Chocolate Covered Cranberries

My Nina and Nino gave Ben and I some snacks for the plane ride back to CA. There were gingerbread bites…IMG 3642 300x400 Chocolate Covered Cranberries

and chocolate covered cranberries espresso beans. The company messed up and put espresso beans NOT cranberries in the package!!! Ha! I was disappointed, but Ben loves choc covered espresso so it worked out. Isn’t that weird though??IMG 3641 300x400 Chocolate Covered Cranberries

I wasn’t sure what I wanted for lunch so I just threw some stuff together… broccoli and carrots with hummus and leftover chickpeas.IMG 3632 400x300 Chocolate Covered Cranberries

My light lunch left room for a big snack icon smile Chocolate Covered Cranberries I microwaved a pear with cinnamon and sugar. Then, I put that on top of cottage cheese and added almonds and chocolate chips. YUM!!! I went back for more chocolate chips and PB after this pic.IMG 3635 400x300 Chocolate Covered Cranberries

That snack let out the snack monster and I ended up munching on pieces of a granola bar and bread with PB too. I don’t know why.?

Dinner included toast with butter (since I was making some for Ben and kept eating his, I figured I ought to just make my own).IMG 3640 400x300 Chocolate Covered Cranberries

and a big salad with spinach, onions, roasted broccoli and chickpeas. There is a lot of green going on today!IMG 3639 400x300 Chocolate Covered Cranberries

I have to get rid of the chocolate chips in my house since I keep grabbing handfuls of them. So, I made peppermint bark. I’m not the biggest fan of candy canes so I’m hoping this will deter me from eating too much of it.IMG 3644 400x300 Chocolate Covered Cranberries

I am super tired, but I may try and fight it so I can watch an episode of Lost before bed icon wink Chocolate Covered Cranberries


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    Those chickpeas with the broccoli looked very good, what’s seasoned on them? And ohhmann, Peppermint Bark is amazing! I’m not a candy cane person at all so I definitely underestimated it the first time i had it, but i love the mint-chocolatey taste of just about anything… its a weakness! :)

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