Chickpea Lovers Club

Today was the first official meeting of the Chickpea Lovers Club. Right now we just have two members – Rose and me icon smile Chickpea Lovers Club

So, Rose and I got together to talk about chickpeas, hummus, garbanzo beans, etc. It was great.

Okay, the truth is Rose and I got together for dinner tonight. I contacted her the longest time ago with questions about MD and she was always so helpful Now that I’m in the area it was time we meet in person. I was very excited since I love her blog and she seems super cool and down to earth. I was correct – she is super cool!

We walked to dinner at Tomato Palace. This place is great because it is overlooking a lake and the view is very peaceful and beautiful. We sat outside…dscn0497 Chickpea Lovers Club

The meal started with the best rolls – topped with butta and cheese. I may have had two. dscn0489 Chickpea Lovers Club

I ordered the Blackened Shrimp Salad. It had mixed greens, goat cheese, huge chunks of candied walnuts, blueberries, raspberries and shrimp. The combination of salad toppings made this delicious! dscn0493 Chickpea Lovers Clubdscn0492 Chickpea Lovers Club

Now I am blogging and eating dessert – cherries and a little piece of dark chocolate icon smile Chickpea Lovers Clubdscn0509 Chickpea Lovers Club

Earlier today I ate lunch. Nothing exciting – AB&J, watermelon, carrots.dscn0482 Chickpea Lovers Club

I did try a new snack today – crackers and a piece of cheese. It kept me pretty full for a couple of hours.dscn0486 Chickpea Lovers Club

Rose and I wanted to capture the first meeting the Chickpea Lovers Club with a photo, but we didn’t want to look like we were trying. So here is us not trying:dscn0504 Chickpea Lovers Club

I think we need to try, so we did.dscn0506 Chickpea Lovers Club

Thanks for hanging out Rose! I will put together the agenda for our next meeting icon smile Chickpea Lovers Club Chickpea lovers unite!


  1. Christy says

    Are those Special K crackers? I just tried them the other day and they were fantastic! I could have easily eaten the whole box! Oh, and your salad looked delicious!

  2. says

    I was also going to ask if those are Special K crackers. I love how you can eat like 17 of them in a serving! They are addicting though and I can easily polish off a box in a matter of a day or 2

  3. says

    OMG you had me at goat cheese. Anything with shrimp and goat cheese is right up my alley. That salad looks amazing!

    Sounds like such a fun night!

  4. says

    Um, excuse me. I have apparently been ousted, without ever applying for membership. Could you have included the girl who like lives right down the street? Yep. I get the hint.

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