Nothing Ate After Eight

I always blame my mom for my night time snacking habit – but she is also trying to stop night eating. She came up with the phrase, “Nothing ate after Eight”.

We are both making a rule not to eat after eight o’clock in the evening. I love this idea and the little catch phrase!

I know people have asked about eating after dinner if I’m hungry – if I’m actually hungry I will eat, but this is not the case 95% of the time.

For dinner I took the lazy way out (I’ve been really lazy lately!) and made a yogurt bowl. This looks kinda lame. Gosh! I am the worst food blogger today. Sorry.IMG_5895

Tomorrow is my last full day in California. I want to just lay outside in the sun all day :)

Normally I would be freezing this time of year, but I am loving it!


I liked this site I “Stumbled Upon” today: 10 Best and 10 Worst Foods. We know most of these, but it’s always good to be reminded to eat your kale chips :)

But, I don’t care what kind of “Top 1 food that will kill you slowly and painfully” List it’s on – I am trying that Cheesecake Factory Chocolate Cake some day soon!!!

If it kills me, at least I will die with a smile :)


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    I think the little catch phrase is fun! And thanks for clearing up the hunger thing – of course it’s important to eat if you’re actually hungry, but I understand that your goals are more about curbing mindless eating (which SO many of us struggle with!).

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    Have you ever seen the site this is why you’re fat?? I’m not going to lie…some of the desserts on there look good and I would totally eat them.

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    Nice catch phrase! I’ve seen that chocolate cake on several websites (mostly top 10 worst foods, things to avoid at a restaurant, etc) but I would totally eat it too!

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    That Cheesecake Factory chocolate cake is AWESOME. My sister works at a CF and when we visited her, my mom and I shared a slice. Chocolate coma goodness. Once in a lifetime chocolate coma goodness.

    I’ve really made an effort to stop eating at night, too. I decided that I like going to sleep with a slightly empty stomach and have trouble sleeping when my stomach is too full, which has helped eliminate my mindless evening snacking. It also happens that we live in a three level townhome, with televisions on the first and third level. The kitchen is on the second level, so I find that in the evening time, I don’t feel like going up (or down) to the kitchen to get some food. I guess being lazy can be a good thing!

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    I love that slogan…I might adopt it. My snacking at night is my downfall. Its a habit I developed when I was single and lonely at night. Now I’m married and not lonely, but the habit is ingrained. I really need to focus on breaking this habit.

  6. D says

    Do you follow any sort of schedule with snacks during the day? Do you think that if you planned to have a snack after dinner, it might work out better than trying to eliminate it? I’ve tried to eliminate after dinner snacking too, but sometimes I find that if I just plan to eliminate an afternoon snack have an earlier dinner, then I can have a snack after dinner and it doesn’t feel like I shouldn’t, if that makes any sense? I find that if I eat dinner at 7 or 8 or so, and then stay up until 11 or 12, I’m legitimately hungry, but it feels like I shouldnt eat because I will just be going to bed. But if I plan to have dinner around 5:30-6, which generally eliminates my need to eat anything between lunch and dinner, then having a snack at 10 or 11 feels right.

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      I have thought about do this – just planning a snack into my evening instead of trying to erase it as that is harder. But, I am still trying to figure out a balance :) I may do this soon though.

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    Love the catch phrase! I was just thinking about this last night. I had dinner around 7:45 and it was fairly substantial. When I got home around 10:30, my first impulse was to hit the kitchen for a snack, but I stopped myself and realized I wasn’t actually hungry for one! The trick for me is making sure my dinner is large enough so I’m not legitimately hungry when I’m getting to bed around 11. If I’ve got that squared away, cutting out nighttime snacking really shouldn’t be that hard.

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    nice night time goal! i really should start doing that…or going to bed earlier than 11pm every night.

    and oh cheesecake factory…when i was in college we used to get the strawberry ice cream shortcake every time…or anything with caramel. tsk tsk.

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    I packed #1 on the best foods for lunch! That’s exciting!
    I do love Cheesecake! Okay everyone so often in my opinion :)

    Great rule of thumb! I should try it!

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    You do have to live sometimes, right? Just because I eat healthy doesn’t mean I don’t want the occasional bad food (ok, maybe MORE than occasional, sometimes!). I guess I’m lucky because my husband doesn’t like sweets so it’s never something that’s brought up if we’re eating out somewhere. If I get something, it’s rare.

    Great phrase!


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