Weekend Pancakes

Is it just me or are pancakes a weekend thing?

While on my run I had one thing on my mind PANCAKES! I considered going out to eat for breakfast, but decided I make a mean p’cake at home. Plus – at home you can add almond butter!!!

In the mix: oatmeal, cottage cheese, egg beaters, baking soda, almond milk, cinnamon, stevia. Whirl in blender and cook! I also added a whole sliced banana while cooking. I topped them with maple/agave syrup and almond butter :) IMG_6988

Before my run I ate half a bagel with almond butter and coffee. I don’t normally drink hot coffee (in fact, I usually only drink coffee in the afternoon) but I was cold and it sounded good. IMG_6986

Run: I did a sad 8 miles. I meant to do 10, but it’s hard to push myself to 10 miles when it’s “just because”. I’m not training for a race so I don’t feel like I had a purpose. I guess I need to run for a reason :) I need to find a race!

Now I’m off to figure out my living situation…


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    You should be so proud of your eight miles! You just came back from an injury and it sounds like you’re right back in the swings of things. I just came back after a month of bad shin splints and I ran eight miles this morning too. I know distance, as well as speed, is all about perspective, but I still think you’re doing great. :)

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    Yes…pancakes = so a weekend thing! :) Looks yummy! Congratz on the 8 miles. I would never run 8 miles just because..lol Maybe only if I were training for something 😛

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    Great job on the 8 miles – I’m training for a race and still having a hard time getting motivated!

    Like Amanda, I had banana chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast – it is a weekend thing!

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    Way to go on the 8 miles! I think that is awesome that you would do that for funzies! I haven’t built my for fun runs up to more than about 4 – so be proud of it! Also, I have to say that I loooooove pancakes on the weekend. But I too would rather make them at home as I think they always come out better. And you can get more creative. My favorite combo is pumpkin pancakes with carob chips. :)

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