Walking distance

I think anything is walking distance if you have enough time. This drives Ben crazy because on the weekends I will suggest we walk places and realistically that means it would take the entire day so we don’t. Boo.

I walked home from work today which is about 3 miles. It seemed like a good idea this morning, but since I was carrying my bags it kinda sucked. Note to self: bring a backpack because your huge purse becomes a bitch to carry after half a mile.

My packed lunch today included a sandwich with a little more bulk today. It had hummus, spinach, tomatoes, onions and a slice of Chipotle Muenster cheese (Costco). It was good, but I think once I finish these sandwich thins I need to buy “real” bread. dscn00921 Walking distance

I also had a yogurt and watermelon. Finally, I felt full for the first time since yesterday.dscn00911 Walking distance

My afternoon snack was a green banana with brown spots and almond butta. Again, perfectly full icon smile Walking distance dscn0093 Walking distance

After my trek home it was close to 7pm and I just wanted to throw together something super easy. I made a massive salad – I know so many bloggers make big salads, but I’m not messing around. Sorry, Ben takes blurry pics…dscn01011 Walking distance

It had spinach, tomatoes, onions, garbanzos and a huge scoop of hummus…dscn0099 Walking distance

Plus a sweet potato…dscn00971 Walking distance

I made an agreement with myself that I would only have a sweet dessert 2 times a week, but I broke that rule when I bought these ice creams this weekend.

I had half of each one and Ben had half. These containers are little, but since a serving of ice cream is half a cup (yeah right) they hold 2 servings. It will be a sad day in RER land when I only eat 1/2c of ice cream.dscn01021 Walking distancedscn01031 Walking distance

Tomorrow is a rest day so I’m thing of checking out my new apartment complex’s gym!

Oh and I have a ton of pics on my childhood from our wedding slide show so I will be showing you guys what a ham I was…and that my hair had always been this red…tights shorty Walking distancesittin on a rock Walking distancehappytimes Walking distancePics of a rough puberty to follow…


  1. says

    Yay love a little ginger baby :)

    I don’t think I’m brave enough to show my kid pics on the blog. My husband refers to those years as my “Carrot Top” days. Not cute.

  2. susan says

    So Cute, hey why didnt we see the slide show at the wedding? I gotta go to vegas but trust me it will not be the same. We have not left yet at the drama has allready begun booooooo

  3. Christy says

    Love the baby pics! You are too cute. Every time I read your blog I find more and more similarities! I love it. I also suggest to my husband that we walk to a lot of “far away” places and he refuses. I found out he is much more willing to ride our bikes, so we have been doing that lately. And I also make HUGE salads in HUGE bowls. :)

  4. runeatrepeat says

    Susan, boo. Have fun, but don’t get kicked out of any clubs :)

    Thanks for the baby pic love! Those were some of my best years…

  5. says

    Good for you for walking home after work! 3 miles isn’t a huge distance – an hour walk, maybe? My office is probably a good 6 miles from my house and I would love to be able to walk it, but 2 hours is just a long, long time.

    My husband and I live in the country, so it’s really not possible to walk anywhere. I try to walk as much on my own as possible!

    As for your sandwich things, I have the D’Italiano type (might be a Canadian brand?) and I love them. Though I rarely use them for sandwiches. Instead, I save them for when I have a veggie or turkey burger. They’re great and not too bulky like the buns I get for my hubby.

    Love the younger-you pics!


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