Four Fast

Finally I had a good run! It's been a long time since I've had a good run and I've been getting very discouraged. I only did 4 miles today, but they were speedy (for me) and I felt good :) I had a bowl of Kashi GL Crunch and Flax Plus topped with raisins and almond milk. From past experience I know I do best with nut butter (healthy fats) with breakfast, but I wasn't feeling … [Read more...]

Gathering sticks

I feel guilty that I sometimes think I need certain material things. I think it's ridiculous that Target has so much crap and we are almost trained to want this stuff! That being said, I went to Target today to get some stuff for the apartment. As I was driving home (feeling guilty) I realized in my own little way I was gathering sticks for my nest. Our apartment is in a tragic … [Read more...]