone if they did. My mom said she only wanted to eat it if we bought vanilla ice cream, forget that. Besided ice cream in my house is dangerous. I may have added some choc chips too icon smile Thursday, All Dayfoodies 476 Thursday, All DayI was still feeling snacky even though I was full so I made a piece of toast with AB and chocolate chips. After eating this I felt overly full and kinda like crap. I know better, but I still eat past the point of fullness. I continue to work on this. foodies 477 Thursday, All DayMy brother wanted me to try these pretzel dogs and put a picture on the blog. I think it’s funny that he made sure I took a picture and he turned one upside down so we could see the back too. Ha. foodies 478 Thursday, All Day


  1. strongandhealthy says

    That garlic naan looks good…I’m going to have to get that next time! And of course, so does your apple crisp!

  2. runeatrepeat says

    That garlic naan is super good! I put it in the broiler so it gets perfectly crispy too and then spray it with I Can’t Believe it’s Not Butter – delish!

  3. runeatrepeat says

    Yeah, they are a different variety. They are super sweet and delicious! I got them from the farmer’s market this week.

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