Wedding Photographer

We are working with a limited budget and time frame for the wedding. The photographer is one of the more expensive costs for a wedding and I want great pictures, but I don’t want to spend half of my budget on it!

Money Saving Tip: Place a local ad or ad on a website for a newer photographer or for someone who does it as a side business.

 What I did:  I placed an ad on craigslist to see if there were any up and coming photogs out there who may not have the biggest portfolio, but still have some solid experience and a good camera – and can do it for cheaper!

Turns out we totally scored and in addition to receiving many responses to my ad, I came across an ad from a photog that was looking to expand her portfolio for super cheap! She was looking for specific venues and couples to work with and I had to send over a bunch of info about Ben & I and our location, but she wanted to work with us icon smile Wedding Photographer We are just paying her expenses for the day and we get the ability to make any copies we want. Score!

I will definitely let you all know if this plan works out! I am really hoping it does since pictures of the big day is the best keepsake of all!


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