Afraid of Not Running

I am afraid of not running. This morning I was on the fence about yoga versus running for today’s exercise. I could have taken a yoga class at 7am this morning, but I wouldn’t be able to run. I was afraid to not run so I decided to run an easy 3 miles in the morning and go to a Yoga class after work today. So, I get both! But, it is kind of tragic that I feel like I need to run. I am an addict.

After my 3 miler I came back and stretched a bit while watching a infomercial about SodaStream. I want one so bad! SodaStream people are you listening? Any machines that you need to get off your hands?

I made pumpkin oat bran for breakfast. IMG_2182For some reason it was merely okay. I think I just wasn’t feeling it this morning. I am in a breakfast rut. Nothing sounds good when I go to eat so I just end up making an old stand-by and don’t enjoy it. I’m going to brainstorm some new ideas today so this doesn’t happen again tomorrow.

I am very excited about Yoga today! I am going to try Yoga 2, so I hope it’s not too tough!


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    I think it’s ok to be afraid of that! I haven’t ran in nearly three weeks, and I feel miserable. I want to run so much – but the pain is too much, so I’ve been sticking with yoga at night. I totally know how you feel!

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    Not a runner myself so I can’t relate but I bet your appetite won’t be as ravenous on days that you don’t run so maybe that’s a good incentive for yoga or strength training? Or just run! I always say if you love any exercise that’s the one you’re going to stick to!

    I feel you on the breakfast issue, I give myself about 10 minutes to prep and eat my bfast at 6am so it’s hard coming up with new and exciting meals with very little time.

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    i know how you feel- i love the feeling you get from running. as long as you don’t feel guilt when you don’t run, i think it’s fine to love it so much :) yummy breakfast! have a great day


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    I agree about being afraid of not running. I feel like, when I wake up, if I don’t run my day won’t be as good, even though I don’t know what I have planned on doing anyway.
    I need to try brown sugar on oatmeal. I love how dark it gets when it melts

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