Pile On The Miles Challenge Results

So the Pile On the Miles Challenge is over and I did not win :,( Boo. I got second place. I am demanding a recount! Sammie over at Running with a Recipe beat me by about 4.5 miles. I was mad at myself when I saw the results because I could have busted out 5 more miles for the win, but I didn’t know how many miles everyone else had run, so I had no idea where I was in the contest. If I would have known I was so close I would have risked life and limb for the top spot. I was soooo close. I’m sure it all came down to some bureaucracy or red tape mix-up, like  I won the popular vote, but she got the electoral college. Now I know how Al Gore felt in 2000.

Seriously though, congratulations to everyone who participated! Everyone ran A LOT A LOT!!! I think it’s great that so many ladies stepped it up for the contest! I am proud to have participated.

Thanks to Bobbi for putting on the contest too! You rock!


  1. says

    ahhh that’s tough being so close! it was a little bit easier for me being third cuz i was sorta hanging by myself with you two way ahead and the others not too close on my heels. GREAT JOB piling it on though! i’m also adding you to my blogroll :)

  2. runeatrepeat says

    Thanks :) You did great too! Yeah, totally add me. I’ve got to get around to making a blogroll here someday soon.

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