Game Night and Eggless Dessert Disaster

Last night Ben and I went to a friend’s house for Game Night! It was fun and food filled – just like I like it. IMG_4215

I started with wine because it makes game night 2x as fun :)IMG_4194

The highlight of the night (besides the girls winning Taboo!) was fresh beer bread that Kim made. We devoured the entire loaf with spinach dip.IMG_4197

Seriously, these plates were bare in no time and there were only six of us! It was amazing.IMG_4200

I brought a veggie tray. I know you’re impressed with my fancy cooking going to Costco skills.IMG_4196

and Kristin made veggie chili and corn bread. Even though we were all stuffed from so much beer bread everyone loved the chili :) I can eat freshly baked corn bread and beer bread all day!!!IMG_4205

In addition to the people guests there were a lot of dogs! Jake (the big one) hates seeing animals on TV and going crazy at them. We had fun watching his “trick”. He is fine with animals in person, but not on TV. Apparently he has a big problem with the Pilsbury Dough Boy too.IMG_4211

Kristin planned to make brownies, but used the last of her eggs in the corn bread. We debated what to do and decided just to make it without eggs. Fail :( They were super watery, and  looked like they were boiling actually. And as soon as we put it on ice cream the brownie hardened like a rock! Oh well, it was a yummy rock :)IMG_4216

While playing the games there was M&Ms in the middle of the table and I partook. It was an indulgent night for sure!IMG_4208

We got home around 1am, hit the sack and I slept in until 9am! I think that’s a new record for me! I did some strength training with my new loot (in next post) and then ate breakfast… I really wanted cereal so I ate what I wanted (not rocket science for most)IMG_4226

and had some Naturally More PB with the bananaIMG_4228

I am trying to make cereal “work” for me by adding protein. I made egg beaters in the microwave and topped it with hot sauce.IMG_4229

It is noon and Ben is still asleep! I missed church today :( Now I must go be productive…See you in a bit!


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    Oh, that bread looks so good! I could have polished off the loaf myself! Looks like a great night. That’s exactly the kind of thing I enjoy most…a night in with friends!

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    M&Ms are my weakness, no matter how full, I wish sit and eat the.entire.bowl at parties. Unfortunately my MIL found out I love them and buys them all the time for me!!

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    Balderdash is my all time favorite game ever!! It’s hilarious–especially if you play it with a bunch of smart and funny people :) I always lose but I roll on the floor laughing!

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