Boxed Lunch & Pic with Meb

meb and rondell

Today I had a boxed lunch. Luckily, it was boxed by me so it was exactly what I wanted :) A tuna wrap, carrots and grapes. I also ate the apple of course. Jealous Much? My friend Rondell has a production company in California (how LA, right?). Meb aka "the best US male marathoner/NYC marathon winner" came to his studio to do a media tour for PowerBar! Ahhhh! I was dying when … [Read more...]

Gear: Target Running Pants


This morning I took my new Target running pants for a test "run" - ha, get it? I am in serious need of cold weather gear since I never ran with capris or tights in California. I loved them! They were a little thicker than my other tights I got from a dept store (JC Penney?) and I like that they are full length. Pros - Full length Long zipper at bottom for easy … [Read more...]

Mint Chocolate Chip Yogurt


I found this yogurt at the store on Friday - Breyer's Mint Chocolate Chip, and had to try it. I love mint & chip ice cream and hoped this would be as tasty. I knew it would be a reach, but I thought I'd take a shot. It was okay. It tastes a little artificial, and it's not ice cream, but it's a portion controlled alternative. I made it into a shake for dessert tonight and … [Read more...]