2 bad workouts

1. Yesterday I went to yoga. Since I am barely getting over sore quads I wanted to take it easy so I went to the Level I/Gentle Yoga. Well, it was complete waste of time :( I didn’t realize, but it seems the class is aimed at senior citizens and is basically just stretching your arms up and breathing. Boo. I wanted an easy class, but this was pointless.

2. This morning I wanted to go to the gym for some cross training. I have been wanting to try a Kickboxing class and there was one at 5:45am – perfect for my schedule. Turbo Kickboxing it was!  I stayed in the class for a half an hour and never felt challenged or like I was getting any type of cardio or resistance workout. I finally had to walk out of there because time was running out for me to be at the gym and I wanted some kind of workout. Marching in place and swinging my arms around are not going to cut it when I want to burn calories to lose weight. Oh well. Now I know.

*I know these workouts maybe great for some people, but they didn’t work for me. Don’t take offense if you love gentle yoga or kickboxing, I may have not went to the right class for what I am looking for.

I am so frustrated that I have not had a good workout in 5 days! I feel like I have all this built up energy and it’s driving me crazy. I am making a workout schedule today to focus on working on my trouble spots. At least I will have a plan.


  1. Sarah says

    i hate when something like a sucky class interrupts my workout. it makes me mad that i took the effort to get to the gym and then dont get a good sweat in!

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