Wake Up!

Today I went on a mission for energy beverages to give me a boost during my afternoon slump. I came back with two things – Zevia soda (which I’ve already tried) and Zenergize. Both are sweetened with Stevia :)

Zenergize are drink tablets with B vitamins, anti-oxidants, ginseng and caffeine. I haven’t tried them yet, but I’m excited to see if it works :)IMG_2913

I also walked out of the store with this gum – Peelu Dental Chewing Gum. It is kind of dry and doesn’t have a very strong mint flavor. I probably wouldn’t get it again.IMG_2911

I also made a bathroom break at Starbucks and followed my “don’t pee and run” rule by buying an iced coffee. I worked at Starbucks for two years during college and could not stand the taste of it at all. Now I am burning my money on the stuff left and right. Uh!IMG_2901

I also noticed the unfortunate name of a local restaurant : Coco’s Butter Cafe. Really? Sounds like Paula Deen’s kinda place, or Ben’s, he loves butter and proudly uses it anytime he cooks anything.IMG_2906

When I got home I broke into my new load of ww Cinnamon Raisin Bread and Crunchy Almond Butter :)IMG_2910

I didn’t even take a picture until I was almost done. Oops :( I am completely lacking any veggies and fruit today. I better have a veggie filled dinner!!!IMG_2908

I almost forgot I am going to Florida this weekend! This trip means another change up in my marathon training. I can’t do a long run this weekend because of time constraints. So the plan is:

Friday: 10 to 12 miles

Saturday: 8 miles

Sunday: Rest/Walk

And the long run plan for the rest of my training:

12/12 – 20 miles (we’ll see how that goes)

12/19 – 20 miles

12/26 – 12 miles

1/2 – 8 to 10 miles

I am scheduling two more 20 milers because I never really listening to my training plan and will probably cut one short. I’m a rebel like that (or very undiciplined,whatever).

I am very excited to almost done with the long runs because anything over 14 miles and I don’t really enjoy it or look forward to it. I am a half marathon-er like that.


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    Starbucks are always guaranteed to have good bathrooms. When I drove across the country, I would always stop at Starbucks for the bathroom and free water :)

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    I’m a fan of the caffeine idea! I may give it a try too, because at 4pm I always have an insatiable cheese craving for no good reason.

    I’ve had that zenergize before, and I thought it was just okay. I know it’s not the most natural food ever but I greatly prefer Crystal Lite’s caffeinated line!

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    i’m with you on the half marathon. i hope to do another marathon some day but not any time soon. have fun in Florida, it just started snowing for the first time here in New Hampshire a few minutes ago.

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