20 mile break down

I kinda wished I could have titled this post “20 mile Break Dance” and tell you how I did crazy break dancing moves on my run today and got the cars passing by to honk. But, that would be a lie.

After Panera Bena nd I hit up Costco for samples, I mean groceries. When we got home I had some yogurt, pineapple and cereal. I wasn’t hungry, but felt depleted. Long run days are so confusing for my hunger signals :( I am never hungry on long run days, but feel run down. Hmmmm.IMG_2876

Dinner was a big salad and some of Ben’s twice baked potato (that I made). Those chickpeas were hanging out in my fridge for a week so they may bad, but they tasted fine so I hope I won’t die.IMG_2880

I don’t use any of the fancy features of my Garmin because I am a lazy motherf-er, but really wanted to know how bad my pacing was today. Well, here is evidence that I am screwing myself with bad pacing:

Mile 1 – 9:21

Mile 2 – 8:42

Mile 3 – 8:58

Mile 4 – 9:03

Mile 5 – 8:51

Mile 6 – 9:21

Mile 7 – 9:32

Mile 8 – 8:59

Mile 9 – 9:26

Mile 10 – 10:39 (walk break for Shot Blocks)

Mile 11 – 9:29

Mile 12 – 9:01 (with Ben, had to keep up with him!)

Mile 13 – 9:51

Mile 14 – 10:32

Mile 15 – 10:18 (got bit by a bug on my neck/shoulder area here, was pretty sure I was going to pass out or die, but it didn’t happen)

Mile 16 – 9:41

Mile 17 – 11:11

Mile 18 – 11:41 (seriously, why was I even bothering?)

Mile 19 – 11:33

Mile 20 – 12:24 (um, this was mostly walking, obviously)

The moral of the story is I need to slow my roll in the beginning and stop all that walking. Now I am actually feeling a little hungry, I’m off to have a Vitatop with PB…


  1. Ashley says

    I agree with Lindsay- it’s all relative and you’re just being too hard on yourself. I was super proud of myself for doing 5 miles in 50 minutes- my average is about 11-12 minute miles running the whole time. I know you’re training for a marathon and all, but you’re doing awesome from where I’m sitting!!

  2. says

    I totally second Lindsay’s comment — don’t be so hard on yourself! I don’t think I’ve ever run a sub-9:00 mile, and especially not multiple times during a 20-mile run! Come to think of it, I’ve never even done a 20 miler…

    Sometimes I’m not hungry at all the day of an intense workout, but am FAMISHED the following day. Your body will tell you what it needs and wants :)

  3. says

    20 miles is AMAZING! Stop beating yourself up about it! The extent of my exercise today was walking to the car. In my book, you’re a super star!

  4. says

    long run days are like that for me hunger wise too. i feel “hungry” but i just dont want anything specific. annoying! but awesome 20 miler. dont worry tooooo much about the pacing: it’s really hard!

  5. says

    Hello??? You ran 20 MILES. That’s awesome. My pacing always sucked on training runs, too (I was a whiny little b@$%! when running by myself)- but it’s so different during actual races. You’re doing great!

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