Happy Valentine's Day!

So, the surprise for Ben was a singing telegram in the form of a Gorilla! Ha. I thought he would think it was hysterical, but he just ended up looking embarrassed and annoyed. Boo. I honestly thought he would be laughing and dancing around with him. Oh well, I tried. Now he says he is going to get me back next year. Great. I actually got the idea because he bought a gorilla suit for his sister for her b-day one year. Obviously I was wrong about him thinking gorillas are funny…dscn5823dscn5816

Hope you all have a great V-day!

P.S. I am all about the VDay organization that is working to end violence against women and girls.


  1. The Almost City Girl says

    that is the best present ever! how hilarious! I was thinking about doing that for the bf too I even actually put a post about possible vday gifts and included that so funny.

  2. says

    hahahaha ohhhh man that’s hilarious!!!! and priceless. even if he didn’t love it you can always be like… remember that valentine’s day i got you a gorilla??… !! those are the best. the memorable moments. how is wedding planning going??

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