Tempeh Tuesday

I love Tempeh, but always forget to pick it up when I’m at the store. This weekend I did remember and scored some from TJ’s.

Tonight I made a stir-fry with tempeh, frozen asian veggies, TJ’s teriyaki sauce and quinoa. I just threw it all in a pan and cooked it until hot (the quinoa was already cooked). All mixed up into a delicious meal in a bowl.IMG 6492 thumb Tempeh Tuesday

I forgot to mention my afternoon snack of PB and chocolate chips melted on bread. IMG 6486 thumb Tempeh Tuesday

I took  fruit and a few drinks with me to babysitting this afternoon. That’s iced coffee in my LA Boxing cup (even though I’m sure the cup is made for protein shakes). IMG 6487 thumb Tempeh Tuesday

I picked up my package this afternoon, but haven’t had the chance to open it and play with it! See you later icon smile Tempeh Tuesday IMG 6493 thumb Tempeh Tuesday


  1. Sally Kate says

    Did you just warm the tempeh up? I tried cooking tempeh for the first time last week and made a sort of curry with a spicy tempeh and saying it was ok is giving the meal alot more credit that it deserves. The tempeh tasted really weird but it was my first time cooking it and I wasnt sure what it was supposed to be like. I feel like theres real potential there but I just dont know how. Any suggestions?

    • says

      Tempeh can be an acquired taste. It is very grain-y and much different from tofu.

      Most (if not all?) tempeh is already fully cooked so you just have to heat and flavor it. If that’s what you did – then it was right and maybe you just weren’t feeling the texture or the flavor of your curry?

      Make sure you are using a more tried and true recipe so you know the flavors are right now. If the tempeh still is just okay – you might not be a tempeh person :)

  2. says

    What’s in the box??? Is it a puppy?

    Oooh, I just bought some tempeh (great minds think alike!) and had no idea what to do with it. Good call on the stir fry.

  3. says

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