Home Snacking


Life Realization #1: Working from home is hard, not because of the long commute to the office, but because of the short commute to the kitchen! I ended up calling out of work today because the car thing took a long time and then I found out I had a problem with my paper due tonight. So, I ate this packed lunch at home. The bad thing about working from home is food is so … [Read more...]

Hot “cold” Cereal


I am picking up my car this morning so I got to run a little later. It was so nice to be able to run when the sun was up - and it's a little warmer! I did 6 miles at a good pace :) I felt really good too! I wanted cold cereal for breakfast, but it's so cold out I thought a warm breakfast would be more satisfying. So, I made Hot "cold" cereal by heating up my … [Read more...]