Disney Marathon Pictures

The Disney Marathon Pictures are in! I am very happy that I don’t look half as bad as I felt – you can’t even tell that I want to die in most of them :) Here is the link to the full load of them.

I am really considering buying this one, since it’s in front of the castle and I was smiling and all… I was still feeling good and this point, I thought I was making great time. Little did I know I was going way too fast and that smile was about to fade.monica castle

This is where it gets rough.running disney

And the big finish. I threw my arms up out of obligation. I kinda think it’s the “right thing to do” even though I didn’t want to, kinda like going to the dentist or wearing my homeless sweatshirt even though it’s so tragic… disney finish line


  1. says

    Oooh get the last picture. Where you have the scarf, the medal and the Gatorade. Such a cute picture! But the first one is a good one of you running. If i were you I’d get both :p

    Pictures are the best way to store memories.

  2. Erica H. says

    Umm please tell me how you look so good while running? Usually after 5 miles I look like hell. I love the one with the castle too!

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