Stop Edging The Cake

I’ve talked about “Edging the Cake” on RER before. You know, when you slice off a bit of the edge of that cake on your counter. Sometimes it’s to “even it out”, sometimes it’s because you just want a taste…before you know it a whole piece is gone, but you don’t feel the satisfaction of eating a piece.  I do this all the time with any type of bread or sweets.

Today I bought a package of cornbread from the grocer’s bakery (because I plan on cleaning the kitchen and didn’t want to add to the mess). After I brought it home I cut a piece for my lunch and a few pieces for Ben’s dinner. Then, I cut up the rest, put it in a plastic bag and put it in the freezer. Disaster averted!IMG 6557 thumb Stop Edging The Cake

After a morning filled with way too many snacks I wasn’t hungry for lunch until around 2:30pm. I grabbed a few things from the salad bar at the store. When I got home I added some carrots and corn bread. Lunch of champions.IMG 6546 thumb Stop Edging The Cake

I also scored this cookie sample at the market. I decided to take it home via a baggie in my purse (okay that baggie was also holding my coupons, but coupons don’t mind crumbs). This way I wasn’t mindlessly eating it in the store, but enjoyed it after lunch.

It looks dry, but was actually soft and chewy – Yum!

IMG 6553 thumb Stop Edging The Cake

I might start having to bring tupperware to Costco. Wait, did I just say that. I am embarrassing.

The huge cheese selection grabbed my attention and I walked out this this new find. I had high expectations, but it was just okay. IMG 6550 thumb Stop Edging The Cake

I ate it  with some Kashi crackers. IMG 6552 thumb Stop Edging The Cake

I’m behind on Spring Cleaning and studying for the Personal Training exam. I’ll check ya later!


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    I’m a “cake edger” too. I once baked a cake and froze the pieces in individual portions to prevent such a thing. It was a good idea, but I discovered that I like frozen cake just as much as non-frozen cake, so my experiment didn’t end well.

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