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You have no idea how happy I am that it’s Friday. This was a really rough week for me! Luckily it didn’t show on the scale. (I am weighing in on Fridays.) Today I was the same as the Friday before last (last Friday I was up actually).

So, I’m not losing weight, but I’m not gaining – which makes me suspect that the RD is right and some of my out of control snacking is actually because I’m hungry. The theory is – It would help me lose weight if I ate more during meals since the crazy snacking would stop. Hmmm. I have another appointment with her Thursday, which I’m looking forward to, I have a lot more questions about all this!

Fridays are rest days from running, but I did do the 30 Day Shred – Level 2! I’m finally on Level 2 and I have to say – it is hard! I was thinking to myself as I was trying so hard to keep up the moves, “I have ran a freakin’ marathon, but I can’t do this!” I guess I need to do a lot more cross training because my body only knows 1 kind of exercise.

I packed breakie to eat at work since I like to get here early on Fridays. By the time I got to work I was starving though! I was on the freeway when I realized that I forgot something & had to turn back. I was not a happy little camper. dscn7546 Capital TGIF

I really really really wanted Whole Foods salad/hot bar for lunch and was trying to talk myself out of it since I brought stuff for lunch. But, then I remembered that I am trying to give my body what it wants (IE) and went for it!

Since I had packed a salad for lunch I didn’t need to make a huge salad to top with goodies, I just got 2 small containers of food – 1 for salad bar stuff, 1 for hot food. This was not planned, but saved me some money icon smile Capital TGIFdscn7553 Capital TGIFdscn7551 Capital TGIFdscn7548 Capital TGIF

Now I am ready to finish up my work and get on the road to hang out with the fiance icon smile Capital TGIF Actually, we won’t just be “hanging out” since we have a lot of wedding stuff to do & I have to finish up the undercover project I’m working on icon smile Capital TGIF


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    Whole Foods salad bar is so hard to resist. The problem with me and salad bars is that I always want to get the tasty stuff – the stuff that isn’t healthy. My work has a great salad bar that charges by the ounce. Of course, my salad always gets expensive, because I fill up with the heavy but delicious prepared salads.

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