2010 – My Healthiest Year Yet!

good health sign

I want to make 2010 my healthiest year yet so I've come up with a non-stressful way to incorporate 12 new healthy habits into my life. Each month I will focus on one Activity or Habit/Food/Goal to help make me healthier and happier. Since I believe Health and Happiness go hand in hand, some of the habits will be for physical health and some will be for mental health. I will … [Read more...]

I’m Freaking Out Man


Sorry I was MIA yesterday. Turns out I am not very pleasant under the following circumstances: 1. When I can't run 2. When I'm cold 3. When I have to help Ben get his car free from being stuck in the snow (see #2) I also learned/confirmed a few things about myself: 1. I don't like snow 2. I am a pessimist I totally had a freak out yesterday when I realized … [Read more...]

Sorry Dorothy…You’re Not in Kansas


Six Signs you're not in California any more: 6. You think a little snow is nothing an umbrella can't solve... News flash - the snow flies up into your face umbrella or not. 5. You leave the house with a smile because you have no idea how fast the cold will get to your bones. (You won't be smiling for long in 15 degree weather.) 4. You think Ben is Santa Claus … [Read more...]

Snowed In


My run was canceled due to the snow. By the time I woke up there were several inches on the ground and it was still coming down! I considered it for a second, but then realized I was freezing last weekend on my long run and it wasn't even snowing then! So, Ben and I opted for the apartment's gym. I did 6 miles on the treadmill. It was like old times :) I used to run 6 miles … [Read more...]

Christmas shopping… for myself


I was out Christmas shopping today and ended up with a gift for myself. I know this is really bad, but I have wanted this book since before it came out (a friend told me about it). I did tell my fam not to get it for me since I was going to buy it for myself. So excited!!! I am especially psyched to read all about this hidden tribe - they are from Mexico! Those are my peeps! … [Read more...]

This is why you’re poor


"This is why you're poor" is my very own version of "This is why you're fat" Bowl of cherries (plus seconds) at $4.50 a pound This is why you're poor Good thing there is "Blogger Foodstamps" aka free samples or contest winnings for bloggers.Yesterday I got my winnings from Tina's Eggland's best contest. Heck yes I now have a ton of coupons for eggs!!! Plus a little stuffed … [Read more...]

The Sky Is Falling!!!


No, literally the sky is going to be falling - in the form of snow, Saturday morning... Sat Dec 19 Heavy Snow / Wind 30° 26° This means my last long run, the long run I really need to do because last weekend I only did 14 miles will be snowed out. I asked some advice of fellow MDer and Marathoner, Roni. She, and others, agreed that the sidewalks may be too … [Read more...]

Warning: I will bite your head off


Warning: If you are a gingerbread man wandering along through my neighborhood.... I will bite your head off. Then, I will eat the rest of you. Yum! In addition to the last of my g-bread cookies I had a feast at Costco today! I don't know what was going on, but they pulled out all the stops today! Check out my Costco Feast: - Cheese ravioli - Mozarella cheese - … [Read more...]

RIP Garmin


My Garmin is dying. It might already be dead actually. It wouldn't turn on this morning and I tried the holding down both front buttons trick and it would turn on for a second and then turn off :( If it's really dead I'm just going to have to sell a kidney for another one. I have to have it since I don't have routes memorized around here. Boo :( I'm trying to charge it … [Read more...]

Fresh, Homemade Bread – Easy Style


I have always wanted to bake my own whole wheat bread and actually got a used bread maker before we moved. But, along with some of my most prized possessions I had to leave it in CA :( But, today I searched the web for a super easy bread recipe with the ingredients I already had on hand. I don't have yeast - so I had to find a recipe without one of the most common … [Read more...]

Favorite Christmas Movie


I can't decide on my absolute favorite Christmas movie but my top ones include: - Home Alone - The Grinch Who Stole Christmas (Jim Carrey version) - Elf - Muppet's Christmas and.... Bridget Jones's Diary! I saw this movie at a discount store for $5.00 the other day and had to have it! I plan on watching it later (with popcorn of course) as a reward for … [Read more...]

Better Than Nothing


Today was a rest day from running for me, and Ben wants to start exercising regularly. We only had about 20 minutes today before he had to start getting ready for work, but that's better than nothing! So, we went for it and spent 20 minutes on the elliptical :) If you only have a little bit of time to work out - go for it! You'll be happy that you did something over … [Read more...]

Picky Picky


While I don't think I'm a picky eater, I do think I'm a picker. Not a nose picker (well, sometimes), but  a food picker. I am always grabbing a bite of this or a handful of that. Needless to say much of this goes undocumented :( My afternoon snacks were a handful of Kashi crackers (on sale at Target), a piece of raisin bread and PB out of the jar. Busted. Since I don't have … [Read more...]

What is that?


I bet you're wondering what this is... I had a bit of a pancake disaster this morning. I made my usual "throw  random ingredients in the blender" pumpkin pancake recipe and the first one came out great! But, the batter seemed a little thick so I added some more almond milk. That made them too runny and impossible to flip. So, I had to cook it like scrambled eggs. They … [Read more...]

Fancy Eggnog


My eggnog is fancy because I'm drinking it out of a champagne glass. I just got this very fancy glass for $.98 because I love champagne, but am constantly breaking glasses :) I don't know why Ben is so shocked that I'm drinking eggnog? Dinner was TJ's black bean soup pimped out with added kidney beans and corn. Then, I topped it with tortilla chips and cheese. I also roasted … [Read more...]

Cafeteria Style


I went to a smallish Catholic school from 1st through 12th grade. Yes, I was a Catholic School girl, see... Anyways, I never had a cafeteria and always felt like I missed out. I actually say that I love cafeteria food because of this - I think I have convinced myself it's good in my mind. Well, I fell in love with this child's food tray at Target the other day and had to … [Read more...]